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[GAMENEXT] 성공적인 모바일 게임 런칭을 위한 전략 (Tapjoy)

  1. Mobile App Launch Strategies Chris Akhavan SVP, Global Partnerships
  2. Agenda •  Tapjoy Introduction •  Pre-launch prep •  Initial bucket testing •  Full promotion •  Sustained user acquisition
  3. About Tapjoy •  Headquarters: San Francisco •  Offices: U.S., Europe, Seoul, Beijing, Tokyo •  Reach: 339 million users on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7 & HTML5 •  Funding: $70.5 million from •  J.P. Morgan Asset Management •  Rho Ventures •  North Bridge Venture Partners •  InterWest Partners •  D.E. Shaw Ventures s  
  4. Tapjoy’s Platform: Discovery’s Virtuous Circle 1 Advertisers Consumers Developers
  5. Tapjoy’s Mobile Value Exchange How it Works I need more Coins to gear up in Triple Town. 1 2 I can buy Coins with I can earn Coins by 1 real money. 2 engaging with ads via Tapjoy.
  6. Tapjoy by the Numbers 5,300+ Active Apps 1.3 MM Daily Ad Engagements 339 MM Monthly Reach
  7. A Few of Our Developer Partners
  8. A Few of Our Brand Advertisers
  9. Pre-launch
  10. Checklist QA like crazy ü  Maximize device and OS coverage Integrate SDKs ü  Social ü  Monetization ü  Analytics ü  Advertising Create required creative asset ü  App icons and screenshots ü  Banner creative ü  Video trailer Localize ü  EFIGS, Japanese, Korean, Chinese
  11. Optimize the Download Tapjoy Network Average Conversion Rates: (click-to-install) 0-50 50-60% 50-100 30-45% 100+ 14-20% The smaller the file, the better the CVR
  12. Start Off Simple Take Users by the Hand and Guide Them Into the App     •  During the first 30 seconds put the user on rails, don’t let them get lost •  This is your chance to take an uncertain user and create a engaged user •  You can’t display everything, show off your core loop and build from there CSR Racing iOS
  13. Self-Publish or Get Published? Get Published? •  Make sure you get adequate, hard commitments on marketing budget and promotional efforts, including agreed upon KPIs/metrics. •  Know what you’re giving up and getting in return. •  Get references – Who have they worked with before? How did it work out? Ask other developers. Self-Publish? •  You should have at least $100K-$200K to promote your app or be pretty sure Apple/Google are going to feature your app •  Ideally you already have a built-in user base playing your previously launched titles that you can use for cross promotion
  14. App icons