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  • Source:Where people are using (Source: InMobi, Decision Fuel & On Device Research, Mobile Media Consumption Research, Feb 2012)Smartphone preference (Source: Frank N. Magid Associates Sept 2011)85% of consumers “can’t live without their smartphone”88% of consumers “use their smartphone every day“Consumers say they prefer using their smartphone instead of their computer in several key content areas:50% Listening to Music36% News35% Gaming30% Social Networks
  • Time spent, (Flurry Analytics Dec. 2011)Games are #1 in category: 64% downloaded games in 30 days, 60% weather, 56% social, 51% maps, 44% music, (Nielsen, July 2011)
  • Time spent, (Flurry Analytics Dec. 2011)Games are #1 in category: 64% downloaded games in 30 days, 60% weather, 56% social, 51% maps, 44% music, (Nielsen, July 2011)
  • Once I’ve decided to earn, I end up in the Tapjoy Marketplace. Once in the marketplace, I can choose any number of branded ads to engage with. The most important piece to note about the marketplace is that there are hundreds of different types of offers available, which makes Annie a really qualified user for whichever brand she ends up choosing to engage with.The brands benefit because they are defining the activity they want taken, and they only pay when the action is completed.This is really powerful for the brand because they are sponsoring the content for the user which is building brand affinity, and because the user has a lot of choice, there is a lot of decision that goes into selecting which brand is going to sponsor the content – this adds another really amazing level of targeting for the brand and is going to deliver the brand a highly relevant user. Here are some examples on how big brands have utilized the Tapjoy Marketplace to achieve their goals:Ford wanted to drive awareness of the new 2013 Taurus and selected Tapjoy as a partner to efficiently drive video views. Kellogg’s wanted to drive engagement with consumers through a coupon for Special K cereal.Samsung wanted to build awareness of the U.S. Olympic Genome Project by driving traffic to their facebook page. P&G wanted to engage with their target consumer by promoting a sweepstakes. All of these examples are big brands leveraging the Tapjoy Marketplace to drive engagement at scale.
  • - We need to update the PPE slide to include an actual PPE campaign.
  • Reward users for inviting their friends
  • Indo dev workshop_mar2013-cleaned

    1. 1. Changing the way peoplediscover, share and engage with mobile content.
    2. 2. Apps are the Dominant MediaSource: Zokem, inMobi
    3. 3. Usage is Persistent Throughout the Day lying in bed waiting for watching TV commuting somethingspending time in the bathroom while shopping at social with family gatherings • 85% of consumers ―can’t live without their smartphone‖ • 88% of consumers ―use their smartphone every day‖
    4. 4. Mobile Gaming is the #1 App U.S. Mobile App Consumption, Time Spent Per Category Consumers average 47 minutes per day playing gamesSource: Flurry Analytics, Dec 2011; Nielsen, 2011
    5. 5. Users Don’t Like to Pay to Try NewApps
    6. 6. Users Don’t Like Display Advertising Especially in games where they could click on an ad by mistake
    7. 7. Most Top-Grossing Apps in App Store are Free 1
    8. 8. Freemium vs Premium
    9. 9. Freemium vs Premium Google Play Revenue Growth US 2012
    10. 10. Tapjoy Big Idea:Mobile Value Exchange
    11. 11. The Tapjoy Platform 1 Advertis Consumers ers Developers
    12. 12. Tapjoy Mobile Value Exchange 1How it WorksI need more coins to build on my land in Triple Town. 1 2I can buy coins I can earn coins bywith real money. engaging with ads in Tapjoy’s Marketplace.
    13. 13. Tapjoy’s Mobile Value Exchange (continued) 1I can then engage in any of the actions — like watch a Fordvideo — to earn Coins. After which, I can perform secondary actions (determined by the advertiser) and have more Coins to use in my game. 3 4
    14. 14. Consumers Choose• Brand defines the desired activity based on goals:– Video Distribution (CPV)– Customer Acquisition (CPA)– App Engagement (CPE)– Retargeting (CPV, CPA & CPE)– App Installations (CPI)• Brand only pays for completed engagements• No media waste
    15. 15. Tapjoy Market Presence 75 free-to-use apps included in the Tapjoy network K
    16. 16. Tapjoy by the Numbers 5,300+ Active Apps 1.2 MM Daily Ad Engagements 339 MM Mobile Users
    17. 17. About TapjoyFounded 2007Headquarters San FranciscoOffices in the US, Europe and AsiaReach 900+ million mobileconsumers on Android, iOS,Windows Phone 7 and HTML5Funding $70.5 million from • J.P. Morgan Asset Management • Rho Ventures • North Bridge Venture Partners • InterWest Partners • D.E. Shaw Ventures
    18. 18. Launching your App: Key Distribution Strategies
    19. 19. Self-Publish or Get Published? Get Published?• Make sure you get adequate, hard commitments on marketing budget and promotional efforts, including agreed upon KPIs/metrics.• Know what you’re giving up and getting in return.• Get references – Who have they worked with before? How did it work out? Ask other developers. Self-Publish?• You should have at least $100K-$200K to promote your app or be pretty sure Apple/Google are going to feature your app• Ideally you already have a built-in user base playing your previously launched titles that you can use for cross promotion
    20. 20. Mobile Acquisition ChannelsHow are developers promoting apps?• Rewarded installs search, word of mouth, etc.)• Non-rewarded installs • Featured placements• Video ads• Dev-to-dev cross promotion• Social discovery (FB, Twitter, etc.)• Organic discovery (top charts,
    21. 21. Getting Featured
    22. 22. Getting Featured Featured!
    23. 23. Getting Featured What they’re looking for: • Well Known IP • Technology Supported • Retina Display, Multitasking, Gyroscope, • Prior Hits Accelerometer, Location Services, Game Center, • Territories Available etc. • Languages Supported • App Store Landing Page • Supported Devices / OS versions • One-liner that captures what makes your app special • User Reviews/Ratings • Video trailer on Google Play And of course…a great game!
    24. 24. Increase User Retention: EngagementCampaigns • Build deeper engagement by encouraging users to complete specific actions within your app. • For example, • Play to Level-2 • Complete The Tutorial • Share on Facebook • Re-target users who have already installed your app, and have them return. Case Study: Objective: Results: Tap Defense Motivate new users to install Tap Defense 70% 21% 6% and advance to level- New Users Returned to New Users 3. Advanced to Game the Monetize on Level 10 Next Day First Day
    25. 25. Increase User Retention: Daily Rewards• Give your users a reward for coming back every day• In the later days of the reward cycle give the users bigger or exclusive rewards• Show them what they earned and also show them what is coming up
    26. 26. Reward Friend Invites & Social Sharing Reward users for inviting their friends
    27. 27. Key Monetization Strategies
    28. 28. Testing the waters• Choose a smaller region to test in – Everybody uses Canada, so go with another English- speaking country (ex. AU, NZ, SG) – Get 5K+ DAUs flowing through your app• Focus on retention (next-day, 7-day, 14-day) – Aggressive targets: 40%+ next-day, 25%+ 7-day, 15%+ 14- day – Tutorial completion rate goal at 70%• Monetization measurement – High end: $1 ARPDAU – Realistic ARPDAU range: $0.04-$0.15 – % DAUs monetized: 1%-5%• Take care of any bugs• Proceed with a full launch only when you’re happy with the performance of your bucket test
    29. 29. Monetization: Direct Pay + TapjoyCombining Tapjoy & Direct Pay allows Apps to monetize significantly moreusers 1 Direct Pay Users can buy Coins, with real money Fewer than 5% of users monetize via direct pay 2 Tapjoy Monetization Users can earn Coins, for Free Apps can monetize the other 95% of users, who never pay, but still want to play 1 2
    30. 30. Case: DEAD TRIGGERTapjoy Increases DEAD TRIGGER Revenue: 66% (Android) & 48% (iOS) DEAD TRIGGER • Tapjoy increased revenue by 66% on Android & 48% on iOS • Tapjoy accounts for 60% of Android & 32% of iOS total revenue • Tapjoy ARPDAU is $0.03 “It has been an absolute delight working with Tapjoy. Integrating them into our DEAD TRIGGER game was a great decision and our revenue has increased significantly thanks to them.” -Marek Rabas (CEO, MADFINGER
    31. 31. Asian Developers& International Markets
    32. 32. Why Go Global?• The obvious reasons: • Market size & revenue opportunities! • Publishing on the App Store: Just press ―All Regions‖
    33. 33. Asian Developers Know How to Monetize…! USA USA Japan and Other 21% 27% 26% Korea are now Download Korea Revenue SUPERPOWEOther Share 11% Share RS rivaling62% Japan Korea 6% Japan 18% USA 29%
    34. 34. Understand your Target Region: Korea Korean Carriers ~30MM Smartphone Users 78% Own an Android (19% on iOS)The Key Players to Consider Before Launching yourApp KakaoTalk T-Store 70MM+ Users Worldwide 19M Registered Users 95%+ of KR smartphones 2.6MM DAU, 10.8B Messaging, VOIP, now Downloads Games! KRW 235B in Turnover ($222M)
    35. 35. Developer Contact Information• Knowledge Center – • Includes developer for advertiser and developer for publisher’s SDK integration guides. – SDK Download:• Integration Help Desk – – Cf., Account, Billing, Reporting question:• Technical Account Managers in Asia – Korea: John Kim – China: Song Peng – Japan: (coming in March)
    36. 36. Questions? (distribution/monetization) (technical)© 2012 Tapjoy, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Tapjoy and the Tapjoy logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Tapjoy, Inc.All third party logos and trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners.