Winning Business Models


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  • Winning Business Models

    1. 1. Papaya Logo.png grgetherh Winning Business Models Oscar Clark Evangelist PapayaMobile Inc
    2. 2. Back to basics?• General decline in Video Game Sales• Average iOS developers generating only $2k in sales?• Social Games revenues keep growing• Facebook is not the only game in town• Mobile offers unique mode of use
    3. 3. Lets assume you have a good gameWhat is it and why will people pay?• Known brand or license?• One-time play or repeatable?• Game of skill?• Narrative or creative journey?• Social/viral elements?
    4. 4. Who are your players?Different Players buy for different reasons• Collector: Collector Competitor – "Got to catch them all"• Explorer: – "Where can I go today?"• Socialiser: – "I want to be popular"• Competitor: Explorer Socialiser – "Im going to Pwn ya!"
    5. 5. Only worth what people will payHow are players going to pay?• Premium Pricing• Try Before Buy• Hybrid (Rent/Buy/Subscribe)• Free or Ad-Funded• Virtual in-game goods• Virtual creative goods• Extra Levels• Consumables• Gifting• Advertising• Offer wall
    6. 6. Pricing is everythingMaximise the opportunity• Purchases will be a barrier• Reduce the risk to the user• Understand Price Elasticity• Retrofitting is very difficult
    7. 7. PremiumAnticipation is everything• Players have to crave your game• Guarantees that players will pay to play• You cant measure the players you turn away• Only a select few can sustain this model
    8. 8. AdvertisingBrand sponsored experiences• Can be a vital revenue stream• Media buying is getting much better• Most effective when relevant to the game• Needs to be increasingly smart
    9. 9. Freemium1:10:100 Rule*• Free-players are your data and marketing• Make it easy to spend the first $1• Offer goods to shoe off creativity and skill• Consumable in-game items are key• Make it possible to spend $100 or more * Apologies to Nick Lovell
    10. 10. Social interaction is vitalOther people give me reasons to spend• Let me show off my achievements• Gifting and Reciprocation• Items gained must be desirable to others
    11. 11. Understand the True FansTrue Fans are happy to spend money• Ensure that they get value for paying• Dont break the Free Player experience• Engage with your most valuable players• Avoid the hangover
    12. 12. Who are Papaya? 13,611,930 1,050,000,000 $16.45 /19 0 37 • Founded in 2008 with $22M raised through DCM and Keytone. • 90 staff with offices in San Francisco, London and Beijing • More than 80% of users come from US and Europe • Popular games earn more than $1 million per year
    13. 13. the end its all about the game
    14. 14. Any Questions? Thank you :) Twitter: @Athanateus