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Mobile Gaming's Top Earners


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Mobile gaming apps can be hit or miss with earnings but these companies and game makers have got it figured out. Check out the top daily earners for these mobile games.

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Mobile Gaming's Top Earners

  1. 1. Mobile Gaming’s Top Earners by Itai Kathein
  2. 2. Clash of Clans After a wildly popular Super Bowl ad, this app has garnered a lot of notoriety, - $1.7 million in revenue per day
  3. 3. Game of War - Fire Age Their Super Bowl spot featured Kate Upton gearing up for battle - $1.1 million in revenue per day
  4. 4. Candy Crush Saga This wildly successful app is the flagship of game-maker King, and boasts 46 million users, - $978 thousand in revenue per day
  5. 5. Candy Crush - Soda Saga King’s followup to Candy Crush Saga was bound to be successful, $397 thousand in revenue per day
  6. 6. Boom Beach Another mobile strategy a la Clash of Clans, where players can attack other players and computer enemies - $314 thousand in revenue per day
  7. 7. Farm Heroes Saga Another game from the largest developer on Facebook, King that is very similar to Candy Crush
  8. 8. Hay day From the makers of Clash of Clans, Hay Day is a successful mobile farming game
  9. 9. Lot of space for a new game.