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Sales promotion


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Techniques used by Marketers in promoting their products.

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Sales promotion

  2. 2.     Sales is a process or activity of transferring a need satisfier to an individual or an organization against equal value carrying currency. Selling is an art of persuading people. Selling is to identify market for a product. Selling is a fair exchange for satisfaction of mutual needs in which a customer expects product or service and a salesperson needs business and profit.
  3. 3. Starting Point Selling Concept Factory Market Marketing Concept Focus Means End Existing products Selling and Promotion Profit through sales volume Consumer Integrated needs & Marketing Satisfaction Profit through customer satisfaction
  4. 4.   Short term incentive plans (including both Media and nonmedia marketing communication )taken by organizations to increase sales ,usage or trial of a product or services.
  5. 5. Buy one get one free  Contests and prize drawn  Free gifts  Discounted prices  Joint ventures  Vouchers and coupons  Cause related  Finance deals  Merchandizing  New media  Visual merchandizing
  6. 6.  Push promotion strategy.  Pull promotion strategy.
  7. 7. Push Versus Pull Strategy Producer Marketing activities Intermediaries Demand Marketing activities End users Push Strategy Marketing activities Producer Demand Intermediaries Demand End users Pull Strategy
  8. 8.   Push marketing is where you develop advertising and promotional strategies geared toward your marketing and distribution channels to entice them in promoting your product. As consumers, you rarely see this type of marketing when it is directed to the distributors. "Taking the product to the customer“ Producer Wholesaler Retailer customer
  9. 9.  Trade show promotions to encourage retailer demand  Direct selling to customers in showrooms or face to face.  Negotiation with retailers to stock your product.  Efficient supply chain allowing retailers an efficient supply.  Packaging design to encourage purchase.  Point of sale displays.
  10. 10.   Pull marketing is where you develop advertising and promotional strategies that are meant to entice the prospect to buy your product or service. Targeted directly at the customers. They demand the product from retailer, they search for product themselves as they already have the demand. "Getting the customer to come to you“ Communication Producer Demand Wholesaler Demand Retailer customer Demand Supply flow
  11. 11.     Advertising and mass media promotion Word of mouth referrals Customer relationship management Sales promotions and discounts
  12. 12.   Push strategy is appropriate with low brand awareness in a category and brand choice is made in store. Can be an impulse purchase and product benefits are understood. Pull strategy works best with high brand awareness and loyalty, or high involvement in category and customers look for product differences.
  13. 13.    Are distributing drug samples to doctors a push or a pull strategy? Name few companies which uses both push and pull strategies? Assignment- An assignment on Sales Promotion strategies used by companies X and Y.