10 myths of recruitment in india


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Describes the Top 10 myths of recruitment and employment in India.
* Size of recruitment industry in India
* Recruitment falls under Sales or HR ?
* How recruiters work ?
* Social media will redefine recruitment
* Placement through jobsite
* Engineering degree is path to success ?
* IT Salaries in India are the highest and rise the fastest ?
* MBA is a way to move up the ladder
* Unemployment in India will end by 2025

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10 myths of recruitment in india

  1. 1. 10 Myths ofRecruitment in India
  2. 2. Myth #1 Recruitment isa sideshow to the “serious” issues of the talent market 2
  3. 3. FACT #1 Recruitment Industry inIndia is 20,000 Crores large
  4. 4. And is making front page news
  5. 5. Myth #2Recruitment falls under HR 5
  6. 6. Fact #2Recruitment is 80% Sales. Only 20% HR.
  7. 7. 90% of a recruiters job is calling total Strangers at all times of the day offering Recruitment is 80% Sales. them a position. Sounds like Sales ? Only 20% HR.• Once a recruiter finds a good candidate, • He sells the Job to the Candidate and • He sells the Candidate to the Hiring Manager• Plain recruiters start with the Job Description. The Best recruiters start with a good candidate• The HR part only comes in when determining “fitment” 7
  8. 8. Myth #3When a Jobseeker sendshis resume to a recruiter it gets all his attention8
  9. 9. Fact #3 Most recruiters resumemanagement system looks like this.
  10. 10. Recruitment’s Dirty Secret Most recruiters resume management system looks like this.“When a candidate sends me a resume –he thinks it goes into a database. The sad fact is that it remains trapped in my Outlook” - 99% recruiters www.tps360.com
  11. 11. Myth #4Social Recruitment is the Simplest way to recruit11
  12. 12. FACT #4 : Social Media has millions of conversations –Blogs, Linkedin, Facebook etc. Too much clutter
  13. 13. FACT # 4 : Social Media Clutter• Social Media is an important new channel of sourcing.• Social Media can also enhance relationships. It does not however replace or circumvent the need for physical relationships• A Linkedin invite cannot replace a firm handshake, eye contact or a personal 2-3 minute conversation• How many of your Linkedin / Facebook friends do you really remember ?• Dunbar’s number claims that you cannot effectively handle more than 150 friends• A LION accepts all LinkedIn invitations. And this helps how ?• “Twitter Clutter” is an increasingly recognized phenomenon
  14. 14. Myth #5Social Media will “redefine” recruitment 14
  15. 15. FACT #5 : We have been through this before. Job Portals were supposed to “redefine” and “dis- intermediate” the recruitment industry. Job Portals did become an important new channel forsourcing candidates but did not “Redefine” recruitment. Social Media will play a similarly important role.
  16. 16. Myth #6I have put up my resume on several jobsites. I will surely find a job now. 16
  17. 17. FACT #6 : Only 13% ofplacements take place through Job Portals 17
  18. 18. Employee Referrals, PrintAdvertising and Recruitment Agencies are as important18
  19. 19. Myth #7An engineering degree is the path to success19
  20. 20. Number of Engineeringcolleges and seats is expanding 20
  21. 21. FACT #7 : Enrollment is dwindling and number ofvacant seats is as high as 30% in some states21
  22. 22. Myth #8IT salaries are the highest and rise the fastest22
  23. 23. FACT #8.1 : Indian IT salariesare amongst the lowest in the world23
  24. 24. FACT 8.2 : Salaries in IT Firms are stagnating24
  25. 25. Myth #9 An MBA is a sure way to move up the career25
  26. 26. FACT #9 : MBA degrees in India are high in supply and low in demand 26
  27. 27. Myth #10 Un-employment in India Will end in 202527
  28. 28. FACT #10 : Technology andGlobalization have altered theequation between Capital and Labor.India will struggle as will the rest of the world.28
  29. 29. About the AuthorAmit Saxena is a Recruiter with extensive running his own RecruitmentAgencies in India and the Middle East. He also has extensive experiencein Technology Consulting having worked for Sapient and Accenture.His Software company - Sambe Software (www.sambesoftware.com) isa leading provider of recruitment and full HRMS solutions for Indiaand the Middle East.Sambe provides cutting edge tools and technologies to support the HRfunctions of Organization Design, Manpower Planning, Recruitment,Onboarding, Payroll, Employee Administration and PerformanceManagement. Hi s passion is Recruitment 2.0 – using Social Media forRecruitment and HR functions.Follow Us BLOG : http://frogrecruiter.wordpress.com Website: www.elixtra.com, www.reJox.com Linkedin : linkedin.com/profile/view?id=3042474