Recruitment - Dropout Management


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Dropouts are the curse of Recruitment. In a candidate driven market - it is a pervasive issue and recruiters need to guard against this.

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Recruitment - Dropout Management

  1. 1. Dropout Management AMBE INTERNATIONAL
  2. 2. ‘DROPOUTS’ are the curse of2 recruitment
  3. 3. What is a Dropout ? • Dropout in interview schedule • Dropout after offer is made • Dropout few days before joining • Dropout within probation periodWhy are DROPOUTS important ?• They cost us money – phone calls and emails• They cost us time – time wasted for us and clients• They cause us to lose clients – THIS IS WORST!
  4. 4. Recruitment Bitter Truths
  5. 5. Recruitment Bitter Truths• You cannot change salary offered by your client• Candidates memories are weak• Candidates are “Slippery”. Even VP level candidates may not keep their word!• There are 20,000 recruitment companies in India. Why should candidate remember you ?• Candidates from Jobsites are inherently unreliable – Everyone has access to these candidates – Most candidates receive multiple calls for interviews• Middle East is no longer a very attractive job destination
  6. 6. Symptoms that you are talking to a DropOut• The subscriber you are trying to reach…• Please call me after sometime (translate)• Ring ring ring ring ring ring….• Can they postpone my joining time?• But my friend at 2 years is getting 6 lacs…• I am going to my native place….• Yes yes I am interested (before even asking for the name of the client)
  7. 7. Some more Excuses• My thumb (or some other body part) is fractured …• I am at the hospital for ….. (fever/vomit/accident/etc.)• Father/mother/wife/husband seriously ill• Property trouble which only I can resolve …..• I am newly married (and I obviously did not consult her before deciding to shift without her)• I am not getting the release…so… “I forgot” – at least this one is honest
  8. 8. Assess Suitability and Fitment
  9. 9. Assess Suitability• Speak with the candidate to understand his / her background• Assess if he really meets the criterion – EPC vs Contracting – Marketing vs Sales – Accounts vs Finance – HR vs Admin – Mechanical vs Civil vs Electrical• Do thorough background and proper expectation setting• Other factors – Location, Recently Married, To be Married, Expecting Children, Age etc
  10. 10. What is the incentive forcandidate to attend interview ?
  11. 11. Why should he attend interview ?• Exert your authority. You are a recruiter who is trying to find the candidate a job. YOU are his interface to the client.• Explain to the candidate that you want to help him find a job with one of our clients. If not the current one – then maybe another one in the future.• Candidate should understand that you are trying to help him and spending your valuable time in doing so.
  12. 12. Tell candidate to be honest if he /she reallyintends to attend / join.
  13. 13. Request Honesty• Ask honestly if he really will attend or if he is just saying Yes to get you off the phone• This will put most people on the back foot• Explain what happens if he does not attend – Client gets upset and your company can lose business – Reflects very very poorly on yourself. You get asked questions by your superiors – You are trying to build a relationship – which cannot be built on foundation of lies
  14. 14. Who are the best candidates ? Active Build relationships or with Candidates Passive ?
  15. 15. Build a Relationship with the Candidate• Talk to the candidate – About the companies he has worked at – Cities he has stayed in – His Family• Segment his resume and keep in a relevant folder or HOT LIST (on ELIXTRA)• Do thorough background and proper expectation setting• Read between the lines• Keep alternate contact details - VERY IMPORTANT
  16. 16. Ask for Alternate Contact Details –Wife’s mobile or Home No
  17. 17. Ask for Alternate Contact Nos• This is for those times when inspite of your best efforts – the candidate does not pick up your calls• If candidate hesitates in giving you alternate no – say that it is COMPANY POLICY• Most effective – Wife’s mobile no• If candidate does not attend despite confirming – CALL HIM after interviews. Make him feel bad – you will need him for some other interviews
  18. 18. If a candidate does not remember your name orcompany in a second call – you are BORING as a recruiter
  19. 19. STAMP your identity• Introduce yourself with your name and Company clearly and loudly – Start your Call with this! – End your Call with this!• If candidate agrees to attend – give your mobile number to candidate• Ask candidate to call you on day of interviews if any issues in attending• Tell candidate that we are expecting large attendance and if he has issues with interviews – to call you!
  20. 20. analsis of your results Spend 2 minutes with eachcandidate and talk with passion and confidence.That IS ENOUGH20