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  1. 1. Project report onSubmitted to: Submitted by:Mr. Anoop R Ohri Ankush Singla Harshul singla Ashima gupta Monika Rawat Kanika Dhawan
  2. 2. Are you still living in the old age where people used TV,radio and print to build their brand?Well, its time to wake up to the revolutionary concept.A new medium, which will take you beyond TV, radio andprint. When it comes to recruitment branding, you need tobe very careful and confident of the medium used.Introducing Naukri .COM a whole new platform topromote your brand and attract job seekers at the sametime........
  3. 3. JOB PORTAL….JOB PORTAL A website considered as an entry point to other websites, often by being or providing access to a search engine. A medium which helps bring employers and job seekers together
  4. 4. CASE STUDY…..
  5. 5. Transition in Recruitment• In past time, we used to hire employees purely through print media i.e. by giving advertisement on recruitment by various companies in newspapers or magazines or classifieds. But this was very slow process and costly too.• Also the jobs were published once or twice a week and most of the times many of the talented and skilled persons were not able to read or get through the recruitment process.• But in the present scenario, the recruitment is done more online and dependency upon print media is reduced to a limit.• This process of recruitment is also a fast, cheap and also the advertisement remain for whole time i.e. anytime and on any date we can check the details of the ad.
  6. 6.  According to recent survey,
  7. 7.  DEPENDENCY -Job portals received bulk of their business from the IT sector. But in recent times, it is changing . In present its dependency is based more on Flex Ind., LG electronic, Gold Star enterprises, FMCG companies etc…. LEVEL OF HIRING- Three years ago, this medium was looked at only for and by junior level employees, fresher and middle level management But now, witnessing some spillover with the demand for top level executives as well… JOB SITES DESCRIPTION- Right person on right job.
  8. 8. Advantages of electronic media over print media• An advertisement in print stays for 1 day ,whereas in naukri .com it gives its visibility for 1 month or more.• In print media the target audience is not specified for particular position or industry ,whereas in audience is categorized the location n experience.• Print media is more expensive then electronic media.
  9. 9.  Branding: In print media we can’t provide much information about the company description , that may be required by viewer to see, whereas in there is no problem of provision the same. The print media has a regional reach whereas has a national reach. Print media has a week long activity thus wasting much of the time in fulfilling the urgent requirements, whereas takes 45 min to start trickling in once the position has been opened.
  10. 10. NAUKRI.COM ESTABLISHMENT OF NAUKRI.COM-Mr. Sanjeev Bikhchandani ,CEO , Info Edge INDIA better known as founder of his website Sanjeev noticed that marketing executives who used to sit in an open hall would take the copy of ‘Business India’ and read the appointments section first. It was on his visit to IT Asia Expo in Pragati maidan in Delhi in Oct 1996 from where he became aware of the World Wide Web. The site was set up in march 1997.
  11. 11.  COMPETETION- Print Media- Paid advertisements in general and business interest newspapers and magazines dominate. Newspapers- The Times of India and Hindustan Times have an employment supplement on the weekdays for govt. related jobs are outlets like local language newspapers. Other Job Site Competitors……etc
  12. 12. Market Share 9% 4%9% 48% jobsahead jobstreet 30% monsterindia others
  13. 13. Traffic shares of vs others
  14. 14. THREATS As of is No.1 site but, the world leader in job portals like has started off with aggressive advertising campaigns. TIMES OF INDIA group has launched a jobsite and it has emerged as one of the leading job portals in the country Giving competition to job websites , our India’s major IT companies like Infosys, Genpact, Wipro….etc and the industries from other sectors like Reliance, Hll….etc have a link to careers in their organizations which does the needfull for their respective companies.
  15. 15.  The other interesting possibility is the emergence of regional language job portals. Overcrowding. Same jobs on the different portal. Substitute to -Job consultants are also posing threat . Portal business is transaction based and consultancy is relationship based . -Print media
  16. 16. Questions related to our case study????Question 1 :- What should Sanjeev Bikhchandani do to motivate recruiters to move from Print to Online recruitment???Question 2 :- How should ensure that it remains the most preferred portal both with job seekers as well as job recruiters???
  17. 17. What should Sanjeev Bikhchandani do to motivaterecruiters to move from Print to Online recruitment? Print recruitment is more costly than the online recruitment. Print Media is time bound means not available for all the days of the week. So, there could be probability of missing the efficient employee. Through Print media anybody can come for the interview but in the case of Online media top level mgt. can read the resumes and short list the eligible ones. We have larger database.
  18. 18. RECOMMENDATION S Considering the increased competition, the question that comes naturally is whether should be worried. Not quite, if it continues to focus on job seekers by offering services that match their needs. Another major issue is how to take care of the recruiters for they provide the revenue. It is interesting to note that it seems important to have strategic focus on job seekers while the revenues come from the recruiters. Building relationship with clients—the recruiters— through an understanding of their specific needs would be important.
  19. 19.  Specific initiatives should be taken on salesforce compensation and assessment of its future scenari0. Also they should devote enough time and energy to design advertisement for the advertised positions. They should also provide access to there site in different regional languages.
  20. 20. Facts and Figures In 1997-98, the annual turnover was about 2.35 lac which increased to 18 lakh in 1999-2000 and next year It turned to 36 lac. Its growth increased exponentially and its annual turnover 5,702.8 lac in 2008-2009. Its growth rate as of in 2008-09 was 2.8%. As of in 2009, total members registered were 17 million and 70,000 live jobs were there. At that time 34000 corporate recruiters were there in collaboration with Per day resumes posted were approximate about 14000 i.e. daily these much of candidates registered daily.
  21. 21. THANK YOU!!!