Evaluation 3+4+5


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Evaluation 3+4+5

  1. 1. Evaluation Done by: Salah
  2. 2. 3: What Kind of Media Institution Might Distribute Your Media Product and Why?I think that a media institution such as IPC media would be ideal to distribute my magazineseeing as they already distribute magazines of the same genre type as my magazine,Therefore they have a lot of experience in distributing hip hop magazines. IPC mediapublish a lot of different magazines such as ‘NME’ and so they are very successful as theirmagazines reach about two thirds of the uk. My magazine target audience is aimed atmostly men and is a music hip hop magazine which would benefit IPC media. IPC mediacurrently publish just a few music magazines therefore by publishing my magazine it wouldbe an advantage to them by bringing more profit as audiences might buy the magazine.I would not want bay media to distribute my magazine as they do not have muchexperience with distributing hip hop magazines and have experience at publishing genressuch as rock which is completely different to my genre. For this reason it would make mefeel uncomfortable about bay media publishing my magazine whilst there are otherinstitutions that are better at publishing my genre.
  3. 3. 4. Who Would Be The Audience For Your Media ProductThe target audience for my magazine will be both males and females aged between 14 and23 years old. However my magazine will be slightly biased to men as my magazine doesntfeature any female artists.‘MIC’ is not aimed at a specific ethnicity or background therefore everyone with differentbackgrounds can buy the magazine which draws more audiences and therefore morerevenue.The main buyers of my magazine would be teenagers who are interested in musicmagazines with a genre of hip hop mainly.The age of my audience is a age where everyone wants to find out about the latest news ofthe music industry and all about the artists.The audience for my magazine would be people who always like to find out about the newfashion and latest gossip, spend times at clubs and parties etc. They would be very awareof the clothing they wear and would allways want to look the best when they go out withmates.
  4. 4. This target audience tend to spend their money on things like going out together, going toplaces that are full of music and people, therefore my target audience are very social.My target audience are in the age group where they like to be up to date with the latesttechnology around them therefore things like, I Phones, I pods, apple Macs, and laptops areall gadgets my target audience will tend to have.My target audience will wear clothes with brands like new era, G-star, Gucci, Armani etc.
  5. 5. 5:How Did You Attract/Address Your AudienceBefore creating my magazine I thought that it would be important to have a uniqueselling point which was to attract my target audience which in my case was bothmale and females aged between 14 and 23 years old. The point of all this was thatso I have a clear picture of who my magazine is aimed for.After I researched other magazines I found out that a lot of magazines which aresimilar to mine contain freebies which attracts a lot of people. One of the mostcommon one of these was free CD’s therefore I decided to add a free CD of one ofthe artists featured in my magazine.Another way I attracted my target audience was through the house style of mymagazine. I decided to keep the colours consistent for every page because Ithought that the age group I was addressing prefer their magazines professionallooking and simple without lots of different bright colours on one page.
  6. 6. On the bottom left corner of my double page spread I have added a full album list of oneof the featured artists previous album. This is so that my audience know the names ofthe songs included in the album and therefore would be excited to buy the magazineand listen to the artist.For my front cover I deliberately used the quote “I’ve had a hard time getting back in tothe music industry, due to my recent accident.” . The use of this quote is really importanbecause in my opinion it would grab the readers eyes and make him want to find outmore about why the artist had a hard time getting back into music.The use of the black and white contrasting fonts makes the cover lines stand out andeasier to read, therefore making the magazine appeal more to its audience.I decided to increase the size of the page numbers in my contents page so that theywould stand out from the page title and also so that they can be read easily so it wonthassle the reader to find out what he wants to read about.From researching other magazines I found out that a subscribe feature would keep thereaders reading my magazines and helps them to always be updated about the latestmagazines and info. Therefore I decided to add a subscribe feature on the bottom of mycontents page.
  7. 7. The layout for my double page spread is simple and fairly straight forward anddoesnt include a lot of detail except what is needed. This gives the page anuncluttered appealing appearance which it makes it clear and simple for my targetaudience to read and understand.I have added exclamation marks and quotation marks on my double page spreadto emphasise what is written and also makes the text stand out.Overall I think my magazine addresses my target audience in a lot off differentways which all appeal to my audience therefore making my magazine a bettermagazine in the eyes of my audience mainly bus also in the eyes of any otherperson reading or looking at the magazine.