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Q 1

  1. 1. Q 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?Ans. Masthead: The title of my magazine is on the top left of the cover. The font size isthe largest because it has to be eye catching and attractive on the title I have also usedthe logo which describes my masthead.Main image: The main image is covering left side of the page and the theme is red andblack. It is a mid-close up shot. I have use this image because It represents the insidestory of the magazine.Small image: Small image shows variety of conventions on the cover. The small image ismid close up. It shows who is mentioned in the side stories.Side stories: The side stories are covering right side of the magazine cover I have placedthe story on the corner so the magazine cover doesn’t look empty and also everymagazine should have side stories to describe what is inside the magazine.Barcode: I have placed the barcode on the left bottom of the page. It helped me fill theempty of my magazine and the main reason I have placed the barcode is that mostlymagazines have barcodes for the identity of the magazine.
  2. 2. Title: The title of the contents is on the top and is clearly visible. I wanted to give a blackand white theme to the page so I wrote the title in white in a black bar.Image: I have placed only one image which is the main image which is related to afeatured article.Contents: Contents are written in the same conventional way first line–page number,1or2words which could be the artist’s name or ambiguous text to intriguethereaderinboldtypeandoftencapitals.In the bottom I have mentioned the page number.
  3. 3. Masthead: The masthead is in the middle of the double spread page. I have useddifferent attractive colors which match the main image of the page. I followed the usualconvention by making it the largest text on the page.Article: Iused one full page of the magazine for my article. I didn’t use the commonconvention of columns I have used something different. It is interview of the subject soit is better this way than the columns.Image: I have included this image because it is attractive and the costume and style tellsthat the subject is a rapper. I have used the medium shot because it’s a usualconventions found on double spreads. In addition the blue and purple matched mymagazine house style.Page numbers: I have also used page numbers in my double spread because they lookprofessional and consist with contents numbers.
  4. 4. Q 2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?Ans. The social groups that are represented in my media product are in the 16-22 yearold range because the majority of male readers which is based against females, to solvethis I used a variety of images which resemble the 16 – 22 year old age group but in away which appeals to both genders. The 16-22 year old category are usually “heavyspenders” e.g. buy the latest gadgets such as iPods, concert tickets and designer clothes.They use social networking sites such as twitter, Facebook and my space, they are moreinteractive and use their spare time in surfing the web, are normally involved in popmusic. I believe it effectively reflects my target audience, which are 16 to 24 year oldmales and females. Background – my background is of a shutter of a shop of a typicalLahore street. I believe that the background helps to represent the social group of 16 –22 year olds, as it is where the youngsters usually spend their time or “hang – out andchill”. So I believe that this will appeal to them as is resembles their lifestyles, theirhabits also who and where the usually spend their spare time.
  5. 5. Q 3.Who would be the audience for your media product?Ans. I believe that audience for my music magazine will be the social group of 16 – 24year old these are the older teenagers who are turning into young mature adults whoare trying to build their confidence and become independent individuals. I believe thatmy magazine helps to aspire young artist to follow their dreams and helps others to getmotivated by reading other young artist’s success stories and leading them on tobecome hard working , and a completely individual and different persona . My targetaudiences of 16- 24 age group as these are usually people who spend their money onitems, like music magazines. To learn more about the reader of the magazine I produceda questionnaire and readership questions which helped me create the magazine for thedeveloping world of 16 – 24 year olds. The questionnaire was given completed by bothmale and female consumers and music magazine consumers. This gave me an insightinto what was needed in my magazine to attract that specific audience.In thequestionnaire I asked open questions like “Which artists/bands do you prefer?” , inresponse to this question many people chose “JLS” and “Justin Bieber” , who are newcomer artist and are around the similar age group, people also said that they related tothem as they were experiencing the same teenage difficulties as any other teenager andso it was a good bonding between the artist and the reader, who may never even meetin real life , it was just the connection which inspires young teenager to become acelebrity one day.
  6. 6. Q 4. How did I attract my audience?Ans.I believe I have attracted my audience though many ways, firstly by using pictures,These pictures which I had used had a certain impact of what genre my music magazineis about and who is it about just by looking at the main image, I believe it reflected thetrue personality and lifestyle of the reader and what being a 16 – 24 year old isabout.The use of pugs for free items, also attract my audience of 16-24 year oldsbecause it offer an opportunity to gain something for free. In order to attract my targetdemographic, I felt that the design is the one of the most important part in attractingthe audience. “Amplify” magazines design was not the usual, column layout and boringwriting with limited images - , I tried to enhanced my readers and create a differentsimplistic view of what an actual real music magazine should look like, in order to dothis, I researched many similar magazines such as Vibe and Chaser, so instead of thenormal columns layout I used one full page of the magazine to write the interview of thesubject. I did this to attract the audience to the magazine making them feel part of thisuniverse of celebrities, making them aspire to be like the celebrities characterized in mymagazine .I used the relevance of the magazine to catch the attention of the targetedaudience, I used the language and lifestyle to address the audience. Using them toattract the audience into buying the magazine.