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Evaluation powerpoint


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Evaluation powerpoint

  2. 2. Q1.WHO WOULD BE THE AUDIENCE FOR YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT? I Aimed My Magazine At… Women 17-23 Year olds Who like to shop at..Who spend money on.. Who go to gigs/festivals.. Who listen to.. Influenced by..
  3. 3. Q1. WHO WOULD BE THE AUDIENCE FOR YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT? I think my magazine is mostly influenced from billboard and top of the pops magazine. These two magazines have the same genre of audience as my own magazine; teenage girls/young women readers who interested in music fashion and the latest trends. From personal experience I have found that there isn't many magazines for young women are interested in both music and fashion as these days there tends to only be music magazines and separate fashion magazines. My magazine will be a combined up to date bible for my women out there.
  5. 5. The primary audience for my product will be females only ranging from age 17-23, my magazine is a hybrid genre which does include fashion. The fashion element of my magazine will be combined with the genre of pop. Although my magazine is aimed at women in their late teens early twenties some parts of my product will appeal to mid-teens as my second audience although some elements will not be suitable for some young girls. The reason I chose this particular age range is because this group of young women are most likely to listen to charts/popular music. PRIMARY AUDIENCE
  6. 6. The demographic for my magazine will be young women who listen to music regularly and are up to date with chart music but at the same time are interested in celebrities and fashion so this is why my music pop magazine will appeal to the age range I have chosen. DEMOGRAPHIC
  7. 7. Products at the moment that would be similar to my magazine and contain the same information as mine does, would be we love pop magazine and billboard. Although it is similar to my magazine billboard is American which means its not as widely sold in the UK as we love pop would be as we love pop magazine is made In the UK. As I have created my product in England I would want it to be sold in England and eventually then go worldwide. Billboard has many similar elements to my magazine such as the bold mast head. SIMILAR PRODUCTS
  8. 8. When researching I looked at who the biggest names in pop are at the moment so I could in corporate similar stories into my magazine which will attract more of my target audience. I found out that Beyoncé, one direction, Rihanna and disclosure were the most popular and had millions of hits on you tube! Each artist above has more than one song on the top charts at the moment which is always a good sign when researching. This is the main reason I chose fashion as my hybrid genre because big stars such as Beyoncé and Rihanna are big style icons, so incorporating either of these stars into my magazine would attract the audience I was hoping for as it combined two popular areas. AUDIENCE IDOLS
  9. 9. Mode of address: The use of intertexuaility within my features creates a code that my audience of publication will understand. Q2.HOW DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT REPRESENT PARTICULAR SOCIAL GROUPS? Ideal reader: My star represents my ideal reader with the props used and the clothing she is wearing. Her clothes worn represent the fashion element that my readers will be interested in, therefore my target audience will aspire to be like her.
  10. 10. In all the pictures of my cover star I tried to make sure she looks fashionable and inspiring so my audience would look to her and think I want to be like her so she's aspirational for all my readers. As well as looking appropriate for my magazine she is also the same age and gender to my deal reader so my audience can relate to her. The prop I used when creating my front cover is a black vinyl record which suggests that my magazine will include music inside. Also the body language suggests the cover star is confident in what she's doing which is what I would like my readers to look at and give off the vibe that my magazine will give you confidence as a young women. COVER STAR
  11. 11. Distribution • If I tried to make a sister publication to an existing magazine I would not go to the same institution as it would not sell because there is already one magazine that have the same qualities and genre as mine. Also as there is an existing magazine that has been in the public eye longer than mine has so it will be a more experienced publication and will know what to do if I did go to the same institution so my magazine would have a small chance of selling. • I wouldn’t go to a rival company and try to steal their ideas because then it wont be my magazine it would only be partly mine; as all of the ideas inside the magazine wont be original and from the creators head. Trying to steal my competitors audience wouldn’t be positive because it wouldn’t be my earned audience it would be me taking ideas from other magazines and incorporating them into mine and getting an audience which aren't true as they are subscribing to something that isn't actually in my magazine. Q3. WHAT KIND OF MEDIA INSUTUTION MIGHT DISTRIBUTE YOUR PRODUCT?
  12. 12. • My magazine will be published every fortnight; not monthly because that would mean more content so more pages. Although weekly would mean more money each week spent on publishing and distribution, so I've come to the conclusion that fortnightly will be suitable so he readers will only have to wait 2 weeks to read the next issue of experience. This will affect the price because we will have to pay twice monthly which will mean publishing costs will be twice as much. DISTRIBUTION
  13. 13. • My magazine is called ‘Experience’ so this word will be printed in various parts of my magazine to show the each element of the magazine is from experience. HOW DO YOU MAKE YOUR BRAND EASY FOR THE AUDIENCE TO ACCESS? • Id chose Prometheus Global Media to distribute my publication because I think billboard and experience would mesh well together. • Prometheus Global Media currently publish and distribute billboard; one of the oldest and best music and trade magazines in the world • Prometheus global media also distribute the Hollywood reporter, a magazine that gives you the latest in Hollywood the world of fashion and lifestyle.
  14. 14. Experience would be a fortnightly magazine priced at £2.50 an issue which is a similar price to billboard which is issued fortnightly, this will be cheaper than magazines published weekly. In my magazine their will also contain advertisements to show other popular products.
  16. 16. Having billboard ho100, tells he reader that it the latest and if they subscribe they will always be up to date with the latest trends and music. The articles in billboard are for the more story and political based readers; this means by including articles into billboard they are appealing to a wider audience range which is always good for sales. By having this ‘Pop Shop Podcast’ it shows that billboard have something original that the audience will be interested, and this combined with technology(podcast) keeps it new and in the now.
  17. 17. My magazine ‘Experience’ uses forms of other media products such as billboard and we love pop because it’s the same genre so I can use aspects of the layout and colour scheme because they are relevant to my magazine. Q4.IN WHAT WAY DOES YOUR MEDIA PRODUCT USE, DEVELOP OR CHALLENGE FORMS AND CONVENTIONS OF REAL MEDIA?
  18. 18. Front Cover For my front cover I got my inspiration from billboard magazine, I like the way the layout is quite simple but the picture is usually quite bold and makes a statement on the page while there isn’t much text it draws your eye to the main picture. Usually on billboard front covers there is only the main image and no secondary images which makes you focus on the main story that links with the main image. That’s where I developed the billboard front cover and made it my own as I had a lot of text on mine and had a box across the bottom which billboard wouldn’t necessarily have. The font I used for ‘Experience’ I tried to mimic ‘Billboard’ because I admired the effectiveness it had on the view of the page. The colour purple is a bold but a bold colour, so I chose it for my title so t would appeal to my target audience of women but also catch the eye when someone picks up my magazine. Colour scheme of purple, red, yellow and black are a unusual blend of colours but put in the right places works well and looking at my front cover I think it worked well. The cover star posing is influence by we love pop, because on all of their front covers they have dramatic/crazy poses and what better way to be dramatic on the front of a music magazine than holding a black record making unusual facial expressions. Underneath the main title I wrote a quote stating what my magazine is in my opinion, to make it more appealing for the audience.
  19. 19. Contents Page In my contents page I got my inspiration from this magazine, as I just thought the layout of it was suitable for my magazine, as it was creative the way the pictures were set out and how many were used; the box on the right hand side listing the contents is a good way of making the audience actually read what's inside because its all labelled and organised unlike some magazines contents pages where they display the contents all over the place, which isn’t eye catching or presentable. The text I used in this box is different depending on what it is for example each title is in black which is bold, each page number is bright yellow and each actual story is in a faded black thin text. The pictures I used were all relevant to my magazine and the story they were about are all something my target audience would be interested in and would read. In my editors letter I introduced myself as the editor and summed up what the magazine your about to read contains, is similar to we love pop’s editors letter I just developed it abit more and changed it to do with my magazine. The paragraph underneath the text ‘Contents’ I wrote just a few key words my target audience is interested in such as festivals and new upcoming bands.
  21. 21. When my magazine is on the newsstand with competitors I will use codes conventions and features to persuade my primary audience to pick up and buy your product; such as the bold purple mast head at the top of my magazine which attracts the eye of my audience and interests them with the shade of purple I have used and the unusual font I have used. At £2.50 experience magazine is a bargain for the essential information it contains, the music, offers, latest trends and what everyone is talking about in terms of pop music and fashion. Q5.HOW DID YOU ATTRACT/ADDRESS YOUR AUDIENCE?
  22. 22. Masthead Button Canting Selling point Eye Contact Anchoring Colour Scheme Tagline/Brand statement Price Barcode Features
  23. 23. Eyes in top 1/3: the star is looking directly ahead of her, this suggests confidence which is the vibe I want to give off with experience magazine. Facial expression: the stars facial expression on the front cover is scrunched up but chilled out. Her eyes are squinty, with her lips pouting which suggests the suitable audience for this magazine don’t take them self to seriously which is the vibe the cover star is giving off. In terms of eye contact the star is looking straight towards the audience. At least 5 features to convey value for money: the first thing that is value for money is the fact experience are telling their readers for free what the top songs are at the moment. The second thing is you can win tickets to the iTunes festival 2014 which is an expensive festival or some people. The third thing is the main cover story about a fresh new singer who's on the way to the top and could be big one day. The fourth feature is reviews from a rage of different artists which are big at the moment. Clear colour scheme and consistent fonts to create brand ID: the colour scheme I used is purple, red and yellow these colours are bold and stand out to my target audience. I chose them as they stand well together and don’t clash. Button with prize: the button on my front cover is bright yellow and is telling the reader that our magazine can update them with the latest songs Unique selling points are clearly defined: Unique selling points on my front cover are; the button which I made bright yellow so it catches the audiences eye as soon as they pick up the magazine. This displays something that would appeal to my readers which is a good selling point. Different sized text to show audience which features are most important: the red part of this story is telling the reader what the interview is about, although the bold pink and black writing stands out. Also this text is slightly larger so it draws the reader In and that’s what gets them to read the quote because the eye catching colours.
  24. 24. END OF QUESTION6
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