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Crossing The Chasm


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Summary of a marketing book that focuses on the challenges of marketing high tech products

Crossing The Chasm

  1. 1. Book Summary: Crossing the Chasm By Geoffrey A. Moore (1991) Crossing The Chasm 1
  2. 2. Author: Andre Kearns Book Summary Key Introductory Concept The diffusion of innovations theory argues there is a chasm between the early adopters of the product (the technology enthusiasts and visionaries) and the early majority (the pragmatists). The Technology Adoption Lifecycle Description of Adopter Segments Crossing The Chasm 2
  3. 3. The most difficult step is making the transition between visionaries (early adopters) and pragmatists (early majority), “the chasm”. Segment Description Innovators Technology enthusiasts. They are keen to be the first to try out a new technology, but they represent just a sliver of the model. Early Adopters Visionaries. Somewhat keen to try out new technologies. They appreciate a product's potential to give their organization a competitive advantage. They represent a larger slice of the market, and they tend to have much more influence in an organization than do Innovators. Early Majority Pragmatists. Represent the bulk of the market. They tend to buy in to new technologies only after they perceive solid references and safety measures that guard against potential failures. Securing the pragmatist buyer is the most important marketing challenge. Late Majority Conservatives. Very large portion of the market. They are extremely cautious when buying into a new technology. They want to see proof of results before they will accept a product's usefulness. Laggards Skeptics. Would prefer to avoid new technologies altogether. They will buy only if they really must. Examples that popped into my head while reading Successfully Crossed The “Chasm” Didn’t Successfully Cross VCR Beta PCs Pen Based PC Palm Pilot Newton WordPerfect Microsoft Word Nintendo Atari iPod Rio PMP300 Crossing The Chasm 3
  4. 4. Difference between Early and Mainstream customers Visionaries and pragmatists have very different expectations Market Type Early Mainstream Adopter Type Enthusiasts Pragmatists Visionaries Conservatives Characteristics Intuitive Analytic Support Revolution Support Evolution Contrarian Conformists Break away from the pack Stay with the herd Follow their own dictates Consult with their colleagues Take risks Manage risks Motivated by future opportunities Motivated by present problems See what is possible Pursue what is probable Key Concepts for Helping Companies Cross the Chasm Crossing The Chasm 4
  5. 5. Strategies for successfully cross the "chasm," from early to mainstream includes choosing a target market, understanding the whole product concept, positioning the product, building a marketing strategy, choosing the most appropriate distribution channel and pricing, etc. Strategies Tactics Target the Point of Attack Secure the beachhead (D-Day analogy) Segment the market into target niches Focus on one target niche at a time Dominate target niches, become market leader Start moving to adjacent niches Assemble the Invasion Force Whole Product Concept Partners and Allies Define the Battle Create the competition (Pragmatists always looking for options) Product positioning Launch the invasion Sales and Marketing strategy Pricing Crossing The Chasm 5