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Hospitality ppt


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By the hospitality team of Feel The Culture...

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Hospitality ppt

  1. 1. We are an experienced group of personnel who take care of the whole hospitality division in any corporate or wedding event. We bring nearly 5 yrs of experience in managing hospitality work in many events & venues, no matter it’s a resort or 5 star hotels, we have our own service tools to design the whole hospitality division & make it more royal welcome for our clients.
  2. 2.  For a team to achieve excellence in hospitality ,many guest relations skills must be learned by the team members who will be delivering the services.  Basic skills of hospitality will serve as a beginning to achieving this excellence as mentioned understated:  Smiling  Greeting  conversing
  3. 3.  Using proper calling method  Providing assistance  Giving attention  Providing positive endings  Following through  Maintaining a positive decisions  Keeping a sense of humor
  4. 4.  In dealing with guest’s complaints ,there are several steps to follow:  Addressing the guest  Giving attention  Determining the solution options  Finding answers  Taking action  Checking up
  5. 5.  We were part of launching the Harley Davidson in Kolkata  We were managed the hospitality of 3 days India's officers meet of BSL at Udaipur & Jaipur.  The opening of Maya’s Kitchen(Italian& Conti) restaurant at Sodepore,Kolkata Managed by us.  Taken part in many ngo programs.
  6. 6. *We have managed the Hospitality of Royal destination wedding at different places like …. Ambey Valley, Delhi(Jurassic park), Nagpur,kerala, Puri, Jamshedpur,Silliguri,Gangtok,Guwahati, Raichak, All the 5* Hotels in Kolkata,Nalban, Big Lawn etc. *We have managed the hospitality of Mr. Amlan Basu (cousin of CM of West Bengal) daughter’s wedding. * We have managed the Hospitality of Mr.Kironmay Nanda(M.P) daughter’s wedding. * We have managed the Hospitality of the opening of Supphire Banquet
  7. 7.  RK weddings-MR. Kirti mehta  Moksh Events  Mr. Geetesh agarwal-Eventures  Niddhi poodar  Mr Ankur garg  Wedding Sutra Events  Dream Wedding-Indore  Anand Events  Avniere Events  Signature Events
  8. 8.  Ur Events  Promoz Events  Concept & creation Events  Mr. Avishek Khanna (Speed Motors)  Mr.Bhalotia  Choudhary Travels  Swastik Developers  Nee 29-Mayas kitchen-Sodepore  And many more…………
  9. 9.  We are looking for a single opportunity to work under a highly professional, dynamic and giant wedding company,where we can show our creativity & satisfy you through our professional services. We are flexible to anywhere in india or abroad as well. we would be greatfull if would get an opportunity to work in your concern.
  10. 10.  In House- * Amit Chaturvedi 8697338199 * Pitamber Jha 9903795440