Kickstarter - A Crowd Funding Platform


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Less is More.
This Presentation has the Key facts about Kickstarter. Also the Business Model.
Kickstarter is a Massive Global Crowd Funding Platform open to the whole World.
The most effective way to generate funds for your future Campaign.
The hottest place for sprouting Startups.
View. Learn. Recreate.

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Kickstarter - A Crowd Funding Platform

  1. 1. Strategic Management By Amar Bysani
  2. 2. Bringing creative projects to LIFE
  3. 3. “The What” KickStarter is a new way to fund creative projects. Official Launch April of 2009 Each Kickstarter Campaign is independently created. Together, creators and backers make projects happen. Creator’s keep 100% ownership of their work. Creative works were funded this way for centuries. Backing a project is more than just giving someone money.
  4. 4. Project & Company profits Idea blueprint is broadcasted Online Idea Generation Crowd Funding the Campaign Like minded online crowd Company receives funds Funds are forwarded to the Creator Campaign rewards the crowd “The How” 1 28 7 3 6 5 4
  5. 5. 2009 40 people pledged $1084 to 7 projects. 2010 $27.6 million was pledged on Kickstarter Projects. 2011 $99 million was pledged on Kickstarter Projects. Kickstarter featured in Mashable, Wired, Tom’s Guide & many more. 2012 2.2 Million people pledged $320 million on Kickstarter Projects. 17 Projects alone raised $1 Million+ In October Kickstarter opened its base to United Kingdom. #2 Publisher of Graphic Novels Incident in new Baghdad, Bus stop in Georgia, & World’s first Pizza Museum. 2013 3 Million people pledged $480 million on Kickstarter Projects. In September & November Kickstarter opened to Projects based in Canada, Australia & New Zealand. Pebble was given birth along with Oculus Rift, Human powered Helicopter, Skatepark, Inocente, & Satellites. 2014 Over $1 Billion has been pledged by more than 5.8 Million people funding more than 57000 Creative projects. Timeline
  6. 6. Partners CustomersCustomer RelationsValue PropositionKey Activities Cost Drivers ChannelsKey Resources Revenue Streams ❖ Business & Entrepreneurship communities ❖ Large Organisations & Foundations ❖ Payment Gateways & providers ❖ Raise funds from family, friends & social networks; all online with minimal effort. ❖ Anybody can do it ❖ Transparent, horizontal funding mechanism ❖ Platform Research & Development ❖ Marketing ❖ Education of the Market ❖ Partnership development ❖ Project setup support ❖ Campaign advisory & ancillary services ❖ Social media support ❖ Project Creators ❖ Kickstarter Campaign Supporters ❖ Crowd-funding platform ❖ Social Media ❖ Word of Mouth ❖ Partner Programs ❖ Crowd-funding platform ❖ Marketing & Education Team ❖ Online Social Networks ❖ Platform development & maintenance ❖ Marketing & Customer education costs ❖ Staff salaries ❖ Project Commissions - 5% from Successful project funding ❖ Emergence of Secondary streams Business Model Canvas
  7. 7. Major developments in the Macro industry In 1884 Newspaper publisher “New York World” raised $100,000 from 125,000 towards the Statue of Liberty in 6 Months. Types of crowd funding. Time taken to fund a project or cause. Drivers in developing third world countries and economies. Establishing last mile funding for Startup’s around the world
  8. 8. Creators & Co-founders Hackers & Coders Support Team Graphic & Web Designers No. of Employees 78 Manpower Planning Charles Adler Yancey Strickler Perry Chan
  9. 9. My View It helps build a long lasting community base with the backers in the website. Strict project guidelines establish an ethical practice. Avoids duplication. Successful projects become self sustaining Startup’s. Transparent funding system allows smooth flow of funds and marketing activities. Optimal utilisation of resources.
  10. 10. Questions? Thank You!