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Accessibility and Inclusive Learning in Online Instruction


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Accessibility and Inclusive Learning in Online Instruction – Valerie Claire Haven, UMassOnline

Published in: Education, Technology
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Accessibility and Inclusive Learning in Online Instruction

  1. 1. Accessibility andInclusive Learning inOnline InstructionValerie Claire HavenAcademic Technology CoordinatorUniversity of
  2. 2. The changingacademic climateincludes studentsthat we haven tseen before, whobring with themnew technologiesand a demand forflexible learning.
  3. 3. The traditional model of support for studentswith disabilities and our non-traditionalstudents does not foster inclusion.
  4. 4. Even thoughUniversal Design forlearning has madesignificant stepstoward meeting theneeds of all students,it is stillfundamentallyperceived as asolution for learnerswith disabilities.
  5. 5. The Inclusion Model is adynamic new way of designingour online programs to meetthe needs of all learners.
  6. 6. Designing with the inclusion modelresults in flexible classroomenvironments and learner centeredinstruction.
  7. 7. Make All Content Accessible▸  Simple language▸  Accessible formats (.pdf, .ppt, &.doc)▸  Accessible multimedia (text, html, mp3)
  8. 8. Embed Learning Resourcesand Tools▸  Open Source and Freeware▸  Accessible e-Book Reader▸  Course Tour Guide▸  Glossary
  9. 9. Designing for SynchronousOnline Learning▸  Providing presentation materials▸  Using inclusive language▸  Ensuring platform accessibility
  10. 10. On the Horizon▸  Gaming▸  Mobile learning▸  Concurrent Flexible Classroom Sections
  11. 11. Thank You! Valerie Haven Presentation Design byPaula Dinneen, UMass Boston