ANGEL 7.4 administration


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SLN SOLsummit 2011
March 9, 2011

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ANGEL 7.4 administration

  1. 1. ANGEL 7.4 AdministrationSOL Summit 2011Syracuse, NYBrett BeckerHarry CargileDoug Cohen
  2. 2. Presentation Outline•  Hosting Access/Responsibilities ◆  Standard hosting ◆  Advanced hosting•  Administrator resources•  Environment Variables ◆  Creating a new tab•  Roles and Rights•  Creating custom Nuggets•  Third-party Nuggets ◆  Axciom (verifying student identities), TII, iTunesU, Library Resources•  Final grades to campus SIS•  Batch populating shells
  3. 3. Hosting Level Overview•  Standard hosting•  Advanced hosting ◆  Full ANGEL system administrator (64)•  Custom quote
  4. 4. Standard Hosting Service
  5. 5. Advanced Hosting Service
  6. 6. Application Services Contacts•  Maximum of two (2) per campus•  Primary contacts and authorized decision makers for application services matters•  Access to targeted resources within the Administrator’s Corner
  7. 7. Administrator Resources Demo•  Administrator’s Corner•  ANGEL Stats•  Evergreen Administrator Fundamentals•  SLN Sandbox
  8. 8. Administrator’s Corner
  9. 9. Campus Profile Information•  Application Services Campus Contacts•  Emergency Technical Contacts•  Archiving Data Address•  Archiving Password•  ANGEL Stats Information•  Evergreen Administrator Fundamentals•  Other Information
  10. 10. ANGEL Stats: SLN/ITEC View
  11. 11. ANGEL Stats: Campus View
  12. 12. Evergreen
  13. 13. SLN Sandbox•  New version/service-pack testing access ◆  SLN, ITEC, Campus Admin/Tester•  SLN Customizations ready for testing•  Campus Nugget Development ◆  Not utilized
  14. 14. Environment variables•  Global•  Role-level•  Course-level•  User-level
  15. 15. Creating a new/custom tab•  Create a new tab ◆  Admin Console  Domain Settings  Tabs•  Environment Variable(s) ◆  TABS, TAB_TEXT_tabid, TAB_URL_tabid
  16. 16. Roles and Rights•  Replace Account Groups•  More granularity•  Allows for actual “Role” creation•  Dynamic application of permissions•  Centralized rights management•  Simplified ENV VAR management
  17. 17. Roles and Rights•  Once roles are defined, it is simple to assign them to accounts•  Accounts can have several roles•  Rights aggregate
  18. 18. Example: ANGEL 7.4 Roles•  Easy to see the hierarchy of roles•  User creation controlled by position in hierarchy
  19. 19. Example: ANGEL 7.4 Rights•  One location for most system rights•  Changes to rights update all accounts in selected role dynamically•  “Advanced” tab allows role-specific ENV VARs
  20. 20. New Version Access & Testing•  SLN Sandbox•  Up-to-date Service Pack installation•  Campus participation in testing process ◆  Guide for Testing ◆  Release Notes and Known Issues
  21. 21. Creating Custom Nuggets•  Student Resources•  Faculty Resources•  Library Resources•  Test Your System•  File Management ◆  Administrator Console
  22. 22. Test Your SystemNote: This resource is publically available.
  23. 23. Student Resources Student OrientationNote: This resource requires ANGEL authentication.
  24. 24. Faculty Resources SLN 101 EvergreenNote: This resource requires ANGEL authentication.
  25. 25. Why create a new Nugget?•  Extend ANGEL to meet business rules, requirements, & constraints
  26. 26. Creating an ANGEL Nugget•  Create Nugget code•  Create info.ini•  Nugget deployment ◆  Upload to Portal/Nuggets directory ◆  Register new Nugget ◆  Update Portal Pages, if necessary
  27. 27. ANGEL Nugget code
  28. 28. Info.ini code•  Snapshot from Test Your System Nugget
  29. 29. Nugget deployment•  Portal Components Manager ◆  File Manager to upload Nugget ◆  Register New or Re-register All Nuggets•  Portal Page Manager ◆  Update portal page(s) to make new Nugget required or optional
  30. 30. Third-party Nuggets•  Axciom (verifying student identities)•  Turnitin (TII)•  iTunesU•  Library Resources
  31. 31. Third-party Nugget Deployment•  Standard Hosting: ◆  Contact SLN via FootPrints -  Schedule meeting (if appropriate or necessary) ◆  Provide necessary information -  i.e. Credentials supplied from third-party ◆  SLN installs and configures Nugget•  Advanced Hosting: ◆  SLN assistance (if desired)
  32. 32. Final Grades to Campus SIS•  No data push from ANGEL to campus SIS•  GB3_PUBLISHED_GRADES can be exported
  33. 33. Batch Populating Shells•  No default ANGEL “templates”•  Use of LORs and Master Courses
  34. 34. Audience Participation•  Discussions on: ◆  Environment Variable use-cases ◆  Single Sign-On ◆  Associated File Manager
  35. 35. Questions or Comments