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RAGSK presentation on Adam Smith conference “NGV in Russia”


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Published in: Automotive, Technology, Business
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RAGSK presentation on Adam Smith conference “NGV in Russia”

  1. 1. CNGas.RU
  2. 2. Decreases up to 50% of the client’s capital expenses when CNG technology implementation. Converted vehicle can be turned back to diesel and sold out. No problem with the service disregarding specialized CNG engines. New CNG vehicles offering is quite limited in Russia. CNGas.RU 2
  3. 3. Legal platform for used vehicles: MIA order No 1240 Legal platform for new vehicles: Vehicle Design Safety Certificate Certification of goods and services CNGas.RU 3
  4. 4. Turbocharged engine using lean air-fuel mix Stoichiometric engine, α=1 • Turbocharging air pressure control allows to get acceptable torque at low rpm ; • Acceptable heat load • Euro-4 without carbamide, real perspective to get Euro-5 • High power • Nox problem • Engine high heat load • Low fuel saving engine using lean air-fuel mixα=1,4-1,6 • Low Nox evission • Good fuel saving • Power losses up to 20% CNGas.RU 4
  5. 5. Fuel system disassembling Compression decreasing CNG injection system installing Spark ignition system installing Engine calibration CNGas.RU 5
  6. 6. ECU - 130 MIPS Al frame Multipoint injection Injectors and reducer– HANA (S. Korea) High pressure filter fittings Italy CNGas.RU 6
  7. 7. CNGas.RU 7
  8. 8. Euro-5 – close perspective Euro-6 - high hydrocarbon emission, additional catalyzer necessary 1 liter diesel fuel = 1,2 nm3 CNG averagely Euro 4 – without problems, withou t carbamide, with standard catalyzer CNGas.RU 8
  9. 9. Engine types we familiar with CNGas.RU 9
  10. 10. Dyno is used for checking and calibration of internal combustion engines up to 700 h.p. Dyno measures engine parameters under various working regimes with hydraulic load. AVL (Austria) equipment for engines emission parameters control CNGas.RU 10
  11. 11. CNGas.RU 11
  12. 12. 1 L diesel = 1 nm3 CNG Fuel saving • Compression increasing • Pre-chamber combustion CNGas.RU 12
  13. 13. CNGas.RU