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Altech-Eco CNG Vehicle Conversions


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Presented by Cassie Anthony, Altech-Eco, on January 30, 2013, for the Clean Cities Winter Webinar about CNG Vehicle Conversions.

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Altech-Eco CNG Vehicle Conversions

  1. 1. Natural Gas Conversion System Developer and Installer 101 Fair Oaks Road, Arden, North Carolina 28704 Tel: (828) 654-8300 Fax: (828) 654-8747
  2. 2. Our Team: • Alex Kovalchuk - President / CEO • Miles George - Vice President / Treasurer • Mike Cerven - Sales Manager • Cassie Anthony - Sales Associate • Larry Abbott - Sales Associate • Mike Kovalchuk - R&D/Certification Specialist • Ed Badillo - President, Badillo Engineering • Sam Guido - President, Micromotive Inc.
  3. 3. • 2006 - TransEco Energy was founded by Alexander Kovalchuk, who has over 20 experience in manufacturing and infrastructure in the cng industry. Altech-Eco was formed to research, develop and deploy technologies to convert vehicles to operate on CNG and to obtain EPA/CARB certifications. We purchased a 27,000+ sq. ft. state of the art R&D/conversion facility located in Arden, North Carolina. NC-CNG was formed to build and operate CNG fueling Stations. Altech-Eco was formed to obtain COC’s and convert vehicles to operate on CNG.• 2007 - Grand opening of our first CNG fueling station in Arden, NC. Altech-Eco approved as a SVM.• 2008 - First EPA certification for CNG Ford Focus conversion received with aftermarket system.• 2009 - EPA certs received for the CNG Ford Focus and Ford Fusion. Became a GSA 23V contract holder.• 2010 - EPA certs received for the CNG Ford Focus, Fusion, F-150/250/350 Trucks, Transit Connect, E-150/250/350 Vans.• 2011 – Started working with A Ford QCM. Access to Ford developed controller. EPA certs received for the CNG Ford Fusion, F-150/250/350 Trucks, Transit Connect, E-150/250/350 Vans with Ford authorized control system.• 2012 - Received QVM approval with Ford. Started CARB certs process for 2013 models. Received certs for F-150/250/350 Trucks, Transit Connect, E-150/250/350 Van.
  4. 4. • It is our Mission to become a leader and provide the most advanced technology, excellent customer service, reliable and economical products for the alternative fuels industry.• We are committed to doing our part in reducing our country’s dependence on foreign oil, improving air quality and helping our economy.• We provide conversion systems that use a clean burning, domestically produced fuel and use only American made components for our conversion systems, when available.
  5. 5. • Converting and certifying conversion systems for over 6 years.• AEC is registered and approved with EPA and CARB as a small volume manufacturer.• AEC is approved by Ford as a QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifier).• AEC is a GSA approved government contractor for Automotive 23V Schedule.• AEC has extensive experience and knowledge with CNG conversion system installation and development and emissions / OBD certification testing process.• Has been issued by EPA 77 certificates of conformity since 2008.• 29 full time employees.• 27,000+ sq. ft. dedicated conversion facility with the ability to ship hundreds of conversion systems per month.
  6. 6. • All of our conversion systems meet emissions testing standards required by the Environmental Protection Agency.• EPA certification is extensive process, but it ensures our systems impact the environment as little as possible.• Using an EPA certified system allows the consumer to take advantage of State and Federal tax incentives, when applicable.
  7. 7. • We have started certification for 2013 Ford models, these vehicles will meet certification standards as required by the California Air Resources Board. Ex. F-250/350 Trucks, Transit Connect, and E-Series Vans.• CARB certification is the most stringent for emission testing, but it also ensures our systems impact the environment as little as possible.• Obtaining CARB certifications for our systems allow us to penetrate 7 additional territories (compared to EPA) giving the ability for the greater U.S. to drastically reduce their Carbon Footprint.
  8. 8. • Strategic relationships with Ford authorized Quality Calibration Modifiers.• In-house Research and Development specialists work with the latest EPA / CARB certified state-of-the-art testing equipment to ensure our technology is at the forefront of the evolving needs of the industry.• We offer support services that are unequalled within the industry and we continue to invest and grow in our engineering infrastructure in an effort to provide the finest support for our customers.• As a QVM we have access to Ford Engineering support.
  9. 9. • Conversion installation is a seamless integration with the Ford vehicle and includes a Ford developed on-board computer control system. Calibrations developed in collaboration with a Ford approved QCM (Qualified Calibrator Modifier).• Conversions are serviceable through Ford dealer network with standard diagnostic equipment.• Conversion delivers excellent horsepower, torque, towing capacity, ultimate load situations and will perform in extreme cold or extreme heat, high or low altitudes, or any inclement weather condition.• Bi-Fuel, Dual-Fuel and Dedicated conversion systems available.• Gasoline components remain on converted vehicles. This gives you flexibility to keep vehicle operating on CNG or to de-convert the vehicle back to gasoline when you are ready to sell.• Ford Motor Credit will finance 100% of conversion cost.• Ford QVM approval insures that the original Ford Engine and Powertrain Limited Warranty of 5 years or 60,000 miles remains intact• Meets all EPA and CARB emissions testing requirements while maintaining all OBD-II Functionality.
  10. 10. • QCM (Qualified Calibration Modifier) • Altech-Eco works in collaboration with a Ford approved QCM for our Ford CNG conversion systems . • This means Altech-Eco is utilizing Ford authorized calibration software to flash the ECU (Engine Control Unit) with our certified calibrations and not illegally performing unauthorized flashes of the original vehicle calibration.• QVM (Qualified Vehicle Modifier) • Altech-Eco is an authorized Ford QVM (Quality Vehicle Modifier) as a developer and installer. As a QVM developer we are responsible for the CNG engine calibrations, all on-dynamometer calibration testing, meet all Ford engineering requirements and development of a vehicle component package. • Ford offers a suite of vehicles with engine prep packages that are capable of operating on CNG. These engines come with hardened exhaust valves and valve seats for improved wear resistance and durability for gaseous fuel systems.
  11. 11. • System communication “Wiring Harness” is streamlined by plug and play connections by using only Ford authorized ECM plugs and connectors.• All strategy calculations & diagnostics are performed in the Ford ECU (Engine Control Unit).• CAN based computer control system allows seamless integration with the Ford vehicle.• The onboard Ford approved AFCM (Alternative Fuel Control Module) is an expansion module for the Ford ECU. This allows complete control of the CNG system and components.• A Ford Racing designed fuel gauge is dash mounted showing CNG fuel levels.• A dashboard mounted fuel selector switch allows Bi- Fuel system users to choose which fuel to operate on.• CNG fuel receptacle mounted next to OEM Fuel Port.
  12. 12. • Ease of installation: Every system arrives 95% assembled and comes with an installation manual. Minimal alterations are needed to complete the entire install.• On average, all Altech-Eco conversion systems can be installed the same day, some within 3-4 hours.• Major components are pre-assembled therefore reducing installation errors and time to install.• All conversion system components must pass a three step Quality Control program before shipping. This includes testing of all high pressure connections that are pre- assembled.
  13. 13. Ford Bi-Fuel Conversion SystemBi-Fuel System: CNG fuelrail, spacer plate and injectorsare added to engine betweenintake manifold and engineand the gasoline fuel rail andinjectors remain on engine,(Sometimes Intake manifold ismodified with CNG slotsinstead of a spacer plate)Dedicated System: CNGInjectors replace the gasolineinjector slots and gasoline fuelrails are modified. CNG Fuel Rail Gasoline Fuel Rail CNG Injector Gasoline Injector CNG Spacer Plate
  14. 14. • HPRA (High Pressure Regulator Assembly) includes a regulator, in-line coalescent fuel filter, check valve, and transducer. • The regulator reduces pressure coming from cylinder of 3,600 psi to 135 psi that supplies fuel rail and injectors. • For Sedans: HPRA is mounted under the vehicle (Above Photo). • For Trucks: HPRA is mounted on tank bracket assembly (Photo to Left). • HPRA is pre-assembled in-house and inspected for leaks and performance before it is shipped to installer.
  15. 15. CNG Cylinders are mounted in beds of pick-up trucks with a standard tool box cover(shown above). Cylinder sizes andcapacities vary depending on the customer’sneeds. Cylinder sizes determine GGE(Gasoline Gallon Equivalent). Altech-Ecotypically uses a type 4 cylinder which is muchlighter in weight than most other cylinders.
  16. 16. • Ford QVM approval insures that the original Ford Engine and Powertrain Limited Warranty of 5 years or 60,000 miles remains intact.• Altech-Eco provides a Conversion System Warranty of: • 8 year/ 80,000 mile warranty for emissions components. • 1 year limited warranty on non- emissions components.
  17. 17. Service and Repairs:• If you have a problem with a converted vehicle, take it back to the installer or the nearest authorized Ford Dealer to determine if the problem is CNG related.• The authorized Dealer will contact Altech-Eco, fix the issue and bill Altech-Eco for repairs, if issue is a CNG warranted item. If the issue is determined not to be an Altech-Eco conversion system warranted item, it would then become the responsibility of customer.Maintenance:• The coalescent filter is required to be changed every 10,000 miles. This is the only CNG system maintenance needed and must be performed by an authorized dealer.• Vehicle must follow OEM maintenance requirements.
  18. 18. • Certified system installers are located throughout the United States. All installers must complete and pass the training course provided by Altech-Eco.• Installers Include: • Ford QVM’s • Ford Dealerships • Private Conversion Facilities • Altech-Eco. We are a full service facility.
  19. 19. For more information about Altech-Eco, CNG Conversion Systems & CNG Technologies, visit our website at: For Online Quotes visit: Altech-Eco Corporation 101 Fair Oaks Road, Arden, North Carolina 28704
  20. 20. Alex Kovalchuk – CEO/President Office: (828) 654-8300 Ext. 105 - Email: Alexk@transecoenergy.comMiles George – VP/Treasurer Office: (828) 654-8300 Ext. 107 - Email: Miles@transecoenergy.comMike Cerven – Sales Manager Office: (828) 654-8300 Ext. 122 - Cell: 704-929-3402 - Mikecerven@altecheco.comCassie Anthony – Sales Associate Office: (828) 654-8300 Cell: 734-344-2811 - Cassie@altecheco.comLarry Abbott – Sales Associate Office: (828) 654-8300 Cell: (828) 318-5651 - Ext. 104 – We look forward to doing business with you.