Enterprise Social Software Needs A Purpose


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Enterprise Social Software Needs A Purpose

  1. 1. Social Software Needs A Purpose To Succeed Motivating employees to move beyond simple sharing to Getting Work Done ! Alan Lepofsky, VP and Principal Analyst! @alanlepo! December 2012!©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  2. 2. Why Use Social Software? 1.  Share  Informa7on   2.  Connect  With  People   Informa.on  is  shared  openly,   Discover  the  colleagues  and   so  everyone  can  find,   communi.es  that  can  help   contribute,  and  benefit  from  it.     people  get  their  jobs  done.  ©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  3. 3. The First Stage Of Social Software {   Collabora7on   Business  Applica7ons   Blogs   cloud   Wikis   Sharing   Profiles   Social  SoGware   Communi.es   Ac.vity  Streams   Dashboards   Email   Office  ©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  4. 4. Example Use-cases For Social Software B Internal   o u n External   d a Informa.on   Q&A   r Increasing  Brand   Corp   i Sharing   e Awareness   Comms   s   Project   Customer   Management   a Support   Onboarding   r Community   e   Feedback   Documenta.on   Employee   b Recogni.on   l Collabora.on   Finding   u r With  Partners   People   r Genera.ng   i Ideas   n g  ©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  5. 5. So  where  is  everybody?  ©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  6. 6. People  don’t  like  change  ©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  7. 7. Where  I  do  my  work   Vs.   “Yet  another  tool”   Choices  can  cause  confusion  ©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  8. 8. Where  was  that  content?  ©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  9. 9. People  are  self-­‐centered  ©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  10. 10. So  What  Is  The  Solu7on?  ©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  11. 11. Social Software Needs A Purpose 
 {   And Structure Structured   Business  Applica7ons   Collabora7on   Where     Collabora.ve  Micro-­‐Apps   Task  Management   work   Sharing   gets   Core  Business  Applica.ons   done     Social  SoGware   Email   Office  ©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  12. 12. Motivation People  s7ll  need  mo7va7on  ©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  13. 13. The Five R’s Of Gamification Role/Responsibility   Define  who  people  are   and  what  they  do.   Reward/   Rank   Establish  skills   and  experience   Recogni.on   5  R’s   Mo>vate  accomplishments   Route   Reputa.on   Set  out  the  path  and     Connect  the  right  people   milestones  to  the  goal  ©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  14. 14. Behaviour Management Can Help Improve Usage Structured   Behaviour   Business  Applica7ons   Collabora7on   Management   Collabora.ve  Micro-­‐Apps   Task  Management   Mo.va.on   Sharing   Reward   Feedback   Business  Applica.ons   Social  SoGware   Email   Office  ©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
  15. 15. Conclusion •  Social Software can improve the way people share information and connect with colleagues! •  There are challenges in getting people to work in new ways! •  Defining a clear purpose and structure can help improve usage! •  Providing motivation, feedback and reward can help encourage participation!©  2012  Constella.on  Research,  Inc.    All  rights  reserved.      
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