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Business Model - Qranio


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The business model canvas of the Brazilian startup Qranio that is using games, quiz and prizes to make learnfunnier.

You can see more details in my blog:
(in portugueses)

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Business Model - Qranio

  1. 1. 15 feb - 2012 Key Key Value Customer Customer Partners Activities Proposition Relationships Segments SoRware  development   Prospect  new  clients   comapny   Newsle>er,  Twi>er  and   Learn  in  a  fun  way  and   Facebook   Content  development   win  prizes  using  your   intelligence   Student  that  likes  quiz   MarkeIng   and  have  internet   Support  team  and  Site  Gustavo  Mendes,  imitator   of  president  Dilma     Prizes  and  ads   management   Publish  products  and   services  for  a  student   audience  and  relate   Companies  that  want   Key Channels to  publish  their   company’s  brand  with   Resources products  and  services   an  educaIonal  project   Email  MKT,  Youtube,   to  students   User  base   Twi>er,  Facebook,  Site,   Startup  Accelerator   Adwords  and  iPhone  app   PlaMorm   Youtube,  Twi>er,   QuesIon  bank   Facebook  and  Site   Cost MarkeIng   Revenue Sponsored  prizes  and   Structure Steams content   Servers   Free   SoRware   Prizes   Advertesing   Development  and   Maintenace   Human  Resources   Premium  users   Prizes