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Charlottesville Data bootcamp 2017


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To celebrate the launch of Charlottesville's Open Data site, I shared some experience and vision for how to make the city truly collaborative with the community.

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Charlottesville Data bootcamp 2017

  1. 1. Cultivating a Smart Community Andrew Turner Director & CTO, Esri R&D DC @ajturner
  2. 2. Charlottesville
  3. 3. Entrepreneur & Civic Tech enthusiast 2002 2005 2006 20102008 2007
  4. 4. GOCE Spacecraft
  5. 5. Ramallah, Palestine
  6. 6. >65% want data about gov Data-Driven Citizenship <10% were very effective
  7. 7. City as System
  8. 8. City as System in Motion
  9. 9. My Street
  10. 10. The real role of government is to create a community that residents, visitors, and business people find to be a great place to live, work, and play. Hyong Yi Assistant City Manager, City of Charlotte
  11. 11. City Ensemble
  12. 12. Aspirations get translated into actionable, real-world Initiatives A s p i r a t i o n s City population with GED or HS diploma Encourage Startups Use Less Energy Improve Emergency Response Times Create Job Availability Make Parking Easier Improve Water Conservation Increase Recreation Opportunities Reduce Homeless individuals Create More Affordable Housing Reduce Traffic Congestion Implement Performance Management I n i t i a t i v e s
  13. 13. “We believe providing the data behind our Strategic Plan Goals will allow for better and more informed decision- making, enhance collaboration among City departments, and engage our community in the activities of our organization.”
  14. 14. Community as Capacity
  15. 15. Inform Listen Monitor
  16. 16. Citizen Surveys Open Citizen Data Community AnalysisGovernment Data
  17. 17. A Platform for Civic Engagement City Inside City-wide Collaboration Public Citizens Startups Academia NGOs Outside Public Engagement Open DataLiving Atlas Story Mapping APIs Applications Engineering Police Fire Planning DOT, Sanitation, Housing, Metro…
  18. 18. Write a StoryMap -
  19. 19. Design Surveys & Data Collection • Data gathering by the public community or team members • Integrated with Initiative Pages, mobile apps, and embed into external advocacy groups • Supports Initiative data requests, internal performance metrics
  20. 20. Configurable, Extensible WebApp Builder
  21. 21. Build Something New
  22. 22. Build Something New gh://esri/cedar gh://esri/esri-leaflet
  23. 23. Create Chat Bots with Sonar gh://esri/sonar
  24. 24. Build for Real People & Real Needs
  25. 25. Rena Alexy Kera Ed Nira Build for real people
  26. 26. Transforming Esri? Andrew Turner @ajturner Thank you