Playful Explorations of Public and Personal Data - OSCON Data 2011


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It’s easy to find and create data. But what are you going to do with it? Can I ask the world complex questions such as what’s the local crime rate, distance to metro, or rating of my local school? Can you combine these all together to rate houses you may want to buy? And how do you then connect back to your government and local businesses to engage in collaborative decision making.

This talk with discuss how you should consider users and their personal interactions with data and information. We’ll also peel back the covers on how open source tools such as HBase, Cascading, Geos and Polymaps handle analyzing and streaming realtime data to maps and visualizations both on the web and to mobile devices.

To illustrate what’s possible, we’ll dive through GeoCommons, a large online community of data sharing and community analytics that uses open source mapping visualization, Hadoop analysis, and mobile interfaces to provide this to the world. Users can even build and socialize their own analysis methods to share their expert knowledge with other users. We’ll also review how global organizations like the World Bank and United Nations are using these tools to connect with citizens in developing countries to empower them to make decisions on building investment and understanding how climate science may affect their areas.

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Playful Explorations of Public and Personal Data - OSCON Data 2011

  1. Personal Public & Playful Data ExplorationsAndrew Turner @ajturner
  2. Data
  3. Open Government Data
  4. flickr: jrparis
  5. 80% of the worldlive within cell coverage flickr: jrparis
  6. 80% of the worldlive within cell coverageand 50% of theworld own a mobile phone flickr: jrparis
  8. unread POI’s 1000+
  9. Black Friday, 2010
  10. Social Media Trajectories
  11. Personal Data
  12. flickr: ejpphotoHow to deal with this data?
  13. Approachable, relevant, accessible
  14. http://flowingdata.comSharing Visualizations
  15. Tools are often too difficult.
  16. Basic Principles
  17. Basic Principles Open Access
  18. Basic Principles Open Access Visualize
  19. Basic Principles Open Access Visualize Analyze
  20. Power of Place
  21. The role of mapsMaps Reflect & Define Reality Waldseemüller Uniersalis Cosmographia
  22. “America” The role of maps Maps Reflect & Define Reality Waldseemüller Uniersalis Cosmographia
  23. Story Mapping
  24. Marshall Islands stick chartNavigation 19th century
  25. Travel Guides
  26. Spatial OperationsBuffer, Intersect, AggregationCorrelation, Prediction, CustomTools: geos, JTS, PostGIS
  27. Spa$al  Aggrega$on:  Group  data  by  arbitrary  geographic  boundaries (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  28. Spa$al  Aggrega$on:  Group  data  by  arbitrary  geographic  boundaries (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  29. Spa$al  Aggrega$on:  Group  data  by  arbitrary  geographic  boundaries (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  30. Spa$al  Correla$on:  Rela0onship  between  mul0ple  datasets  by  geography (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  31. Spa$al  Correla$on:  Rela0onship  between  mul0ple  datasets  by  geography (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  32. Spa$al  Correla$on:  Rela0onship  between  mul0ple  datasets  by  geography (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  33. Spa$al  Buffer  and  Distance  Filter:  Radius  buffer  from  a  point,  line  or  polygon (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  34. Spa$al  Buffer  and  Distance  Filter:  Radius  buffer  from  a  point,  line  or  polygon (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  35. Spa$al  Buffer  and  Distance  Filter:  Radius  buffer  from  a  point,  line  or  polygon (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  36. Intersec$on:  Overlap  between  two  polygonal  areas,  lines  or  points (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  37. Intersec$on:  Overlap  between  two  polygonal  areas,  lines  or  points (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  38. Intersec$on:  Overlap  between  two  polygonal  areas,  lines  or  points (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  39. Intersec$on:  Overlap  between  two  polygonal  areas,  lines  or  points (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  40. Intersec$on:  Overlap  between  two  polygonal  areas,  lines  or  points Use  Cases: • Locate  that  a  social  media   men0ons  happened  within  a   geo-­‐fence • Track  mobile  traffic  entering   a  zip  code (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  41. User-­‐Defined  Analysis:  Custom  equa0ons  via  intui0ve  wizard  interface (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  42. User-­‐Defined  Analysis:  Custom  equa0ons  via  intui0ve  wizard  interface (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  43. User-­‐Defined  Analysis:  Custom  equa0ons  via  intui0ve  wizard  interface (Proprietary  and  confiden0al)
  44. Accidents 77512
  45. www.virtualvehicle.coVirtual Vehicle
  46. www.virtualvehicle.coCrash ‘Likelihood’ Density
  47. Making it revelantflickr: qwertyuiop
  48. neogeography ŏgeographical techniques and tools usedfor personal activities or for utilization bya non-expert group of users;
  49. Psychogeography
  50. Playful Explorations
  52. 590,000+ geographic attributes 67k+ unique datasets billions of features.
  53. Acetate Layers
  54. = 174,049,705,000
  55. = 174,049,705,000well... close enough
  56. Open Access
  57. Open AccessVisualize
  58. Open AccessVisualizeAnalyze
  59. Citizens
  60. Foursquare Crime
  61. Citizens Government
  62. Social Government
  63. Citizens Government Media
  64. Journalists
  65. Journalists
  66. Social Media Indicators
  67. Social Media Indicators
  68. Citizens Government MediaScience
  69. Research
  70. Citizens GovernmentDevelopers Media Science
  71. GeoIQ & AppceleratorUsing Appcelerator’s open-source cross-mobile platformtechnology, mobile applications can quickly integrate withGeoIQ to access and create new data from the field.
  72. GeoPace GEOS HBase GeoPacing
  73. GeoPacestart GEOSLoc(lat,lon)Search HBaseResultsAction GeoPacing
  74. GeoPacestart GEOSLoc(lat,lon)Search HBaseResultsAction GeoPacing
  75. GeoPacestart GEOSLoc(lat,lon)Search HBaseResultsAction Cascading GeoPacing
  76. GeoPacestart GEOSLoc(lat,lon) DBSearch HBase DBResults DBAction Cascading GeoPacing
  77. Map Map Map Map Map Map Map GeoPacestart GEOSLoc(lat,lon) DBSearch HBase DBResults DBAction Cascading GeoPacing
  78. Appcelerator
  79. Mobile Analysis on Mobile Devices
  80. CitizensEnterprise OrganizationsDevelopers Media Science
  81. MongoDBSocial Media Dashboards Polymaps
  82. Citizens Enterprise OrganizationsDevelopers Media Science
  83. 89561
  84. 77282
  85. & Caffeine 82402
  86. More TechnicalInformationOpen GeospatialLibraries for RubyChris HelmWednesday @ 5PM
  87. Thank YouAndrew Turner - @ajturnerandrew@geoiq.com