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SMP Testimonials


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SMP Testimonials

  1. 1. Social MobilePayments:TestimonialsThe following are testimonials from individuals who attended our inaugural Social Mobile Payments event.These people have consented to our use of these testimonials without any compensation or recompense."SMP brought together key leaders from the payments & loyalty industries,plus innovative alternative companies."David W. Schropfer, Head of Mobile Commerce, The Luciano Group“Bruce Burke’s SMP Conference is probably the most important industryevent for anyone focusing on social, mobile, and payments.”Kolja Reiss, Managing Director, Mopay, Inc.“The most intense and engaging conference I have been to in a while. Ittruly harnessed the converging trends among social, mobile and payments.I was thoroughly impressed by the caliber of speakers!”Stephen T. Cannon, Founder & CTO, Typt.Me“There are many events I attend but few of them have ever delivered theimpact that your event provided me with. Such a vast knowledge base ofresources, and I met so many wonderful people that were willing to shareinformation and direction. I look forward to next one …”Greg Bauer, Director, Preway