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Thurlow presentation


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Published in: Technology, Real Estate
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Thurlow presentation

  1. 1. New Tools for Civic DialogueNontraditional Methods in Community EngagementKim ThurlowNew River Valley Planning District Commission &New River Valley Livability InitiativeApril 24, 2013
  2. 2. Virginia’s New River Valley:• mostly rural and smalluniversity towns• Decline in manufacturingjobs in rural counties• Troubling health statistics• Aging population• 10 topic areas – lookingfor intersections
  3. 3. Our Outreach Goalsthese may sound familiar….• Broad representation• Reaching the harder to reach• Common priorities across region and …..• Particular needs of communities within region• Two-way communication• Build capacity for civic problem-solving
  4. 4. • Low accessibility for non-experts.• Unclear how citizen inputimpacts process oroutcomes.• Emerging proposals appearto be “done deals”Public MeetingCitizens input is “welcome” ata public hearing on codes,bylaws, ordinances and otherthings beloved bybureaucrats.Tuesday at 6 p.m. in a roomwith uncomfortable chairs.Parking limited.Civic Access to Public Policy Development
  5. 5. The Town Hall• Who does it work for?• How does the public perceive its role?• High stakes, zero-sum outcomes• Dialogue low, often absent• Proposal may pass but…
  6. 6. Story Circles andPerformance Theatre
  7. 7. Further Collaborations: Sojourn Theater and BUILT NRVBUILT Gamecore values and prioritieskey tensions and tradeoffsobstacles, challengespotential action strategies
  8. 8. A Different Community Conversation: BUILT NRV
  9. 9. A Different Community Conversation: BUILT NRV
  10. 10. • Individual Priorities• Collaboration –Neighborhood/TownA Different Community Conversation: BUILT NRV
  11. 11. A Different Community Conversation: BUILT NRV
  12. 12. A Different Community Conversation: BUILT NRV
  13. 13. NRV Livability Initiative: BUILT NRV• Individual Priorities• Collaboration –Neighborhood/Town• Integration –Town/CountyA Different Community Conversation: BUILT NRV
  14. 14. Participant Reflections - BUILT NRV“Perspective is a powerful driver behindchoices. Sometimes we make decisions tooquickly without considering the impacts,however small and unintentional, that theymay have on other people.”(It made me think…..) “about the importanceof understanding community dynamics,recognizing that compromises will have tobe made, but working together as a whole itcan be made better.”
  15. 15. Kim Thurlow, Livability Initiative Program, www.nrvlivability.orgVirginia Tech, Masters of Directing & Public Dialogue:Jon Catherwood-Ginn, lead researcher, rjginn@gmail.comSojourn Theater/BUILT game:Liam-Kaas-Lentz liam@thecpcp.orgNRV Tomorrow Interactive Survey:Jocelyn Hittle, PlaceMatters, jocelyn@placematters.orgContacts and Additional Information