Leveraging Data to Engage Citizens and Drive Innovation


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Socrata helps public sector organizations improve transparency, citizen service, and data-driven decision-making using Open Data. Our user-friendly solutions deliver data to governments trying to reduce costs, to citizens who want to understand how their tax dollars are used, and to civic hackers dedicated to creating new apps and improving services.

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Leveraging Data to Engage Citizens and Drive Innovation

  1. 1. Leveraging Data to Engage Citizens and Drive Innovation Thom Robbins Thom.Robbins@Socrata.com @trobbins
  2. 2. Why Open Data?
  3. 3. Improves Transparency Builds Public Trust Strengthens Citizen Engagement Reduces Operating Costs Supports Data-Driven Decisions Promotes Economic Activity Why Open Data?
  4. 4. The ROI of Open Data Reasons Why Open Data and Mobile Platforms Are Vital for Our Future Adults who use the Internet increased from 46 to 82 percent Adults who own a cell-phone increased from 53 to 88 percent. 70 percent of Americans access high-speed Internet from home, up from 5 percent. Half of Americans own smartphones. Forbes predicts urban populations will "accelerateto 60 percent before2025, globally. Access to real-time information has become a major component to healthy people, healthy economies, and a healthy world. SOURCE:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/lisa-abeyta/three-reasons-why-open-da_b_5572317.html  AppCityLife apps help 6k new Albuquerque transit passengers  Over 20k users access the mobile app for real-time tracking of buses throughout the city, and to receive push notifications  Global summits, like those hosted by New Cities Foundation, foster ideas, technologies, and innovations between sectors and leaders  NextDrop integrates Open Data with mobile to solve water problems which affect 3m around the globe  Albuquerque reduced calls to 311, which are billed at $1.86 per call  They estimate $548K in savings in two years since smartphones and supporting technologies were added to open data initiatives Open Data Creates Convenience Open Data Raises Quality Of Life Open Data Saves Money
  5. 5.  Scattered spreadsheets and PDFs online  Clumsy custom web apps  Basic catalog of downloadable files (CSV, XLS, SHP, ZIP, PDF)  Expensive custom web apps  Manual data publishing  Interactive data tables, basic data visualizations (charts & maps), social sharing,  Consumer-style web experiences  Consumer style experiences  Apps, mashups, dashboards, data-driven storytelling  Custom APIs and developer docs  Automated data publishing, federation and distribution  Web and mobile experience design  Data for fact-based decisions and performance  Embedded data experiences  Crowd-sourced data: human sensor network  Plug-and-play apps  Real-time data ecosystems and industry exchanges  Internal data collaboration hubs The Open Data Continuum Gain Value as Your Data Program Grows LEVEL 1 Status Quo LEVEL 2 The Catalog Phase LEVEL 3 Basic Interactive Experience LEVEL 4 Full Open Data Experience LEVEL 5 Experience the Ecosystem LEVEL OF DATA MATURITY
  6. 6. Why Open Data?
  7. 7. Why Open Data?
  8. 8. Why Open Data?
  9. 9. Why Open Data?
  10. 10. Why Socrata?
  11. 11. Seattle-based software-as-a-service provider with a global presence Founded in 2007 World-leader in open data and government performance management Focused exclusively on democratizing access to public data to:  Improve citizen engagement  Increase transparency  Drive innovation  Make data-driven decisions Socrata Overview
  12. 12. Solutions Open Data Ecosystem Socrata Open Connectors™ Open Data™ Apps Marketplace™ Open Performance™  Data Discovery & Exploration  Chart & Map Visualizations  Publishing Workflow  Data Federation & Sharing  Financial Transparency Suite  Government Admin Suite  Citizen Engagement Suite  Civic Apps Ecosystem  Performance Dashboards  Guided Goal Composer  Drag-and-Drop Report Builder  PerformanceStat Methodology DATA ACCESS LAYER Open Data API Query Engine Search Geocoding Analytics Data Cloud™ API Foundry™ Open Data Developer Network™
  13. 13. Global Leadership 5 Continents and 100% Customer Retention
  14. 14. U.S. Customer Leadership Federal State City City County Other White House Hawaii Chicago New York San Mateo USAID Medicare California Seattle Las Vegas Cook World Bank HHS Texas San Francisco Burlington King United Nations CDC Washington Los Angeles Somerville Montgomery Gates Foundation Data.gov Maryland Edmonton Raleigh Alameda Large Global Presence CFPB Colorado Atlanta Nashville Prince George’s EPA Indiana New Orleans Richmond Strathcona Energy Star New York Dallas Cambridge
  15. 15. The State & Local Government Standard State State City (>750k) City (>250k) City (<100k) County Hawaii Texas New York Oakland Albany San Mateo Washington Illinois Los Angeles Las Vegas Burlington Cook Oregon Indiana Chicago Providence Somerville King California Michigan Dallas Salt Lake City South Bend Montgomery Montana New York San Francisco Raleigh West Sacramento Alameda Colorado Maryland Austin Nashville Cambridge Prince George’s Oklahoma Connecticut Baltimore Richmond West Hollywood Strathcona Missouri Vermont Boston Gainesville Culver City
  16. 16. Scalability 100,000+ Datasets 250% Annual Growth in Volume of Data Served 1,000% Annual Growth in API Calls 250 Million Citizens Served 50 Million Pageviews Per Month
  17. 17. Working with Socrata Gain Insight from our Customers “We like Socrata's innovative view of always improving what we have, and looking forward to anticipate what we want next.” “Socrata's team is transformational. They are helping to transform government by removing barriers to transparency.” “Socrata offers more than just technology. It offers a strategy and all kinds of support. It’s not just a product, it’s a whole philosophy.” Victoria Lewis Project Manager Montgomery County Wally Rogers E-Gov Manager State of Oregon Gail Roper CIO City of Raleigh
  18. 18. Innovation Through Community User Groups Thought Leadership Local Community Events Customer Summits
  19. 19. Multi-Lingual Capabilities 11 Languages and Growing  English  Spanish  French  Italian  Hindi  Russian  Chinese  Portuguese  Romanian  Dutch  Catalan
  20. 20. Leader in Open Data Policy Development Essential tool in long-term effectiveness  We support development of policies, including: 1. Executive Orders 2. Internal Regulations 3. Legislative Actions 4. Resolutions & Charters  New policies can spur, strengthen and sustain open data programs  Socrata leverages latest and international best practices from real world experience
  21. 21. Trusted 12xGrowth in Apps Built on Socrata 50 MillionPageviews per Month 100k+ Managed Customer Datasets Worldwide 1/3of U.S. States 90%of U.S. City Programs
  22. 22. Open Data Customer Leadership Federal State City City County Worldwide White House Hawaii Chicago New York San Mateo USAID Medicare California Seattle Las Vegas Cook World Bank HHS Texas San Francisco Burlington King United Nations CDC Washington Los Angeles Somerville Montgomery Gates Foundation Data.gov Maryland Edmonton Raleigh Alameda South America (1) CFPB Colorado Atlanta Nashville Prince George’s Europe (7) EPA Indiana New Orleans Richmond Honolulu Australia (4) Energy Star New York Dallas Cambridge Strathcona Africa (3)
  23. 23. Socrata Customers Set the Standard State Program Innovation Award Digital Government Achievement Award Bloomberg Mayor’s Challenge State Technology Innovator Award Digital Cities Award Digital Counties Award Alameda County, CA Montgomery County, MD Snohomish County, WA King County, WA City of ChicagoState of Hawaii State of Michigan Boston Seattle Austin Chicago Baltimore Raleigh State of Oregon
  24. 24. Proven Success Methodology More Than Just Technology  Tier 1 multi-tenant cloud infrastructure  Geographically dispersed data centers with failover/redundancy  Full compliance with FISMA and 508 standards  Continuous upgrades and enhancements  FedRamp in progress  Industry leading Open Data Success Methodology  Standardized six-step deployment methodology  Refined from the experience of hundreds of deployments  Infused with knowledge sharing from open data innovators  The most experienced implementation staff  4-6 week deployment cycle  Fully branded and styled sites  Variety of site template options  Defined promotion, launch, and adoption plan to accelerate time-to-value Robust Platform Proven Methodology Rapid Deployment
  25. 25. Proven Success Methodology Ongoing Education and Value-Add  Dedicated support staff  24 x 7 x 365 support  Customer support website and knowledge base  98.2% support ticket satisfaction  Continuing education through Socrata University  Peer-to-peer best practice sharing  Customer advisory councils and customer summits  Monthly customer-driven webinars and roundtables  Largest and most vibrant partner ecosystem  Cumulative advantage of the world’s largest open data community  Leadership in developing data standards  Socrata app portfolio  App store and connectors  100% customer retention Support & Education Innovative Community Exponential Value
  26. 26. Thank You! Find Us! Socrata.com Follow Us! @Socrata Friend Us! facebook.com/socrata Watch Us! http://www.youtube.com/user/socratavideos