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Hadley verse


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a description of packages in R language created by Hadley Wickham

Published in: Data & Analytics
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Hadley verse

  1. 1. HadleyVerse celebrating the genius of Hadley Wickham
  2. 2. Fun Fact The Underverse is a constellation of dark, new stars. The Necromonger Empire consider it their promised land; that only the Lord Marshals of the Necromongers are known to have journeyed to. Underverse - Riddick Wiki - The Chronicles of Riddick
  3. 3. Maintains 10 Packages
  4. 4. Code # getwd() setwd("/home/ajay/Desktop") library(RDS) pkgs=readRDS(file="packages.rds") library(data.table) pkgs2=data.table(pkgs) setkey(pkgs2,Author) a=pkgs2[grep("Hadley Wickham",pkgs2$Author)] ##(Yes , there is a Charlotte Wickham so “Wickham” wont work) library(dplyr) names(a) b=select(a,Package,Author)
  5. 5. HadleyVerse =63 packages > print(b$Package) [1] "assertthat" "babynames" "fueleconomy" "nasaweather" "nycflights13" [6] "knitr" "GGally" "geozoo" "tourrGui" "cowplot" [11] "ggmap" "broom" "tourr" "rggobi" "lubridate" [16] "classifly" "clusterfly" "gtable" "hflights" "meifly" [21] "memoise" "profr" "reshape" "reshape2" "nullabor" [26] "DescribeDisplay" "roxygen2" "stringr" "plyr" "RSQLite" [31] "haven" "xml2" "pryr" "bigrquery" "httr" [36] "lazyeval" "rvest" "scales" "testthat" "tidyr" [41] "readxl" "readr" "dplyr" "ggplot2" "devtools" [46] "rstudioapi" "Rd2roxygen" "evaluate" "rappdirs" "fda" [51] "rmarkdown" "cellranger" "RMySQL" "curl" "plotrix" [56] "leaflet" "wesanderson" "HistData" "plumbr" "magrittr" [61] "itertools" "ggvis" "namespace"
  6. 6. RipleyVerse =26 packages [1] "itree" "boot" "polyclip" "MASS" [5] "spatial" "class" "nnet" "tree" [9] "RODBC" "MDM" "rattle" "gnm" [13] "gap" "Rcmdr" "car" "TSA" [17] "xgobi" "RODBCext" "KernSmooth" "quantreg" [21] "pspline" "rpart" "gee" "pbdSLAP" [25] "pbdMPI" "mpath
  7. 7. DirkVerse =41 packages [1] "fortunes" "lbfgs" "RcppFaddeeva" "drat" [5] "gcbd" "pkgKitten" "RcppAnnoy" "RcppAPT" [9] "RcppTOML" "RcppXts" "rfoaas" "RPushbullet" [13] "sanitizers" "random" "RcppRedis" "RcppStreams" [17] "RcppZiggurat" "RDieHarder" "RVowpalWabbit" "digest" [21] "RcppSMC" "RcppBDT" "RcppExamples" "RInside" [25] "RcppClassicExamples" "RcppClassic" "RcppCNPy" "RcppDE" [29] "BH" "RApiSerialize" "RQuantLib" "Rcpp" [33] "RcppEigen" "nloptr" "RPostgreSQL" "inline" [37] "phylobase" "RcppGSL" "RcppArmadillo" "RProtoBuf" [41] "dendextendRcpp" 18 packages contain words Rcpp word
  8. 8. Hadleyverse wins ?
  9. 9. HadleyVerse Explained Dataset Packages Data Import Data Manipulation Packages Data Visualization Packages Output Developer Tools
  10. 10. This presentation was meant to be taken lightly