2012 Report to the Council on Postsecondary Education by Kentucky's private colleges


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AIKCU's annual report to the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE), delivered June 21, 2012. Provides an update on AIKCU's progress towards its goals under KY's strategic plan for postsecondary education, highlights ways Kentucky's private colleges are holding down costs, and includes a list of individual campus achievements from 2011-12.

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2012 Report to the Council on Postsecondary Education by Kentucky's private colleges

  1. 1. Private Colleges in the public interest: The annual report to the Council on Postsecondary Education by the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges and Universities June 21, 2012 Gary S. Cox, Ph.D President (502) 695-5007 gary.cox@aikcu.org http://aikcu.org
  2. 2. !! !""#$%&%#()#*)+(,-.-(,-()/-(0$12)3#44-5-")&(,)6(%7-8"%%-")9!+/36:)College Readiness ;&"-4%(-) <#")) >&85-) +$#() ?8#58-""))) =-$-() #)>&85-)@-A)>-&$B-8)CD$-44-($-) 7C>! 7D>! 97>! 79>!;<&$-&(+!2-#$(1!(!+#6!7=>!(*+#(*..?!#(!+&*-@&$!&A*%B! !Student Success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http://dataportal.cpe.ky.gov/dashboard.shtm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!56$.!78,!9:79!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ! ! !
  3. 3. !! ! "##$%&(&$)!$*!+),-.-),-)(!/-)(0%12!3$44-5-#!),!6)&7-8#&(&-#!9"+/36:!Research, Economic and ;#-4&)-! <$#(!! >85-(! +%$)! ?8$58-##!! =-%-)(! ($!>85-(!Community Development!@>A<BC!D-58--#! :,8;<! :,:=<! :,>99! 9?! ! ;#-4&)-! <$#(!! >85-(! +%$)! ?8$58-##!!Efficiency and Innovation! =-%-)(! ($!>85-(!E)4&)-!F-8)&)5! @?! 7?! 7?! :99?! !38-,&(#!($!D-58--! :=@! :=7! :=@! 9?! !"#$!%#$&!()#$%*+#(,!(-./0(1!0&)(+#(2,!32+4!http://dataportal.cpe.ky.gov/dashboard.shtm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"&5$/*$6!7,!89:8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !
  4. 4. AIKCU degree production, 2001-02 to 2010-11 7,024 6,581 6,330 581 6,127 556 5,780 467 5,517 427 5,401 5,162 434 2,012 4,807 4,765 401 407 388 1,509 1,594 1,866 351 335 1,465 1,098 1,309 995 881 875 4,191 4,269 4,159 4,431 3,779 3,902 3,801 3,881 3,575 3,555 2001/02 2002/03 2003/04 2004/05 2005/06 2006/07 2007/08 2008/09 2009/10 2010/11 Baccalaureate Graduate Associate/CertificateSource: CPE Comprehensive Database
  5. 5. AIKCU Total Fall Enrollment, 2001-2011 6,863 6,122 5,447 4,708 4,296 29,367 28,282 3,820 4,014 3,595 26,697 2,778 3,157 25,703 2,459 24,745 23,088 23,426 22,305 22,474 22,375 22,556 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Undergraduate Graduate74% of undergrads are Kentucky residents, representing all 120 counties(Nearly 8,000 come from other states/countries, at cost of $0 to the Commonwealth)Source: CPE Comprehensive Database
  6. 6. Controlling college costs is a major concern forAIKCU members as well as for students and familiesReigning in tuition increases: •Average tuitions well below regional and national private college averages •2011-11 to 2011-12 average increase was 4.9%. 2011-12 to 2012-13 average increase is 4.4%. (Historically tuition increases averaged 6%.) •Tuition increases offset in many cases by increases to financial aid budgetsSupport for students: •More than $200 million annually in institutional aid •Average tuition discount rate approximately 40% •Serve high proportions of Pell recipients •Collaborations with KCTCS to encourage transferEmphasize degree completion in 4 years:Approximately 40% of all first-time, full-time students graduate in 4 years,reducing total cost to degreeCore values tied to student success, providing value:Focus on teaching, learning and outcomes: faculty mentoring, intense advising,internships, experiential learning, career counseling, connecting liberal arts tocareers, civic engagement, undergraduate research
  7. 7. Average 2011-12 private nonprofit college tuition & fees(Very few students at independent colleges actually paid this “sticker price” after financial aid.) $30,000 $28,500 $25,000 $24,713 $20,000 $21,764 $15,000 $10,000 $5,000 $0 AIKCU* South National *AIKCU average does not include Alice Lloyd College or Berea College, Kentucky!s work colleges (where students pay no tuition). Sources: AIKCU 2011 Tuition Survey; College Board!s Trends In College Pricing 2011
  8. 8. Grant Aid to AIKCU students by source, 2009-10 Federal Grants $61.0 million 19%Institutional Grants $201.7 million 63% State Grants 17% $55.2 million98.5% of first-time, full-time students receive financial aid Source: National Center for Education Statistics
  9. 9. Independent colleges serve high percentages ofPell Grant recipients:50% of all undergraduates at Kentucky!s independent colleges received federal Pell grants in 2010-11,up from 45% the previous year. More than half of students receive Pell at 12/20 AIKCU institutions. AIKCU (total sector) 50 Berea 83 Mid-Continent 71 Lindsey Wilson 70 Union 67 Midway 67 Pikeville 61 Alice Lloyd 61 Spalding 59 Brescia 56 Kentucky Christian 56 Kentucky Wesleyan 53 St. Catharine 50Source: Fall 2010 enrollment data from CPE Comprehensive Database; 2011 NAICU Student Aid Reports.
  10. 10. Average loan debt of 2010 college graduates 26,000 25,250 21,770 19,500 19,985 13,000 6,500 0 AIKCU KY Public Universities NationalAverage debt at graduation of 2010 graduates who took out student loans during their postsecondary careers.Source: Project on Student Debt, http://projectonstudentdebt.org. 8/8 public universities and 14/20 AIKCU campuses represented.
  11. 11. State aid to AIKCU students is crucial, yet financial aidto AIKCU students accounts for less than 4.5% ofKentucky!s total postsecondary spendingKHEAA aid toAIKCU students 4.4% General Fund 11.2% appropriation for Other KHEAA aid public postsecondary 84.4% institutions & CPESources: Office of State Budget Director - FY 2011 state General Fund appropriation (enacted), KHEAA
  12. 12. 71% of AIKCU!s Kentucky resident undergrads receive Received KHEAA aid some state financial aid 71% (2010-11 unduplicated total recipients: 14,708) KTG CAP KEES 51% 29% 49%% of AIKCU Kentucky undergrads participating in each of “Big 3” KHEAA programsSource: 2010-11 Enrollment from CPE Comprehensive Database, Financial aid data from KHEAA. Does not account for PT/dual credit students included in denominator of totalKentucky resident undergraduates.
  13. 13. Minimizing costs and maximizing efficienciesBusiness as usual is not a business model:Campuses have taken a variety of approaches to increase efficiencies,contain internal costs, refine business practices, and grow strategically inresponse to the economic challenges of recent years.Collaborative cost containment: •35+ business partnerships through AIKCU to promote cost savings •AIKCU Benefit Trust: 10 member campuses participate in AIKCU!s self- funded, collaborative employee health insurance program (of 13 campuses that employ a self-funded model)More than $300 million in capital construction during recession:Primarily achieved through fundraising, but AIKCU campuses have alsoemployed creative use of tax credit and other financing optionsAcademic growth: •New programs in response to local/regional needs •Continued focus on opportunities for adult students and KCTCS transfers
  14. 14. Average full-time faculty salaries in Kentucky, 2010-11 $90,000 $87,000 $75,000 $66,000 $60,000 $61,400 $56,700 $52,000 $45,000 $45,700 $45,500 $39,600 $30,000 $15,000 $0 Full Prof. Assoc. Prof. Asst. Prof. Instructor AIKCU Public 4-yr.Source: National Center for Education Statistics
  15. 15. ! 2011-12 AIKCU Campus HighlightsAlice Lloyd CollegeAlice Lloyd College is currently involved in a number of campus projects totaling $2.5 million –all paid for through fund-raising. The college has also received approval to add a kinesiologymajor.Asbury UniversityMore than 50 Asbury University students — plus some faculty and staff — will be working aspaid broadcast professionals at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London (July 27-August 12). Since1984, Asbury’s award-winning Communication Arts program has sent students to the LosAngeles, Calgary, Atlanta, Sydney, Salt Lake, Athens, Torino, Beijing and Vancouver Olympicsas working/paid camera operators, camera assistants, public relations officers (liaisons) and audioassistants alongside the industry’s top professional broadcasters. Asbury is the only school in theworld that has been invited to send students in this capacity. Asbury is also sending another dozenstudents to report/blog/broadcast — for Web sites, newspapers and even daily televisionprogramming — for media outlets around the country.Bellarmine UniversityTo improve education in the Commonwealth, Bellarmine Universitys Annsley Frazier ThorntonSchool of Education has developed three innovative new partnerships. The school — which lastyear launched a new Ph.D. in Education and Social Change — has partnered with the EminenceSchool District so that high school juniors and seniors can visit Bellarmine two days a week toearn college credit, while enjoying exposure to — and involvement in — campus life. Acollaboration with Nativity Academy at St. Boniface lends financial and curriculum support to theinnovative Catholic middle school for at-risk urban youth. A new relationship with OldhamCounty Public Schools will provide 40 elementary school teachers with advanced coursework onteaching reading skills next year.Berea CollegeOn July 1 Berea will welcome Lyle D. Roelofs, Ph.D. as the 9th president of the college. Dr.Roelofs currently serves as provost and dean of the faculty (on leave), and professor of physics atColgate University. He will succeed current Berea president Larry D. Shinn, who is retiring onJune 30. Thanks to reforms implemented over the last several years by President Shinn, Berea hasbeen able to reduce its cost of education in each of the last two years.Brescia UniversityIn the past year, Brescia University welcomed the largest freshman class since 1979, along withthe largest undergraduate degree seeking enrollment since 1982. In December 2011, theUniversity received reaffirmation of accreditation with SACS, and recently our Social Workprogram was reaffirmed by the Council on Social Work Education, Commission onAccreditation, which makes it the first accredited online undergraduate social work degreecompletion program in the country. Last year the Brescia University Board of Trustees approveda new campus Master Plan, which will provide direction for future growth and improve thecampus visually.!
  16. 16. !"##$#!%&()*%)+,-./%012341235/% 6.78%!"#!%)9:%;885172%Campbellsville UniversityCampbellsville University has worked this year on improving tuition aid for our students. CU hasgiven an increase to students in 14 surrounding counties with up to $1,500 additional funds abovetheir KEES monies in a renewable scholarship. CU also launched a new “work to learn” programto help our students. For the past two years, more than 60 percent of our freshmen classes havebeen first generation college students, and more than 90 percent of CU students receive financialaid of various types.Centre College Centre College secured the 10.11.12 General Election Debate between the nation’s two vicepresidential candidates. This event – as it did in 2000 – will announce around the globe that theCommonwealth of Kentucky and Centre College are places where important conversationsaffecting our country and the world take place. An evening when everybody associated with theCommonwealth and higher education wins!Georgetown CollegeGeorgetown College was recently selected for the second straight grant cycle by the HowardHughes Medical Institute to receive a $1.1 million grant for expanding the pool of highly talentedleaders in science research and education who hail from first-generation backgrounds as well asunder-served counties. Just as four years ago, Georgetown was the only Kentucky institutionchosen.Kentucky Christian UniversityKentucky Christian University is implementing a new Biology/pre-professional degree program,preparing undergraduate students for professional schools of medicine, pharmacy, dentistry,physical therapy, and other professional schools of health sciences. The project includes a "fasttrack" option that will allow high school students to obtain college credit through distanceeducation, enabling them to complete their bachelor’s degree in three years post-high school.Kentucky Wesleyan CollegeKentucky Wesleyan College has experienced significant growth and activity in its music programduring the 2011-2012 academic year. With new leadership from Professors Paul Oakley andDennis Jewett, the Kentucky Wesleyan Singers performed to outstanding receptions in 26churches, including a spring break tour that took them to 11 cities in 5 states, in addition toappearances at the General Conference of the United Methodist Church in Tampa and theKentucky Annual Conference of the UMC in Covington. Next year a new band program underthe leadership of Professor Steven Pederson will be added to the outstanding choral program andto the talents of concert pianist and Artist-in-Residence Dr. Diane Earle.Lindsey Wilson CollegeLindsey Wilson College was named a Bonner Scholar school thanks to a $1 million matching giftfrom the Corella and Bertram F. Bonner Foundation of Princeton, N.J. About 65 LWC studentswill receive Bonner scholarships (sizes vary depending on year, GPA and level of service) inexchange for service learning.%
  17. 17. !"##$#!%&()*%)+,-./%012341235/% 6.78%!"#!%)9:%;885172%Mid-Continent UniversityIn an effort to keep costs low for students, Mid-Continent University has frozen tuition for thethird year in a row for 2012-13. This three-year freeze follows an initial reduction in tuition in2010-11, making tuition lower today than it was in 2009-10.Midway CollegeMidway College dedicated a new Learning Resource Center last fall. It is a handsome facilitywith faculty and academic staff offices, classrooms, conference rooms and an equine lab.St. Catharine CollegeSt. Catharine College enrolled the first classes in its new Graduate School in January 2012. Themaster’s program in leadership has areas of concentration in community and regional studies andhealth promotion and leadership. St. Catharine’s physical campus is changing to accommodate itscontinuing academic expansion. A new residential complex opened in fall 2011 and the new $9million, 40,000 square foot Hundley Library and Graduate School is on track to be completed inDecember 2012.Spalding UniversitySpalding has secured the historic “Cosmopolitan” building on 2nd street, which will provide40,000 additional square feet of classroom/academic use and be named the Republic BankAcademic Building. The physical growth accommodates continually increasing demand forSpalding programs – Spalding awarded a record 620 degrees this spring.Thomas More CollegeThomas More launched TMC3, an innovative new three-year degree program that enablesmotivated undergraduate students in pursuit of a bachelors degree a traditional collegeexperience and an extra year of earning power. Qualified students can save both time and moneyby completing a traditional four-year bachelors degree in just three years at a very competitivetuition rate.Transylvania UniversityTransylvania has acquired 17.5 acres of land contiguous to our current 39 acre campus. Ourintention is to ameliorate athletic facilities so as to accommodate our expanded offerings oflacrosse and track and field.Union CollegeUnion College is proud to announce the selection of Marcia A. Hawkins, Ph.D., as theinstitution’s 19th, and first female, president. Dr. Hawkins comes to Union from the NationalInstitute of Technology in Liberal Education in Georgetown, Texas, and brings with her morethan 20 years of experience in higher education. She will officially begin her presidential dutieson July 1.%
  18. 18. !"##$#!%&()*%)+,-./%012341235/% 6.78%!"#!%)9:%;885172%University of the CumberlandsUniversity of the Cumberlands continues to have the largest percentage of its students studying inthe STEM areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics with 29% of the studentsmajoring in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering, or information systems.University of PikevilleThe University of Pikeville has developed an initiative to increase bachelor degree attainment inSoutheastern Kentucky. The bachelor degree attainment rate of the high school graduates of thecoal producing counties of Eastern Kentucky is about one-half that of the rest of the state and theUniversity of Pikeville has led the effort to address this problem. The General Assembly almostpassed a comprehensive program of equalization scholarships and so the Governor has approveda pilot program for graduates of the high schools in nine counties to encourage those who have atleast 60 credit hours to pursue a bachelor degree. The CPE will evaluate the results of theprogram in the fall of 2013 and report to the Governor and General Assembly.%