2007 AIKCU Annual Report


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2007 Annual Report of the Association of Independent Kentucky Colleges & Universities (AIKCU)

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2007 AIKCU Annual Report

  1. 1. The Association ofIndependentKentucky Collegesand Universities2007Partners for theCommonwealthAnnual Report
  2. 2. Cover Photo: Thomas More College Asbury College Alice Lloyd College
  3. 3. The AssoCIATIon of IndependenTKentucky Colleges and Universities At a Glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 ConTenTs public Benefits . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3 Affordability . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Academics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Map . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Athletics . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16 spotlight on e .on U .s . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 funding partners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Business partners . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22 About AIKCU . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 partners for the Commonwealth Annual Report Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  4. 4. Kentucky’s Independent Colleges and Universities: at a glanceA tremendous return on a Focused on Kentucky Diversesmall state investment priorities students represent all income levels - 40 percent of all undergraduate students qualifyonly about 4 percent of Kentucky’s total Committed to working with the public for pell Grants, the federal program reservedpostsecondary spending goes to students universities and KCTCs to achieve Cpe’s for the most economically at-risk students .attending Kentucky’s independent colleges double the numbers initiative . haveand universities, all in the form of student established aggressive 2020 degree AIKCU institutions serve large numbers ofaid . In return, these institutions: production and enrollment goals . first-generation college students . enroll 29,000 students . 75 percent are high bachelor’s degree production in math, 21 percent of undergraduates are 25 years Kentucky residents . science, and technology areas . Many specific old or older . 30 percent of all students, initiatives in sTeM areas . including graduate students, are 25 or older . produce 22 percent of Kentucky’s bachelor’s degrees . developing the graduates that Kentucky 8 .9 percent of students are minorities . 6 .4 employers need by combining liberal arts percent are African-American . produce more than 5000 total degrees annually . education with career preparation . students come from all 120 Kentucky Transfer agreements and collaborative counties, from states all over the U .s ., and produce high percentages of bachelor’s partnerships with KCTCs to increase access 108 countries . degrees crucial to Kentucky’s future to and completion of bachelor’s degrees . like math and science, education, and nursing . serving growing numbers of adult students through traditional programs Committed to student provide bachelor’s degrees in many as well as through degree completion, underserved parts of the state . flexible scheduling, online, and extended successhave a combined annual total economic campus offerings . More than 20 percent of small classes, personal attention, studyimpact of more than $1 .4 billion on the undergraduates are 25 or older . abroad, internships, and experientialKentucky economy - $705 million through programs prepare students for success inoperations and another $780 million in life and work .capital expenditures . Affordable offer a great variety of degree programs for Average tuition is 35 percent lower than traditional undergraduates as well as a num- national independent college average and 25 ber of flexible delivery models for working percent lower than the southern average . adults . Institutions provide significant financial aid focused on retention and graduation - - about $3 for every $1 provided by the state . students are more likely to graduate in less Virtually all students qualify for some form time from an independent college . of financial aid . Qualifying students may participate in state and federal financial aid programs . Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  5. 5. public BenefitsThe public benefits provided Economic Impact Stewards of Placeby Kentucky’s independent $705 million annual economic impact AIKCU students provide more than of independent sector in Kentucky from 250,000 hours of community servicecolleges and universities cannot institutional expenditures creating 8,629 annually through federal Work studybe overstated . The 20 AIKCU jobs in Kentucky . community service programs .institutions are major employers produce another $780 million annually in students, faculty and staff provide economic impact and 3,733 jobs through countless hours of community serviceand have a tremendous economic capital expenditures . and expertise to civic organizations,impact on the state of Kentucky . Replacement value of the sector’s schools, nonprofits, small businesses, and individual citizens . These are justCampuses facilities are estimated campus buildings and facilities exceeds a few examples of ways Kentucky’s $1 .1 billion .to be worth more than $1 .1 billion; independent colleges serve Kentucky: In just the last few years AIKCUmany of these are open to the campuses have committed more than offering free tax preparation for low income Kentuckians .general public for services, events, $65 million to construct or renovate campus science facilities, primarily from providing free physical andand cultural opportunities at no private donations . occupational therapy services to youthor little charge . Their 29,000 The independent sector would rank organizations .students and more than 5,000 eleventh in employment and eighteenth offering free community health in revenues among the Commonwealth’s clinics .faculty and staff of Kentucky’s 25 largest publicly held corporations . Building and renovating housingindependent colleges and students, employees, and workers in jobs for rural low income families – oneuniversities provide countless created in other industries related to the campus outreach program has built independent college sector contribute more than 120 homes for familieshours of community service and $33 .1 million annually in Kentucky taxes . living in poverty in southeasternexpertise to civic organizations, overall, the 100,000 alumni of Kentucky’s Kentucky since 1982 .schools, nonprofits, small independent colleges and universities Collaborating with local school generate $4 billion in annual earning districts to provide student servicesbusinesses, and individual citizens and generate $416 million in state tax (tutoring, after school programs,throughout Kentucky . This ethos revenue . mentoring, etc .) as well as faculty expertise to improve schoolof service follows AIKCU alumni performance .into post-graduate life . Most Working with local economicAIKCU graduates stay in Kentucky development agencies to develop retraining strategies and solutions forwhere they continue to volunteer, displaced workers .assume community leadership AIKCU institutions serve as culturalroles, or pursue careers in public Pikeville College centers in both large and small communities across the state, providingservice . citizens access to world-class arts andfor more on the economic and entertainment opportunities .cultural benefits, download the2006 report “Private Colleges,Public Benefits: The Economic andCommunity Impact of Kentucky’sIndependent Colleges and Universitieson the Commonwealth of Kentucky,”by human Capital ResearchCorporation, (at Over the past several years AIKCU campuses have committed more than $65 million, primarily fromwww .aikcu .org/resources .) private donations, to construct or renovate campus science facilities. Thomas More College Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  6. 6. public Benefits “Campbellsville University, along with the other AIKCU members, provides quality and affordable education to an increasingly diverse group of students from all over Kentucky and the world .”Rev. John E. Chowning group of students from all over Miranda Li ’08 a Brescia Kentucky and the world,” saidRev . John e . Chowning, Vice Chowning . “These institutions are University graphic artspresident for Church and external senior from China individually and collectively veryRelations and executive Assistant important components of our she designed a new logo for theto the president at Campbellsville state’s educational system . It’s very Western Kentucky Regional BloodUniversity, was honored with the rewarding to work with dr . Gary Center (WKRBC) . The blood centersecond AIKCU “for the Greater Cox and other AIKCU colleagues in is a not-for-profit organization andGood Award” for his commitment making certain that the perspectives did not have the funds to hire ato AIKCU’s public policy and of our sector of the higher education design firm to produce a new logo .government relations efforts . The community are carefully articulated Instead they contacted the artaward recognizes a staff person from in frankfort and Washington .” department at Brescia and askedan AIKCU member campus whohas demonstrated an extraordinary Rev. John F. Chowning david stratton, associate professorcommitment to the organization of art, to coordinate a competition Vice president for Church and among art majors on campus . Manyand to independent postsecondary external Relations executiveeducation in Kentucky . students submitted their work but, Assistant to the president in the end, Li’s design was chosen .Chowning has extensive experience Campbellsville University “We were very pleased with thein government and public policy, AIKCU “for the Greater Good” ideas submitted by all the students,”politics, civic engagement, economic honoree said Vicki ellis with the WKRBC,development, and the private “but in the end, Li’s logo wasbusiness sector . he holds degrees chosen because it kept the integrityfrom Lindsey Wilson College, of our original design and brought itTransylvania University, and eastern forward into this millennium .” Li’sKentucky University and studied at winning logo depicts a hand holdingMemphis Theological University . a drop of blood which represents“Campbellsville University, along the helping hand of blood donors .with the other AIKCU members,provides quality and affordableeducation to an increasingly diverse Centre College Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  7. 7. “It was a great nurturing environment there . You were treated like a special person .”Assistant Secretary of State Allen Eskridge,Transylvania University ’94, speaks to FayetteCounty elementary school students about Larry Hayes “I’m not a native of Washingtonthe importance of education, voting and Larry hayes, st . Catharine Collegeparticipating in a democracy. County but springfield is kind of ’72, has had a distinguished my Kentucky home . They gave me a career in public service and the chance there,” said hayes .J. Allen Eskridge, III private sector . he currently serves While at st . Catharine College,“Kentucky’s independent colleges as secretary of the Governor’s hayes also found a home away fromprovide academic and social executive Cabinet for Governor home . “It was a great nurturingenvironments that foster the steven L . Beshear, the highest environment there . You were treatedgrowth of the whole individual . appointed position in the executive like a special person .”Through small class sizes, individual branch . Most recently, hayes served as both deputy mayor and secretary Throughout his public service careerattention from professors, civic of the finance and Administration hayes has kept an eye on what wasand community engagement, and Cabinet in the City of Louisville . he happening at his alma mater . “Iopportunities to become involved served as the first president of what know that Martha Layne was ablein campus activities, the value of an is now Greater Louisville, Inc . from to stabilize the situation when a loteducation at Kentucky’s independent 1987-1988 . In state government, of small colleges were struggling,”colleges cannot be overstated . In hayes served as secretary of the he said . “And now president Billmy continuing educational pursuits executive Cabinet and state Budget huston (current st . Catharineas well as my professional career, director from 1983 through 1987 president) really has things going inI would not be nearly as prepared in the administration of Governor the right direction . he is the rightto meet each day’s challenges Martha Layne Collins . prior to that, guy at the right time and place .were it not for my experience at he was the executive Assistant to the he is a great fit for st . CatharineTransylvania .” Kentucky state senate president for College .” J. Allen Eskridge, III six years . Larry Hayes Transylvania ’94 You might say that you can trace st . Catharine ’72 Assistant secretary of state, hayes’ success in public service Cabinet secretary for Kentucky Commonwealth of Kentucky back to his time in springfield and Governor steve Beshear at st . Catharine College . he played for one of the first sCC basketball teams and earned his degree from st . Catharine in 1972 . he served as springfield city administrator from 1971 to 1973 . Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  8. 8. public Benefits “My professors in the Lindsey Wilson school of professional Counseling have been a huge influence on me and how I work with students,” Mosley said . “They pushed me and helped me realize what I could do and accomplish . And that’s what I want to do for my students – help them realize what they can become .”Mary MosleyMary Mosley earned a bachelor’s “I want to see students succeed in Mary Mosleydegree in human services society, and I want to do whatever Lindsey Wilson College ’04counseling from Lindsey Wilson in I can to help them overcome their2004 through LWC’s partnership problems,” she said . “It’s often a substance Abuse Counselorwith southeast Kentucky Community very long process and very tiring, but for operation UnITe/harlan Co . Technical College-Cumberland it’s worth it when you see the impact schoolsCampus, and she’s working on a you have made on one student’s harlan, KYmaster of education in counseling life .”and human development from LWCat the Cumberland CommunityCampus .A harlan native, Mosley has seenhow drug use – especially abuseof marijuana and prescription pills– has crept into the region’s schools,torn families apart and ruinedyoung lives . Mosley helps youngpeople avoid drug use throughprevention efforts in the schoolsand communities and also byintervening with young people whoare suspected of using drugs . Kentucky Christian University Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  9. 9. Donna Russell Moore Lisa F. Osbornedonna Russell Moore is a 1962 Lisa f . osborne was recentlygraduate of Midway College, with appointed to the Council onan associate degree in education . postsecondary education . osborneshe continued her education at the graduated from Cumberland CollegeUniversity of Kentucky and received (now University of the Cumberlands)a Bachelor of Arts in Business in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in Thomas More Collegeeducation . secondary education, majoring inMoore has played an active role english and minoring in computerat Midway College since her science . osborne earned a master’sgraduation, and currently serves on degree in library science from thethe College’s Board of Trustees, as University of Kentucky . she was awell as the Alumni Board . dedicated high school teacher in Whitley County for years, developingMoore worked with Kentucky an Advanced placement programeducation Television for 30 before going back to school toyears, and she retired as a deputy obtain a law degree from theexecutive director in 2004 . she University of Louisville .recently served as chair of theeducation Cabinet Transition An entrepreneur as well as a trueTeam . In January of 2008, Governor lifelong learner, osborne hassteve Beshear appointed Moore managed her own law firm andto be a member of the Kentucky insurance agency . she is an attorneyCouncil on postsecondary in Carrollton .education . Donna Moore Lisa F. Osborne Midway College ’62 University of the Cumberlands ‘86 Thomas More College Midway College Board of Member, Kentucky Council on Trustees, Alumni Board postsecondary educations Member, Kentucky Council on postsecondary education Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  10. 10. Kentucky’s independent colleges and universities are affordable.There’s a common misperception AIKCU institutions have a longthat “rich kids go to private history of providing affordablecolleges .” In reality, diverse students access to higher education . Theyfrom all socioeconomic backgrounds do this by keeping tuition costs– whether right out of high school or low and by providing generousadults returning to school – attend institutional financial aid to theirKentucky’s independent colleges students in the form of grants andand universities . This is due in scholarships . AIKCU campuses arelarge part to the strong emphasis the largest source of aid to theirthat Kentucky’s independent students; these twenty campuses Thomas More Collegeinstitutions place on affordability provided more than $147 million inand financial aid . institutional financial aid in 2005-06 (source: Ipeds) .AIKCU Average Tuition is 1/3 Lower thannational independent college average AIKCU Student Participation in KHEAA 2006-07 2007-08 Student Aid Programs, 40%nationalIndependent $22,218 2006-07 PELLCollege 60% GRANTSAverage $23,712 Total state aid to AIKCU students OTHERsouthern $19,455 $50,333,035RegionIndependentCollege $20,628 College Access Program (CAP)Average need-based $15,274AIKCU 5,390 awardsAverage $16,243 totaling $8,920,271 Average award: $1655 $0 $5,000 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000 $25,000 Kentucky Tuition Grant (KTG) 40% of AIKCU Undergraduatessource: AIKCU survey, College Board need-based for private college students receive a federal Pell Grant, 10,327 awards awards reserved for students totaling $ 26,501,538 Average award: $2566 with high financial need . Kentucky Educational Excellence Scholarship (KEES) Merit-based 9,182 Awards totaling $ 14,911,226 Average Award: $1624 source: Kentucky higher education Assistance Authority; note award totals not cumulative . Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  11. 11. Qualifying students may also usefederal and state student financial Average financial aidaid awards at Kentucky’s private awards by source tocolleges and participate in federal qualifying studentsstudent loan and work studyprograms . This public-private (2005-06)*partnership is invaluable in helpingthousands of students obtain an Average federalindependent college education . Grant Amount: . . . . . . . . . . $3,068About 40 percent of AIKCUstudents receive a pell Grant, the Average state Kyle Longtonfederal program for students with Grant Amount: . . . . . . . . . . $3,507 Centre College ’08high financial need . Kentucky’s threesignature student aid programs, the Average Institutional Louisville, Ky.need-based College Access Program Grant Amount: . . . . . . . . . . $6,891 When I began my college search,(CAP) and Kentucky Tuition Grant Average AIKCU Tuition I made myself the promise that(KTG) and the merit-based Kentucky (2005-06) . . . . . . . . . . . . . $14,196 I would go to the school of myEducational Excellence Scholarship choice regardless of the cost .(KEES) provided more than $50.3 for first Time, full-Time scholarships, grants, loans, andmillion to AIKCU students during freshman 2005-06 receiving aid . working while attending schoolthe 2006-07 academic year . source: Ipeds – no option was off the table . *Awards not necessarily additive. After the months of searching, I decided on Centre . The cost of a Centre education was outside my family’s resources . however, the College, the state and federal governments, and countless others were waiting to help . All of the scholarships, loans, grants, and hours of work- study have given me a great college experience . I’ve been able to travel abroad twice Alice Lloyd College and participate in a leadership weekend in new York City . not Did you know? Did you know? having to work off campus, I’ve been able to devote the Two of the nation’s six work The average student loan debt necessary time to my school colleges, where students receive of students who graduate from work, earn good grades, and full tuition in exchange for Kentucky’s independent colleges seriously consider graduate working on campus, are located is lower than the average debt studies after graduation . perhaps in Kentucky . Many other AIKCU of students who graduate from most importantly, I’ve also students participate in federal, public Kentucky institutions . (source: projectonstudentdebt .org) been able to participate in the state or campus work study campus life at Centre through programs to help fund their student government, student educations . activities, honor societies, and the orientation process . TOTAL INSTITUTIONAL AID: $147.4 million source: Ipeds 2005-06 Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  12. 12. AcademicsOverview: Arts Sciences:Kentucky’s independent colleges the values of a liberal arts education Academics at Kentucky’sand universities play a key role with the skills and experiences independent colleges are rooted inin the production of a skilled students need to compete and thrive the arts and sciences, sometimesworkforce . They produce 22 in the 21st century global economy . referred to as the liberal arts, whichpercent of all bachelor’s degrees in Kentucky’s independent colleges infuse all the other majors andKentucky, with higher proportions excel at helping students prepare programs that these institutionsof graduates in sTeM and other for life . They challenge students to offer . These broadly encompassdisciplines that are key to Kentucky’s grow intellectually and personally . everything from classical languagesuccess in the modern global They help students develop as studies to social sciences . studentseconomy . AIKCU is committed to leaders and thinkers . And they at Kentucky’s independent collegesworking with the Commonwealth’s provide outstanding career and do more than just explore academicpublic postsecondary institutions life preparation through hands-on, areas and build a broad rangeto achieve Kentucky’s ambitious experiential learning opportunities of knowledge – under the closegoals to double the numbers of – whether through internships, guidance of top faculty they learnbaccalaureate degree holders by applied research, service-learning, to innovate, think critically, and2020 . study abroad, or some other means communicate effectively . These skillsAIKCU members range from highly Collectively the twenty independent that students develop at Kentucky’sselective to open admissions, from colleges and universities that make independent institutions are crucialrural to urban campuses, from up the association offer more than to workplace success in today’straditional residential programs 150 majors, spanning programs knowledge economy .to workplace-based and online from certificate to doctoral level .course offerings . These institutionsenjoy long histories of academicexcellence and commitment to “In an economy that is dependent on innovation andstudents . Yet they’re all focusedon Kentucky’s future: meeting the global savvy, liberal education outcomes have becomeneeds of today’s students and the keys to economic vitality and individual opportunity .”tomorrow’s workforce by combining College Learning for the New Global Century The national Leadership Council for Liberal education America’s promise, 2006 . By the Numbers: 20 elementary education programs 1 osteopathic Medical school With more than 150 different 45 Master’s programs in education 18 different Allied health programs majors and programs, Kentucky’s (including 6 in special education) 1 occupational Therapy school independent colleges and universities 15 Computer science programs 1 physical Therapy doctoral program offer something for everyone . 13 Accounting programs 8 social Work programs In addition to the wide range of programs in the arts and sciences, 6 MBA programs 5 Counseling programs there are a number of specialized 8 Adult degree Completion programs 1 doctoral program in Clinical programs directed at meeting the 3 equine studies programs psychology workforce needs of Kentucky schools, 10 nursing programs businesses, healthcare providers, and social service agencies . These include: For a detailed list of academic programs by institution, visit www.aikcu.org0 Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  13. 13. Thomas More CollegeJ. David Grissom Gail Henson, Ph.D.As a graduate of Centre College sit and listen to lectures for 50and as the chair of Centre’s board minutes at a time? I don’t think so!for more than 20 years, I obviously Class time with me might be veryhave strong feelings about the value noisy and interactive . for example,of a liberal arts education . But, I in an intercultural communicationthink there is evidence to support class, you might find yourself in athe value of liberal education by grocery store frequented mostly bypointing to two examples that may immigrants from many nations .surprise . The world-wide investment The sights, smells, and languagesbanking firm, Goldman sachs, you’ll find there will demonstrate Asbury Collegerecruits graduates of liberal arts the changing faces of U .s . culturecolleges with no advanced degrees . in ways no lecture could . Tutoring refugees in english as a second Did you know?They want people who are very well- Kentucky’s independent collegesrounded and who are willing to go Language can bring you into contact with stories and realities that put a have produced two nobel prizedown every path intellectually . My winners:second example is Google, probably human face on the stories you havethe most innovative company in the heard about in the news . Dr. Phillip A. Sharp, Unionworld, which hires only graduates It’s important to me that my College ‘66, won the nobelof liberal arts colleges . A liberal arts students learn the “so what” prize in Medicine in 1993 fordegree will take you anywhere you lesson—I want you to learn the real- discoveries in gene splicing . dr .want to go . world value or lasting impact behind sharp currently serves as Institute J. David Grissom each topic . professor at the Massachusetts Centre College ’60 Gail Henson, Ph.D. Institute of Technology (MIT), Chairman of Mayfair Capital professor and Chairperson of the where he has been a leader in Louisville, Ky . department of Communication cancer research and molecular Centre Life Trustee, Chairman of Bellarmine University biology . the Board from 1986-2008 Dr. John Fenn, Berea College ‘37, was a 2002 nobel prize Winner in Chemistry . he currently serves as professor of Analytical Chemistry at Virginia Commonwealth University . Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  14. 14. AcademicsSTEM – Science, Technology,Engineering and MathWith the increasing publicrecognition of the vital role of sTeM(science, technology, engineeringand math) education in today’sglobal economy, it’s important to Joe Qualls Kendra Smithnote that Kentucky’s independent The Biology program at Thomas “A pikeville College education cancolleges and universities have More impressed Joe Qualls when definitely take you anywhere . It tookalways valued sTeM and made these he visited Thomas More as a me from a small town to one ofcourses are integral components of high school senior, especially the the best high schools in Kentucky .the liberal arts curriculum . AIKCU success rate at which students were My degrees are very unique . Iinstitutions produced 21 percent of obtaining jobs or being accepted actually have a degree in secondaryKentucky’s sTeM bachelor’s degrees to graduate schools . “I now know education and a full chemistryin 2006-07 (Cpe Comprehensive that it was the personal attention degree . Three of my professorsdatabase) . each year they produce students receive from the Biology greatly influenced my success asdisproportionately high percentages faculty that led to this success rate,” a teacher . They served as advisorsof bachelor’s degrees in critical fields said Joe . “The faculty let us know up and advocates . They also shared alike biology, physics, chemistry, front, if we asked, what sort of jobs wealth of knowledge and challengedand mathematics . What makes an would be available to us with various me to think outside the box . Becauseindependent college education in levels of educational degrees, and of them, I can now challenge mythe sTeM disciplines so effective is they would further direct us on students to do the same .”the combination of these courses which path to take to best reach ourwith courses in the arts, philosophy, goals .”literature, writing, and social Kendra Smith Joe Quallssciences that help students develop pikeville College ’04a broad understanding of the world . Thomas More College ‘02 Chemistry Teacher, paul L . dunbar ph .d ., Microbiology, Immunology high school and Molecular Genetics, Lexington University of Kentucky postdoctoral fellow and Research Assistant st . Jude’s Children’s Research hospital Thomas More College AIKCU produces high percentages of KY’s bachelor’s degrees in key fields Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  15. 15. scheduling, online, and extended campus offerings . some of these extended campuses are campus- controlled centers, others are community-based in partnership with Kentucky businesses, and still others are through partnerships with the Kentucky Community and A Pikeville College School of Technical College system (KCTCs) . Osteopathic Medicine (PCSOM) student examines children during a medical mission trip. 90% of PCSOM“I help inspire the leaders graduates who have finished residence are practicing in primary care. 79%of tomorrow – all because of PCSOM graduates are practicing in medically under-served areas inof the education I received Appalachia. at Alice Lloyd College” Health Sciences: Coy Samons, AIKCU institutions are meeting Alice Lloyd College ‘87 critical Kentucky workforce Rhonda Perry superintendent of paintsville, needs by preparing students I couldn’t believe that any school KY schools for high-demand careers in the would truly be this adult oriented, paintsville health sciences . fourteen AIKCU but it has been . I completed both institutions offer health science my associate’s and bachelor’s programs, from radiography to degrees through Mid-ContinentTeacher Preparation: nursing to an osteopathic medical University . My children are veryAll 20 AIKCU institutions offer school . Many of these are located proud of my accomplishment, and Iteacher preparation programs . in medically underserved regions of am pleased that I have been able to the Commonwealth and the majority set the example for them .More than 25 percent of the new of their graduates stay in theseteachers in Kentucky’s public The work environment is very communities after graduation . otherschools each year are AIKCU competitive, and you need to AIKCU institutions that do not offergraduates and about 35 percent of have an edge . The AdVAnTAGe formal health sciences programsall teachers in Kentucky have at least program provides a supportive and produce many graduates in otherone degree or rank change certificate encouraging learning environment majors who go on to graduate andfrom an independent institution . to continue your education and get professional schools in health andAIKCU education programs range your degree . I am a proud graduate medical fields .from traditional undergraduate and of Mid-Continent University .graduate programs to master’s Rhonda Perryprograms with initial certification toonline graduate degrees in special Non-Traditional Delivery Mid-Continent Universityeducation to a doctoral program in Models for Working Adults AdVAnTAGe Graduateeducational leadership . and Extended Campuses: Ups . LouisvilleIn addition to producing high A number of AIKCU institutions arequality teachers, Kentucky’s constantly evolving and innovatingindependent colleges and to meet the needs of working adultuniversities are partnering with students . Today more than 20school districts across the state percent of AIKCU undergraduateson a number of programs to are 25 or older . They are beingstrengthen the education pipeline served through traditional on-and improve transitions from p-12 to campus programs as well aspostsecondary education . through degree completion, flexible Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  16. 16. KENTUCKY’S INDEPENDENT COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIESWestern Kentucky Eastern Kentucky1 18Mid-Continent University Kentucky ChristianMayfield University Northern Kentucky Southeasternfounded 1949 Graysonpresident: Kentucky founded 1919dr . Robert J . Imhoff 4 president:fall 2006 Undergraduateenrollment: 1,172 Thomas More College 15 dr . Keith p . Keeran fall 2006 Undergraduatewww .midcontinent .edu Crestview hills Berea College enrollment: 542 founded 1921 Berea fall 2006 Graduate president: founded 18552 sr . Margaret stallmeyer fall 2006 Undergraduate Central Kentucky president: dr . enrollment: 18 www .kcu .edu Larry d . shinnBrescia University enrollment: 1,324owensboro fall 2006 Graduate 10 fall 2006 Undergraduate enrollment: 1,576 19founded 1950 enrollment: 75 Centre College www .berea .edupresident: www .thomasmore .edu Southcentral Pikeville CollegeRev . Larry hostetter danville Kentucky founded 1819 pikevillefall 2006 Undergraduateenrollment: 568 Louisville president: 16 founded 1889 president: dr . John A . Roushfall 2006 Graduate 7 fall 2006 Undergraduate Union College harold h . (hal) smithenrollment: 29www .brescia .edu 5 Lindsey Wilson College enrollment: 1,147 Barbourville founded 1879 fall 2006 Undergraduate enrollment: 795 www .centre .edu Bellarmine University Columbia president: fall 2006 osteopathic Louisville founded 1903 edward de Rosset3 founded 1950 president: 11 fall 2006 Undergraduate Medical school enrollment: 303 president: dr . William T . Luckey, Jr . enrollment: 693 www .pc .eduKentucky Wesleyan dr . Joseph J . McGowan fall 2006 Undergraduate Midway College fall 2006 GraduateUniversity fall 2006 Undergraduate enrollment: 1580 Midway enrollment: 736owensborofounded 1858 enrollment: 2259 fall 2006 Graduate fall 2006 Graduate enrollment: 212 founded 1847 president: www .unionky .edu 20president: Alice Lloyd College enrollment: 630 www .lindsey .edu dr . William B . drake, Jr .dr . Cheryl Kingfall 2006 Undergraduate www .bellarmine .edu fall 2006 Undergraduate 17 pippa passes founded 1923 enrollment: 1,321enrollment: 948www .kwc .edu 8 www .midway .edu University of the Cumberlands president: dr . Joseph A . stepp 6 Campbellsville University Williamsburg fall 2006 Undergraduate Spalding University Campbellsville founded 1906 12 founded 1889 president: enrollment: 613 www .alc .edu Louisville president: Asbury College dr . James h . Taylor founded 1814 dr . Michael V . Carter Wilmore fall 2006 Undergraduate president: fall 2006 Undergraduate founded 1890 enrollment: 1,525 dr . Jo Ann Rooney enrollment: 1,997 president: fall 2006 Graduate fall 2006 Undergraduate fall 2006 Graduate dr . sandra C . Gray enrollment: 359 enrollment: 1,001 enrollment: 379 fall 2006 Undergraduate www .ucumberlands .edu fall 2006 Graduate www .campbellsville .edu enrollment: 1,201 enrollment: 705 fall 2006 Graduate www .spalding .edu enrollment: 65 9 www .asbury .edu St. Catharine College springfield founded 1931 13 president: Georgetown College William d . huston Georgetown fall 2006 Undergraduate founded 1829 enrollment: 641 president: www .sccky .edu dr . William h . Crouch fall 2006 Undergraduate enrollment: 1,407 fall 2006 Graduate enrollment: 503 www .georgetowncollege . edu 14 Transylvania University Lexington founded 1780 president: dr . Charles L . shearer fall 2006 Undergraduate enrollment: 1,116 www .transy .edu Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  17. 17. Georgetown College Midway College Transylvania University Thomas More College Berea College Kentucky Christian University Bellarmine University 4 Spalding University Kentucky Wesleyan University 18 5 14 Brescia University 13 6 11 12 19Mid-Continent University 3 15 10 2 9 20 8 16 7 17 Pikeville College 1 Centre College Alice Lloyd College Campbellsville University Asbury College St. Catharine College Union College Lindsey Wilson College University of the Cumberlands 502-695-5007 • 502-695-5057 (fax) • www .aikcu .org Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  18. 18. Athletics Melissa Phillips former Asbury College volleyball star MelissaAthletics are a major component of the independent phillips wants to develop treatmentscollege experience in Kentucky . AIKCU institutions provide for cardiovascularopportunities for student athletes in 19 different sports . They disease, especially for women . now acompete at high levels in the the national Intercollegiate doctoral student in the University ofAthletic Association (nAIA), the national Christian College Kentucky College of pharmacy, she creditsAthletic Association (nCCAA), and all three divisions of the the research skills she developed as an undergraduate for putting her on the roadnational Collegiate Athletic Association (nCAA) . to success . All college sports programs profess to serve “student “I was completely prepared in theathletes .” But at Kentucky’s independent colleges and academic sense,” she said . “I attribute thatuniversities there is a sincere focus on the student side of that all to Asbury College . We may not always have the newest equipment, but we have aequation . Very few AIKCU athletes will go on to professional low faculty/student ratio, smaller classesathletic careers . They are students first and foremost . These and we have had contact with professors .students play for the love of the game and represent their We are always allowed to work with allinstitutions as students, leaders, role models, community equipment and we always know what ismembers, and competitors with character and class . going on .” In addition to the guidance and mentoring phillips received form Asbury faculty, she was able to further expand her research Pikeville College skills through off-campus opportunities while an undergrad . Between her junior and senior year she participated in the Kentucky Young scientist summer at the University of Kentucky and during her senior year completed an independent study project in UK’s College of pharmacy . phillips said her professors showed her that there was more to advanced science that attending medical school . “I came into Asbury thinking I would go to medical school . Then I got here and my professors showed me the different options I have Georgetown College with graduate school and careers in research, which suits my interests better .” Melissa Phillips Volleyball All-American and Two-Time Academic All-American Biochemistry, Asbury College ‘07 student in University of Kentucky College of pharmacy Brescia College Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  19. 19. AIKCU By the numbers: Average tuition is 1/3 lower than independent, private college teacher education programs nonprofit average institutionscost to the state 4 percent of stateto import 7000 postsecondary billion dollars in out-of-state spending (all in facilities students student aid) ALUMNI students million dollars in institutional grants and scholarships Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  20. 20. Featured Scholarship Partner e .on U .s . is a diversified energy services company headquartered in Louisville . e .on U .s . owns and operates Louisville Gas and electric Company, an electric and natural gas company serving Louisville and 16 surrounding counties, and Kentucky Utilities Company, an electric utility based in Lexington, serving 77 Kentucky counties and five counties in Virginia . Together LGe and KU serve 908,000 electricity customers and 318,000 natural gas customers over a transmission and distribution network covering some 27,000 square miles . They provide some of the lowest-cost energy in the U .s . to industrial, commercial and residential customers . e .on also owns Western Kentucky energy . e .on’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and improving KentuckyVic Staffieri communities is reflected throughout the organization . e .on U .s . is a strong“Kentucky’s business supporter of economic development, cultural, and educational efforts inleaders clearly Kentucky . perhaps most notable is e .on’s longtime commitment to improvingunderstand that education in Kentucky at all levels .education is a criticaleconomic development In 1952 Kentucky Utilities became one of the founding supporters of the Kentuckyissue . our ability to Independent College foundation, one of two independent college organizationsattract and maintain that would later merge to form AIKCU . Kentucky Utilities recognized early on thatwell paying employersis based, in large part, an investment in independent college students is an investment not only in theupon the readiness of futures of those individuals, but also in the future of the Commonwealth .our population to fillknowledge-based jobs .” Today e .on U .s . continues to grow this legacy of support for the public benefits Vic Staffieri, of independent higher education . E.ON and its subsidiaries have contributed Chairman, Chief nearly $1.4 million in support of independent college students over the last 55 executive officer and years through their foundation giving to AIKCU and its predecessors. AIKCU, president of e .on U .s its member campuses, and all of the students who have benefited from this generosity express their gratitude to e .on U .s . and its subsidiaries for their sustained commitment to improving education and the lives of all Kentuckians through their generous investments in independent college students . Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  21. 21. “It is my hope that Kentucky business men will see the wisdom of continuing to investEvan Kuhl substantially in theWith the rising cost of a college foundation . no finer, more E.ON U.S. Vice President Chip Keeling poses with E.ON Named Scholars at theeducation, scholarships are a diversified investment will 2007 AIKCU Donor Recognition Banquetnecessity . for this reason, I wantedto say thank you for my scholarship . be found than the men after presenting E.ON’s Named Scholar contribution.Your contribution is greatly and women who attendappreciated and is the reason I amable to attend a private liberal arts our liberal arts colleges . Toinstitution such as Bellarmine . the communities to whichAs a biology major I don’t have awhole lot of time on my hands, but they return, their betterwhen I am not in class I am still education and increasedbusy . I work at norton suburbanhospital in the eR as a technician earning power will returnand am a nationally certified eMT . broad dividends .”I also work with the emergencyResponse Team at the Red Cross to Robert M. Watt e .on and itssupply first aid at many area events .Besides working, I also enjoy Robert M . Watt, president ofshadowing and helping out in Kentucky Utilities, writing in the subsidiariesUniversity hospital (UofL) in the inaugural Kentucky Independent College foundation (KICf)eR and Trauma Center . To me, it’sexciting to learn about healthcare newsletter in 1955, during his second have contributedand the medical field, especially term as KICf Chair . Watt began his career with KU in 1912 as onesince what I learn can be used in the of the company’s twelve original nearly $1 .4 millionfuture to help others . employees .Although I have just begun myjourney through my education, I feel in support ofcompetent I have the tools and thedrive to succeed . I hope you will feelsecure in your investment . I know I independent collegewill utilize my college experience asmuch as possible . students over the Evan Kuhl Bellarmine University ’11 e .on U .s . named scholar last 55 years through giving to AIKCU . Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  22. 22. funding partnersIn addition to direct gifts to campuses, giving through the Association is an efficient way for donors to investin independent higher education in Kentucky . donors can contribute to multiple institutions – supportingmultiple students – with a single donation . The partners listed here made a significant investment in thefuture of the Commonwealth through their support of scholarships for AIKCU students and AIKCU programs . Named Scholars Partners ($20,000 or more) Ashland, Inc. Gheens Keeneland www.ashland.com www.keeneland.com Ashland’s named Foundation Keeneland supports higher scholarships provide www.gheensfoundation.org education, research, health financial support for AIKCU The Gheens foundation, and general welfare with a education . Ashland has one of the largest private portion of its racing and sales supported AIKCU students foundations in Kentucky, is profits through the Keeneland since the late 1980s . a longstanding supporter foundation’s charitable of Kentucky’s independent contributions program . colleges and universities .Other Corporate andIndividual Partners1,000 to 20,000delta natural Gas Company, Inc .east Kentucky power Cooperative, Inc .e .M . ford Co . Up to 1,000hnI Charitable foundationThe MacLean foundation, Inc . Charles A . BringardnerThe Mansbach foundation Inc . Robert L . CaummisarpACCAR foundation Baylor LandrumRosenthal foundation, Inc . McBride fund AIKCU recognizes and appreciates peoples Bank Trust Company the continued individual financialWhayne supply Company support of member presidents andWood Marie hannah foundation A .o . smith foundation AIKCU staff .0 Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  23. 23. AIKCU President Gary S. Cox puts the new AIKCU license plate on his car. new, campus-designed Kentucky “Independent higher education” license plates went on sale in January 2008 at County ClerksToyota UPS Foundation offices across Kentucky . Ten dollarswww.toyotageorgetown.com www.ups.com from the sale of each plate goesToyota Motor Manufacturing, each year, through the directly back to the campus toKentucky Inc . proves support student scholarships . foundation for Independentits commitment to the higher education (fIhe), The first independent college andcommunity, as well as to the Ups supports scholarships university plates hit Kentuckystate, through both monetary at each of the nation’s highways in 2002 . AIKCU membercontributions and personal independent colleges . colleges and universities had toinvolvement of TMMK team share a common plate background and color scheme, with individualmembers in a variety of campuses differentiated byorganizations that improve their logo stickers and taglines .the quality of life across the Advances in license plate printingCommonwealth . Toyota has technology and close cooperationsupported AIKCU students between AIKCU and the Kentuckysince 1986 . Transportation Cabinet made it possible for campuses to design their own plates in 2007 . The old plates have proven E.ON Foundation extremely popular among supporters see page 18 of Kentucky’s independent colleges and universities, raising more than $162,000 dollars from 2002-2007, including $33,600 in calendar 2007 . Centre College is the reigning champion in the AIKCU “Battle of the Bumpers,” a friendly competition to see which campus can sell the most plates in a year . To learn more and see all the new plates, visit www.aikcu.org. Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  24. 24. Business partnersAIKCU’s office of Business services helps campuses collaborate to increaseefficiencies and help control costs – in areas ranging from informationtechnology to insurance to office products . AIKCU works with campusbusiness officers to identify, develop, and manage business partnerships that Bell Industries Microsoft software pricing consortiumhelp campuses realize cost savings and increase efficiencies . participation agreement, other software and IT servicesby AIKCU members in these programs is strictly voluntary and endorsementby the Association does not imply individual campus affiliation . In somecases, AIKCU may receive modest support from these agreements to defrayadministrative costs . These partnerships benefit AIKCU students, parents, Commonwealth Risk Solutionsand families, because they keep costs low and free up campus resources student health insurance programthat can be devoted to what our campuses do best – providing high quality,affordable and personalized education .for detailed information about each of these partners visit www .aikcu .org/partners . Cook Systems CollegeCareerCorps student information technology job Kentucky Bankers Association Award for Excellence in Education placement program heritage Bank, hopkinsville was honored with the AIKCU Award for excellence in education during the Kentucky Bankers Association’s 2007 Annual Convention . AIKCU is proud to partner with the KBA to annually recognize a Kentucky bank that has shown exceptional support of postsecondary education in Kentucky . Creative-image technologies Multimedia instructional technology heritage Bank, hopkinsville, has been an active supporter of nonprofit systems, including projectors, sMART Class colleges and universities in Kentucky since 2004, when the bank sought Rooms, plasma and LCd televisions, and to give back to the many communities it serves . Management decided other hardware that one of the best ways to support the growth and development of the western Kentucky communities was to support and encourage local students to earn a college degree; consequently, the heritage Bank scholarship fund was created . each year the bank provides a series of $500 scholarships to students at over 25 high schools in its communities . To date, the bank has eCampus.com online bookstore for “textbooks and stuff” contributed more than $66,000 to more than 130 deserving college- bound students . Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org
  25. 25. First American Equipment The Learning House, Inc. Siemens Building Technologies,Finance Complete eLearning solutions provider that Inc.financial services, including leasing and focuses on meeting distance learning needs environmental, energy, and facilitiesfinancing plans for capital equipment of small colleges and universities management solutions . provides energypurchases management-related training to all AIKCU campuses regardless of affiliation Marathon’s SuperFleet fuel purchasing management programIntraSource that simplifies tax-exempt purchasing and St. Ives US DivisionInformation technology hardware vendor and record-keeping printing and marketing services . providesservice provider print services and strategic marketing training opportunities to AIKCU members regardless of affiliation Matrix Integration network products, design, hardware,JP Morgan Chase software, and services . Manages AIKCUno-fee procurement card (p-card) campus pricing agreements for Cisco products and Tech Depotpurchasing management program Bradford networks AIKCU discounts on technology products, built upon office depot relationshipKentucky Recyclingenvironmentally responsible disposal New Horizons Lexingtonoptions for electronic and other campus Training solutions in a wide range of areas, The Student Loan Peoplewaste from business skills and office productivity Kentucky’s public, nonprofit student loan to network and operating system company managementKentucky School BoardsAssociation Office Depotproperty, casualty and liability insurance office product discount agreement thatproducts . provides training to all AIKCU takes advantage of a nationwide highercampuses regardless of affiliation education purchasing program Learn more. Visit AIKCU.org