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Intro to tourism hotspots


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An intro to tourism hotspots and relevant terminology

Published in: Education
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Intro to tourism hotspots

  1. 1. Tourist Attractions & Hotspots
  2. 2. Syllabus point Human and physical factors explaining the growth of rural and urban tourism hotspots including the role of primary and secondary touristic resources
  3. 3. Tourist attraction can be a variety of types.
  4. 4. Important Terminology Primary tourist/recreational resources: Pre- existing tourist attractions e.g. beaches, historic areas, indigenous people or mountains. Secondary tourist/recreational resources: Facilities that have been purposefully built for tourists e.g. hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, golf courses and airports.
  5. 5. Important Terminology Natural or Physical Attractions: These are attractions created by nature e.g. beaches, mountains, climate zones, caves, wildlife Human or Cultural Attractions: These are human made attractions e.g. Cultural areas, historic buildings or monuments, amusement parks, festivals
  6. 6. Associated Terminology Heritage tourism: Tourism based on historic legacy as its main focus e.g. natural landscape, historical buildings. Adventure tourism: A form of tourism in natural areas that incorporates an element of risk, higher levels of physical exertion, and the need for specialised skills. Resorts: A settlement where the primary function is tourism. Resorts are normally associated with the coast. Large hotel complexes are considered to be resorts.
  7. 7. Tourist Hotspots Tourism hotspots: Places that experience high levels of tourist arrivals. These places can also be called tourist honeypots. They can exist at a variety of scales. There can be considerable variation in visitor numbers on a seasonal and diurnal basis
  8. 8. Reading:
  9. 9. Thailand as a Tourist Hotspot List facts you found about tourism in the x-word puzzle
  10. 10. Thailand as a Tourist Hotspot In a group brainstorm all the places/attractions you can think of that relate to tourist attractions or hotspots in Thailand
  11. 11. Hotspots in Thailand The 4 most visited places in Thailand are:
  12. 12. Hotspots in Thailand
  13. 13. Hotspots in Thailand
  14. 14. Hotspots in Thailand The 4 most visited places in Thailand are: 1. Bangkok 21 million 2. Phuket 10 million 3. Pattaya 9 million 4. Chiang Mai 8 million
  15. 15. Hotspots in Thailand