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Components of tourism


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Components of tourism

  1. 1. •Accommodation •Accessibility •Amenities •Attractions •Activities
  2. 2.  It is very basic to tourist destinations. The latest trend in accommodation is holiday villages.
  3. 3.  Primary Accommodations  Secondary Accommodations
  4. 4.  Hotels Resorts Complexes Heritage Hotels
  5. 5.  Motels Youth Hostels Holiday Centers Farm Houses Sleeper Trains Caravans
  6. 6. “Accessibility is a means by which a touristcan reach the area where attractions arelocated”
  7. 7.  Accessibility also means the transportation. The important transportation modes are road,rail,air and water transport. Accessible tourism is intended as the set of services and facilities capable of allowing persons with specific needs to enjoy a holiday and their leisure time with no particular barriers or problems.
  8. 8. “The basic facilities provided in a touristdestination”.
  9. 9.  Natural Amenities Manmade Amenities
  10. 10.  Beaches Sea Bathing Possibilities of Fishing Opportunities of trekkingManmade Amenities Various types of entertainment Facilities which cater special needs.
  11. 11. A tourist attraction is a place of interestwhere tourists visit, typically for its inherentor exhibited cultural value, historicalsignificance, natural or built beauty, oramusement opportunities.
  12. 12. Natural Attractions Manmade Attractions•Climates •Theme parks•Landscapes •Museums•Mountains •Ancient Monuments•Beaches •Cultural Centers
  13. 13.  Culture Traditions Scenic Entertainment Other Attractions
  14. 14. “The various elements of tourism servicesavailable which offered to tourist at thedestinations”
  15. 15.  Tourism resources Receptive Facilities Entertainment and Sport Facilities Tourism Reception Facilities