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Conflicting land use intro


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An intro to conflict and coastal management

Published in: Education
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Conflicting land use intro

  1. 1. Conflicting Land Use Pressures on Coasts
  2. 2. Syllabus Link Conflicting land-use pressures on coastlines, including commercial land uses (tourism, industry and housing) and conservation measures • One case study to illustrate the roles of, and outcomes for, coastal stakeholders
  3. 3. Introduction Coasts are a resource. They are useful for people in many different ways and this can lead to conflict when people have competing wants and priorities. Conflicts may arise between: • Human use of the coast and the natural environment • Different human land uses that are incompatible
  4. 4. #5: Complexity - Conflicts of Interest There are many different groups of people who have an interest in how coastal areas are managed. These include: • Local residents (home & livelihoods) • Environmental groups • Developers • Local & national governments • Tourist businesses & boards • National Park Authorities
  5. 5. Competing land use: • Urbanization and transport:
  6. 6. Tourism, recreation, and conservation:
  7. 7. Fisheries and Aquaculture
  8. 8. Industry
  9. 9. Development and Conflict Competition for land often results in conflict Time What does this mean? Development and its consequences
  10. 10. Coastal Stakeholders Groups intereseted in or impacted by the use of the coast are known as stakeholders: individuals or groups who have anything of value that may be affected by development I the coastal zone or by the actions taken to manage coastal area.
  11. 11. Ko Samet: Conflicting Landuse Who are some of the stakeholders in the use of Ko Samet?
  12. 12. Ko Samet: Conflicting Landuse Who are the stakeholders in the use of Ko Samet? What are some actual or potential conflicts over land use of Ko Samet?
  13. 13. Managing Coastal Conflict Ideally development and behaviour in coastal zones is regulated by law.
  14. 14. Managing Coastal Conflict
  15. 15. Managing Coastal Conflict Unfortunately many countries lack adequate laws or enforcement of them.