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Know yourself - learn about how you are perceived


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Just as our voice sounds different when you listen to it recorded, have you ever considered how your actions and character is perceived by others? Jo Owen said effective leadership starts by understanding yourself, then others and then how you impact on others. The Johari window model is used to enhance the individual’s perception on others.

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Know yourself - learn about how you are perceived

  1. 1. Sanatain Practical Session 3: Self Awareness
  2. 2. “Effective leadership starts by understanding yourself then others and then how you impact on others.” Jo Owen
  3. 3. The Law of Magnetism
  4. 4. “Who you are is who you attract. If you want to attract better people, become the kind of person you desire to attract.” John C Maxwell
  5. 5. Exercise: My people would have these qualities… What type of people would they want in their team?
  6. 6. When you change yourself, you make a positive impact on those around you. Focus on your circle of influence
  7. 7. The Johari Window
  8. 8. The Johari Window (Public knowledge: what I show to you) (Feedback-your gift to me) (Private: Mine to share if I trust you) (Unknown: new awareness can emerge)
  9. 9. Through feedback I know more about myself. I don’t know much about myself.
  10. 10. Process: Learn more about yourself through seeking feedback from others, identify and make changes to become a better Muslim/Parent/Partner/Leader/Worker etc.