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My fathers parting advice


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This presentation was delivered to a group of students after Ramadan 2017 when I had been reflecting on the final advice of my father - may Allah(SWT) have Mercy on him.

His advice was based on the advice of Luqman the wise as captured in the Qur'an.

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My fathers parting advice

  1. 1. My father’s final advice 31.13
  2. 2. “I don’t have the best advice. But I know where you can get it.” Luqman the wise
  3. 3. “My dear son…”
  4. 4. Who do you speak affectionately to?
  5. 5. The tongue pierces faster, deeper and sharper than any sword can.
  6. 6. “Do not ascribe partners to Allah. Indeed, ascribing partners to Allah is grave transgression.”
  7. 7. What can’t you do without?
  8. 8. Spend your life serving the most worthy cause.
  9. 9. “Indeed, We commanded man (to be good) to his parents. His mother carried him (in her womb) despite weakness upon weakness, and his weaning is in two years. (We said to man,) “Be grateful to Me, and to your parents. To Me is the ultimate
  10. 10. The difference between happy people & unhappy people is their level of gratitude.
  11. 11. “However, if they force you to ascribe partners to Me about whom you (can) have no (source of) knowledge, then do not obey them. Remain with them in this world with due fairness, but follow the way of the one who has turned himself towards Me. Then, towards Me is your return, so I shall tell you what you had been doing.”
  12. 12. You are responsible to God for your parents
  13. 13. Good treatment of your parents and companionship of the sincere
  14. 14. “(Luqmān went on saying to his son,) “My dear son, in fact, if there be anything to the measure of a grain of wheat, and it be (hidden) in a large rock or in the heavens or in the earth, Allah will bring it forth. Surely, Allah is All-Precise, All-Aware.”
  15. 15. Nothing goes unnoticed
  16. 16. “My dear son, establish prayer…”
  17. 17. What can’t you do without? What is immovable in your life?
  18. 18. Prayer is our link to Allah.
  19. 19. “… and enjoin good and forbid evil”
  20. 20. Always speak out for the truth and speak against what is wrong.
  21. 21. “… and observe patience on what befalls you. Surely, this is among the matters of determination.”
  22. 22. When you are patient, you develop grit and courage in other aspects of your life
  23. 23. “And do not turn your cheek away from people”
  24. 24. Listen to others and treat them well. Nobody made you a superior.
  25. 25. “Do not walk on the earth haughtily. Surely, Allah does not like anyone who is arrogant, proud”
  26. 26. It was pride that changed angels into devils. It is humility that makes men as angels.
  27. 27. “And be moderate in your walk”
  28. 28. Guard your actions
  29. 29. “and lower your voice. Surely, the ugliest of voices is the voice of the donkey.”
  30. 30. Control your voice and speak gently to others.
  31. 31. Has the time not arrived for our hearts to be moved by this preserved advice?
  32. 32. Many receive advice. Only the wise profit from it.Harper Lee