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Not every part of your private life needs to be public


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A school assembly about using social media responsibly delivered at secondary schools. Get back in control of your life and be a force for good.

Published in: Lifestyle
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Not every part of your private life needs to be public

  1. 1. What does your ‘social media’ say about you?
  2. 2. #high life
  3. 3. What’s your story?
  4. 4. Take care from... ● Comparison ● Jealousy ● Shaming others ● Stirring
  5. 5. “The wounds of a sword may heal one day; the wounds of the tongue, they never may.” MENTAL HARM
  6. 6. Cowards bully
  7. 7. “Give a man a mask and he will show you his true face.” True friends?
  8. 8. Most fights start online Don’t fan the flame
  9. 9. Enjoy living
  10. 10. Remember, once you’ve posted IT’S SEARCHABLE
  11. 11. Remember, once you’ve posted It’s permanent
  12. 12. Remember, once you’ve posted Screenshot
  13. 13. Control Remember, once posted you’ve
  14. 14. Three points of advice 1. Act as if PAW, because someone is! (Parents are watching) 2. Don’t peddle fake news 3. Think, don’t regret
  15. 15. TYVM