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Portland Watch - setting up a local neighbourhood watch scheme


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Launch presentation for Luton based neighbourhood watch scheme covering Portland road and all adjoining roads. Initial meeting attended by local residents, councillors, Bedfordshire Police, Luton Council Community Safety leads and Neighbourhood Watch Luton.

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Portland Watch - setting up a local neighbourhood watch scheme

  1. 1. PROGRAMME 1. Welcome 2. Portland Watch 3. Luton Neighbourhood watch 4. Community Policing 5. Proposed structure 6. Next steps
  2. 2. Portland Watch Grassroots neighbour-led initiative
  3. 3. Why have we gathered? To help make our neighbourhood a safer place
  4. 4. 98 crimes reported in this neighbourhood
  5. 5. Our concerns Taking care of our neighbours Recognise resource limitations Build a stronger, resilient neighbourhood
  6. 6. What is a neighbourhood watch? Established in 1982, Neighbourhood Watch members have worked with the Police Service focusing on: 1.  Improving home security & safety 2.  Informing the Police & local service providers about safety risks 3.  Reducing the fear of crime. Create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti- social behaviour are less likely to happen.
  7. 7. 33% of insurance providers offer discounts to active Neighbourhood Watch members. [Based on 2014 research]
  8. 8. LEARN more about crime prevention and home security to keep your home and family safe.
  9. 9. NOT vigilantes. We are
  10. 10. We are NOT Police-run but can provide early warning on problems to the Police. Patrolling the streets is a job for the Police; they will act upon the information supplied by residents.
  11. 11. Neighbourhood Watch Luton aims to create an environment in which the people of Luton can live without the disproportionate fear of crime and anti-social behaviour by promoting the benefits of crime prevention and community working. John Fullarton Chair
  12. 12. Bedfordshire Police
  13. 13. Our objective Develop a strong, friendly, active neighbourhood where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen.
  14. 14. Neighbourhood watch schemes can be small or large -  Regular, formal meetings -  Open, respectful communication -  Work in collaboration consulting Police & NW Luton
  15. 15. Proposed structure Co- ordinator Secretary Street leads Deputy Neighbour- hood Policing Key point of contact to receive and cascade information between scheme members, other local coordinators & partners. Manage scheme administration, ensuring scheme and membership information is registered Proactive and reactive communication and liaison on matters of concern to residents.
  16. 16. Initial activities Signage Improved communications Increased vigilance 1.  Understand issues 2.  Develop a plan which could include: Road safety (potholes) Street lighting
  17. 17. Don’t forget to leave your details Name Number (for whatsapp broadcast only) Email (for email communications) How you would like to get involved?
  18. 18. General household security tips •  Get an approved burglar alarm or security system and set your alarm every time you leave the property, even for a few minutes. •  Install good quality double locks on external doors and windows (even small ones), taking care to double lock when leaving. •  Don’t leave valuables – car keys, handbags, other electrical equipment, jewellery etc. – close to windows/doorways •  Get a lockable safe / safe deposit box where you can store valuables or bank statements, receipts and invoices should you need to. •  Don’t forget your garden sheds, side entrances and garages – install locks there as well and put ladders away when you are not using them. •  Consider installing a visible security light or alarm to deter criminals.
  19. 19. No one should feel afraid, vulnerable or isolated in their neighbourhood