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Launch event - presenting the Muslim network


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A presentation outlining the objectives and activities of the Muslim network showing the benefits offered by a faith-based diversity network. Includes some demographic insights into the Muslim community.

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Launch event - presenting the Muslim network

  1. 1. Chair The Muslim Network Our objectives
  2. 2. A Persian, Arab and Roman were travelling through a desert and happened to chance upon one another and decided to share water and company. After some time they ran out of water and struggled along in the scorching desert heat. As they staggered along, they noticed the golden glint of a coin partially submerged in the desert. Their joy was beyond bounds when they dug it out and it gave them energy to struggle on to the nearest dwelling. After some time they came upon a tradesmen selling fruit, and on approaching him, they discussed what to purchase. The Persian said, “Angur!” The Arab exclaimed “ ‘Inab!” The Roman shouted out, “No, no – Grapes!” The stall owner smiled and reached down to collect a large bowl of a single fruit which satisfied them all. In fact, they had all been asking for grapes, just in language foreign to one another. [Adapted from a story by Rumi]
  3. 3. Cultural dissonance? Diverse expression Unified purpose Universal values
  4. 4. Our objectives Understand the needs of staff related to Islam Raise awareness amongst the workforce Support public health policy & objectives 1 2 3
  5. 5. Understanding 1. Reflect 2. Guide 3. Responsibility
  6. 6. UnderstandtheneedsofstaffrelatedtoIslam Objective Activities Outputs Multi-faith facilities are accessible at all sites Liaise with HR & Site Leads to map out current facilities Directory of multi-faith facilities available to all staff Establish Network representation across national footprint Identify and communicate with site leads nationally Recruit Network site leads to facilitate staff representation Ensure staff are aware about the Network Work with HR to raise awareness through staff induction, diversity training & prominence on intranet Provide accessible members sign-up process and signposting through HR touchpoints. Understand workforce representation by faith Analyse Diversity dashboard faith category Commentary on Diversity dashboard by faith characteristic Establish channels for communicating Network feedback to senior Management Ensure Network representation at the Diversity & Talent board. Regular meetings with Exec lead. Summary reports from D & T Board and Exec meetings for members Understand staff needs and assess Network impact Collaborate on designing Staff survey with other diversity leads Diversity survey published to all staff for consultation & benchmarking purposes Provide regular opportunities for members to meet Establish calendar of meetings and yearplan Publish terms of reference and minutes of meetings
  7. 7. Managers Employees Public Raise awareness
  8. 8. Raiseawarenessandengagement amongstthestaffcommunity Objective Activities Outputs Establish forum for discussing Islam and the Muslim community within the workplace Organise events with thought leaders, Civil service and external specialists - Lunch and learn sessions delivered nationally - Prepare and deliver training sessions on Ramadan and Hajj Utilise available communications channels to raise awareness of Network activities and notices Identify and set up channels in liaison with HR and Communications Post updates on approved digital channels (e.g. Yammer, Weekly newsletter) Develop policies which recognise faith and practise within the workplace Prepare policy documentation with HR relating to Muslim staff Policy and guidance for managers and staff Develop opportunities for members’ career progression Review shadowing, mentoring & coaching schemes with HR / BAME Network Feasibility assessment for career progression activities Identify and model good practise for diversity networks Develop working relationships with similar organisations across Civil Service and industry to benefit from their experience - Establish inter-organisational communications to share information about effective staff engagement
  9. 9. Supportpublicpolicyandobjectivesexternally Objective Activities Outputs Establish the organisation as a leading Health and wellbeing authority with subject matter expertise on the Islamic faith - Engage HR, Policy and Communications stakeholders to draft materials for internal and external distribution - Develop relationships with faith leaders and authorities for review and distribution of materials Publish resources about Health and Wellbeing in relation to the Muslim community for other networks and organisations Support community engagement activities targeting the Muslim community Identify corporate activities which require stronger community consultation or engagement Support communications and stakeholder mapping to improve uptake of organisational campaigns or activities Collaborate on joint activities with other networks Develop partnerships with similar organisations across Civil Service and industry sharing resources and expertise Participate in inter-organisational activities with partner organisations on matters of interest to the Network Raise awareness of the Muslim Network across Civil Service Establish contact with HR & Networks in all government departments and ALBs Promote the Networks activities across Civil Service
  10. 10. Recognise Muslim diversity
  11. 11. How?
  12. 12. How?
  13. 13. Support organisational objectives Inequalities Diet Medicine Cancer screening Travel & vaccination Mental health Prevalence Diabetes Heart disease Funerals Post mortem Family Consanguinity Elderly care Childhood obesity Religion plays an important part in supporting health promotion Community engagement Collaborative working opportunities Build capacity of public health system
  14. 14. Thank you Questions?