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Social group evaluation


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Social group evaluation

  1. 1. How does your media product represent particular social groups? Evaluation
  2. 2. When creating my magazine I had to look at what social groups I was targeting it towards, because this was to be the dominant audience for my magazine. Not only did I have to look at front covers but at magazines as a whole. I had to look at the conventions of Indie and other music magazines, because that was one of the social groups I was targeting. The social group that is represented by my magazine is indie teenagers.
  3. 3. Social Groups - Age While designing my magazine front cover, contents and Double page spread, I had to think about the things that represented my target age. One of the main things that struck me when researching music magazines, was the use of colour and pictures. My target age group was 16-18 years old and so I had to look at different things such as Images, Colour schemes, writing styles,