How did you attract your audience


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How did you attract your audience

  1. 1. Evaluation How did you attract / address your audience?
  2. 2. Attracting my Audience I use a mixture of different mastheads on my front cover, contents and double page spread. I have made them informal to make the readers engage more with the informal colours and images such as the stamp on my double page spread. It also gives it a bit of humour . I also wanted to use a mixture of pictures so that the reader had a range of photos to appeal to them. I wanted to give them different quirky looks which is why I made my front cover look like a comic book to appeal to the fun side of my audience.
  3. 3. My use of bright colour attracts younger audiences in their teens, which is exactly what I wanted to do. I wanted to create a colour scheme which would be fun however mature enough for a teen audience. However because my target social group was teenagers interested in indie music I couldn't use colours that weren't associated with that social group, such as bright pink or purple. I didn't however want to use the usual red black and white and so decided yellow and orange would be a good mixture. I decided that My lay out would be simple, however it would be unique with what was on the page such as my stamp and cork board effect on my double page spread and the comic book effect on my front cover. I believe the uniqueness of my magazine attracts my audience.
  4. 4. Speaking to my audience. I wanted to speak to my audience using informal writing styles and slang words like gig and also not spelling words correctly when writing my article. I especially wanted to use quotes from the band in my double page spread because this would appeal to the audience because they can relate to them and how they talk because they are around the same age. I also wanted to speak directly to my audience which is why I did a mixture of an interview and speaking to the audience to create a connection and make them feel involved. I did this by using note lined paper because it's something that we put notes on, when we write in slang or shortened sentences. Finally I tried to attract the audience using sticky notes. It was a small thing but it brings the full double page spread together and I think it gives it the look of belonging to a teenager, which the reader can relate to.
  5. 5. Addressing my Audience I wanted to connect as well as address my audience which is why I've dressed my band members in the type of clothes my reader profile would wear, things that are comfy, such as hoodies and jeans jumper, but things which are bright and represent their likes such as logo or slogan jackets. The setting for the photographs are in a small music studio and photography studio so that we get two different images for the two different bands. I wanted the contrast because there’s a lot of contrast between the bands and this physically shows the difference . Even though I have targeted one specific social group for my target audience I know that some will like one king of photography and some will like another which is why I’ve used a mixture of studio and like while the band are playing to address different parts of my audience.