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How did you attract/address your audience?


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How did you attract/address your audience?

  1. 1. I attracted my audience by a range of features in my magazine:<br />Language: I used informal language to address my audience as it is the best way to grab their attention. If I talk in a chatting language then they can relate to the magazine and can understand it better than if it was very formal. It also makes the text more interesting and less boring. I used some forms of slang in the magazine to make the text seem recognisable to the audience. By adding slang it can make my target audience want to read it as they may think that a cool hip person has written it. I also used explanation marks to make it even more informal and to address the audience in a different way to grab their attention.<br />Font: The font I have used is very unique and different which could make my audience be attracted to it as they may be bored of normal text and may want something a bit different. The text I used was big, bold and bright to make it stand out above other magazines. <br />Contents: The contents in my magazine reflect the results I got from my questionnaire. I have added exclusive interviews with well known pop artists and have added important information such as dates for festivals. I have also included a free poster and the music chart of the week. This content should defiantly attract my target audience to my magazine as it came from them in the first place when filling out my questionnaire.<br />Images: The images I have used should engage the audience as on the front cover there is an image of a teenager, which is the same age as the target audience, and she is looking into the camera addressing the audience. This technique is done by lots of popular magazines so it should work for me. I have also included images from the popular band “The Script” so this should make them want to read it as they would already have a clue from the images want the content could be about. The main image on the contents page and the front cover also give an indication what the magazine could be about and could attract them to the magazine and make them want to read it. Also the image is very big so it should stand out to the audience above other magazines. <br />Masthead: The masthead that I have used on my front cover is very unique and unusual. It is big and bold so that it attracts the attention of the audience. I used a bright colour for the masthead so that is stand out even more and catches the eye of the target audience. <br />Choice of representation: I choice to add adverts and important information to represent the target audience I am aiming my magazine at. The adverts I chose to include in my magazine reflect what my target audience would buy. The informal language and mode of address also represent my target audience and other social groups. My images also represent my target audience by the props used and the poses shown in the image of my model.<br />Layout: The layout also attracts the audience in different ways such as the sky line at the top of the front cover as readers usually read from the top to the bottom so the tiny bit of information at the top of the front cover should draw them in first. The large image in the center of the page also attracts the audience to the magazine as it is in your face. The article in the double page spread is split into a column to look like there is less text than there actually is. I did this so that the readers can actually be bothered to read it. Overall the way I have organised my images and text, should draw people in.<br /> I tried to keep the focus of the unisex magazine very consistent throughout my product so that I get the attention of both male and female. I used very neutral colours so that my audience don’t get the impression that it is aimed at the other gender. I also included an equal balance of content for males and females so that the magazine so that the audience get a good variety. I also tried to make sure that the image is not one sided. I was hard to decide what model I should go for on the front of my magazine, whether it was going to be male or female. I chose female because I thought that the males may find her either attractive or may just like her as a singer. I think that either way I don’t think I could have produced an image that what make both genders equally attracted to the image.<br />My audience research helped me decide on how to target my audience by the questionnaire they filled in. They answered my questions on the questionnaire and I put them into graphs to compare the answers against each other. I used the graphs to determine how I have going to target the audience. I realised that the contents of the magazine is important, so by seeing what the most popular answer was for the content of the magazine, I could then add the content that was most popular. In this case the content that was most popular was music charts and news. By doing this I’m hoping that I would have targeted my audience. Also, by finding out what music magazines they already like, I could base my ideas around that popular music magazine to get the same audience taste.<br /> I think that I have been very successful at targeting my audience as I have took on board there feedback from my drafts and applied some of it into my final designs. For example, I have used a large masthead across the top of my front cover as this is what my audience said would be a good thing to have as it would attract people and draw them in. I also used the skyline that was in draft 1 as they said that it was also very effective. The feedback also said that they wanted a clear layout and that draft 1 had the best layout. I decided to used this feedback and try and make all of my pages neat and organised so that it will attract good attention to the readers. I also took on board their constructive feedback, such as, the use of the flash. Most of them said that they were a good idea but they didn’t think that shape stood out that well to make it that effective. I decided to change this by making the flash and different shape and adding a colour that would stand out. For the contents page feedback the comments were mostly the same. They said that the advertising section would be very effective so I kept this feature in to my designs. They like the layout of the draft and this that everything was organised very neatly. They liked how the contents page took up a lot of space to attract the audience to the content of the magazine. I decided to use draft 2 for my final design as it seemed most popular. I realised that they like the magazine name in the corner of the page and they thought it showed consistency. One person said that they would prefer one big image that three little images. I agreed with this feedback and thought that this comment made my magazine very successful as I think that it said out more now that I have one big image. I also inserted other images as I thought that the readers may want to see the contents in a visual way but I did increase the size of one of them to make it stand out more. The double page spread feedback also made my magazine successful. I did not think that my audience would prefer draft one rather than two as I thought that would prefer a much neater style. But my audience chose draft one as they liked the unique layout. I decided to base my final design around draft one as I think that it will attract my audience more and I can see from the feedback that it will be very popular. I decided to keep the masthead like it is even though there were mixed feedback about it. One person said that it was too small and wouldn’t stand out but the other person said that it was a unique place to have it and she thought it would make my magazine unique. I decided to keep it like how I planned as I agreed that it would be unique and it was the only space I could fit it in due to the large article, which the audience also liked, as they would it was very large and so it must give a lot of information to the readers.<br />