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Software hardware evaluation

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Software hardware evaluation

  1. 1. Evaluation What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?
  2. 2. Some of the software I have used... I used a lot of Microsoft programmes to organise, plan, produce and evaluate my work For a lot of my Primary research about my audience, I used facebook and Survey monkey to collect my information and to display it so it is easy to read Blogger was the software which helped me display my work easily and so it was easy to read as well Photoshop was the software which I created my magazine on
  3. 3. Some of the Hardware I used... I used my camera to take my images for my magazine front cover, contents and double page spread. I took a mixture of live and studio photos for my magazine. I used a laptop and a computer to create, produce, plan, evaluate and research for my magazine. It also meant this is what I used my software on. Having a memory stick helped me to transport all my information and work from the computer to my laptop making it easier to work in different places I used my phone to take some more pictures and to record my voice for my evaluation.
  4. 4. Within my project there were four main areas to do... The four areas were Research, Planning, Production and
  5. 5. <ul><li>Without technology my project wouldn't have been efficient enough
  6. 6. If I had to have not used some of the technology it would have been facebook, survey monkey and hotmail, however using these programmes made it easier and quicker to </li></ul>