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In what ways does your media product use


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In what ways does your media product use

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challengeforms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. Title of the magazineFor my masthead I chose a title that would relate to the genre of themagazine. I used the ‘Levi Brush’ as my font for the title ‘IndieKicks’. I wanted my title to show the rebellious side to the indierock genre. I had my masthead in black because I wanted my title tobe eye-catching and I felt it would be a classic colour associatedwith the indie genre of my magazine. I feel my masthead reachesthe conventions you need to make a successful magazine. I feel Ishare the rebellious styled masthead with ‘Kerrang!’ in the senseour masthead’s aren’t as neat as other music magazines.Comparing my masthead to other existing music magazines I feelmy masthead challenges the code and conventions. Most musicmagazines have their masthead fitted into boxes to allow the title tobe more eye catching to the reader. As I wanted my magazine toshow a rebellious side I felt by allowing my title to not be boarded itwould challenge the code and conventions existing magazines stickto. By challenging the code and conventions it allows my magazineto show a unique side and therefore to look more exciting.
  3. 3. LayoutMy layout throughout the magazine is conventional, as Ihave analysed other existing magazines to help me createprofessional looking layouts. I feel my front cover displaysthe key ingredients to a music magazine by surroundingthe central image with cover lines and by keeping themasthead at the top of the page. In addition I havedisplayed a website address and the date of the issue wasreleased at the top of the page. My double page spreadshows the conventional terms a double spread pagefeatures. I have spilt the page into half allowing the portionof the image and the text to be equally spread out. To keepthe code and conventions I displayed the interview incolumns like a typical double page spread interview.
  4. 4. Contents pageWhen designing my contents page I followed the codesand conventions of existing music magazines to help mecreate a professional looking contents page. Forexample I have featured an ‘Indie Kicks Review’ in thebottom right corner which I got the inspiration from ‘Qmagazine’.I created a neat basic layout which contains the elements that follow the codes and conventions ofexisting music magazines. However compared to otherexisting contents page I only used one image which isslightly unconventional. By having one large image onthe contents page it allowed me to push the boundariesand challenge the code and conventions.
  5. 5. Written ContentMy written content of my magazine usesinformal language which follows the code andconventions of a real music magazine. By usinginformal language it allows me to have afriendly and chatty vibe allowing it to appeal tomy target audience. My double page spreadwritten content uses the key ingredients that anexisting magazine uses. For example I askedwhat artists inspired her, how’s it feel it make itthis far, filming videos etc. All of the questionsI asked are the questions I came across whenresearching double page spreads. My doublepage spread written content has a chatty andfriendly vibe feel to it.
  6. 6. ImagesMy images I took follow the codes andconventions of magazines. I took a series ofphotographs in one location allowing meto use different styled poses for eachphotograph. I wanted to use one locationbecause I wanted to focus on the ‘Indie’style poses instead of the background. Thelocation fit in well with the theme of mymagazine because it reflected the laid backfeel to Indie style. The images display theartist as relaxed and friendly allowing theaudience to have a good feel towards theartist. This was captured by the artist’sdirect mode of address as she is lookingdirectly at the camera.
  7. 7. Text font and styleI created the title ‘Caitlin Ingram’ bydownloading a font from andmanipulating it in Photoshop. My title isconventional as most music magazine hasthe artist/bands name positioned acrossthe central image. I positioned the textstraight across the image because I wantedto follow the key ingredients of a MusicMagazine. I followed the code andconventions as I made the title in a largefont making it bold and appealing to theaudience. In addition to this the title issimple and bold which reflects the Indietheme.
  8. 8. Music GenreMy genre of my music magazine was Indierock/pop. I made the genre clearthroughout my front cover, contents anddouble page spread. An example of thiswould be the colour scheme on the frontcover. I used the colours purple, white andblack to represent the chilled and relaxedatmosphere. The images I usedemphasized the Indie genre of themagazine. Existing music magazinesreveal their genre through their imagesand colour scheme. Therefore mymagazine has used the codes andconventions.