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  1. 1. Evaluation of my magazine RELOAD!
  2. 2. Front cover I was inspired by dj mag on my font choices, layout and imagery,the use of the bright colors and the highlighted text, unstaged imagery. I used da font.com to create My own barcode with the name of the magzine. I positioned in in the same place as where It is positioned on dj mag. The kicker”Ibiza it’s a new season” I thought Needed a different font to make It stand out. I chose a font which looked summery and contain palm trees in the title, I think it worked really well as the font co notated with what it was saying. I used a shocking pink with white font So that it really stood out and caught the readers eye.the language I used was very informal and chatty which relates to The target audience which is mainly teenagers, I also used a pun “ let me hear you Skream” Dj skream is the dj being I Interviewed but also you would skream in a club. I think was very effective and draws the audience in. I used the same font on all my strap lines so that they all linked together. I thought the font looked like a stamp you would get on your hand to go into the club, this really linked with the genre of the magazine as club/rave music is what my magazine is all about. I used a max of 3 colors on the font, as I thought too many would make it look messy and unprofessional and not enough would make it look boring, I tried to keep my layout very similar to dj mag as I really liked the way it was spaced out. The lettering also looks very futuristic which connects with the genre of the magazine. I used bright ravey colors to draw in the audience this also links to the lights in the clubs being bright and like very luminous. I decided to use an image that I took with out it being set up this high angle looking down on the dj allowed the reader to see the decks so it was made clear it is DJ magazine also I thought this worked really well as it made it look like the reader is looking into the club. I focused on the clothing of the DJ in Djmag which Was mainly a cap and a baggy hoody I reflected This my image with the DJ wearing a baggy hoody.
  3. 3. Contents page I kept my headings the same font color as the front cover so that the reader saw a clear connection between the two pages helping the magazine flow. I used the purple headings consistently throughout the page, think this worked well as it stood out helping the reader to navigate around the magazine easily. Instead so using two bright clashing colors I teamed the purple with more subtle pastel colors so that the page didn’t look too busy or cluttered. I started to use a different font called “racer” for my contents page, I really liked this font as it looked very futuristic and technical which reflects the genre of music that my magazine is about. I used the font all the way through as it made my magazine flow. The use of the same font throughout the magazine shows that it is all connected,instead of 3 different pieces of work, it looks like one piece of work. This effectively helps the reader follow the magazine also after looking at other professional magazines they too are consistent on the font they use. I decided to use topics like “nights out” and “new albums” too show that the magazine covers all music angles I was inspired by pervious magazines I analysed. I used a lot of imagery in my contents page, this was inspired by DJ mag another rave magazine, I liked the the use of a lot of imagery as it broke up the text giving the audience a visual reference to the articles. My images were not meant to look set up or staged instead although some are I wanted them to follow a night out and look as though a normal persona on a night out had taken them rather than a staged photo shoot. The use of unstaged photos means that the reader can relate more the imagery, as it could have been there night out. The use of a lot of imagery and it not being staged was also a reflection on other professional magazines, after researching others I noticed that not using atypical photo shoot was very common and worked well with the rave/cub genre of the magazines. I waned my contents page to look random with out a structure however it is still structured which is the effect i was going for. The numbers on the images gives a visual reference to the article this is so if the reader finds the image enticing then they can locate the article that follows it. The audience I was targeting was clubbers and ravers And aspiring djs, my contents page follows this. The Imagery from a night out allows the audience To relate to their own clubbing nights, the contents page isn't Too structured so therefore allows them to feel relaxed When reading it, the use of bright rave colors first attracts The reader and his them in.
  4. 4. Double page spread I used a play on words for my title, both scream when you are shouting and skream the dub step artist. I think this worked well as it looked very effective. I used the same font as the contents page so that the both pages link together and the reader can follow it more easy. Like dj mag, the magazine I was basing My magazine on I too used a intro in larger lettering To give a hint about the article, I used the same So that my magazine was consistent. I also liked the use of numerous images Spread out on the page, I think this helps break up the text And give a visual reference. Also I like the way the images Were not staged and were taken as if it were a night out, I used this in my Own work as I too didn’t want my work to look staged. I use d images of the dj behind the Text making it clear that my magazine is about clubs,raves and aspiring djs. For my Q&A I used a range of personal and music related questions, the interviwer questions are in Green and the interviwe answers in white so that it is easy for the reader to identify the difference. Its an Informal conversation in keeping with the relaxed chilled theme that reflects the target audience Which is young people.
  5. 5. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? After researching other professional magazines, I used the same conventions such as a main image on the front cover the use of 3 different colors, Strap lines, a kicker, a date and a barcode thus making my magazine look as professional as other magazines. I developed my original ideas after Exploring more into the genre of music I would like to focus my magazine on which is club rave music,this too will help my magazine look professional. After looking at rave magazines I.e dj mag in more detail I noticed they used a lot of ravey bright colors and images of djs and people in clubs. After noticing this I decided to do the same thus making my magazine look as realistic as possible. The layout and style of my contents page is Losey based on that of dj mag however I changed the colors scheme to match my own and the numbers of images, I increased as I thought it Looked better with more images. My double page spread is also based on that of dj mag however I altered the layout and the amount of text They have used, these changes will make my magazine look unique rather than a clone of dj mag however will contain elements of dj mag and Still remain professional.
  6. 6. How does your media product represent particular social groups? My magazine is based around raves and clubs both male and female aged between 18-27 and therefore focuses on a certain social group. The social group my magazine focus on Is hardcore raves, those who love clubbing and aspiring djs, taking this into consideration I started to explore how they are represented n dj mag, dj mag is the magazine I am basing my ideas on. They have represented the social group through the colors they have used,The language they have used in there articles and the images they have taken.After taking this in consideration I too based my colors around Raves and clubs, which I found are typically bright and aluminous so therefore I used bright pink, yellow and purple in my front cover, I Followed the bright purple through to the contents page and then used aluminous green and black on the my double page spread. The Language I used in my article was similar to dj mag which is chatty and relaxed, this shows the social group as they are typically relaxed and Informal. I also used none staged images of people in the crowds and the djs as I wanted it too like as if it where a night out which is also similar to dj mag. natural photos
  7. 7. What kind of media institution might distribute your magazine and why? my magazine would be published by Thrust publishers Ltd, I think my magazine would fit in with this publishers as its unique style And edgy look would really catch the the eye of the audience also the magazine I have been basing my magazine on dj mag, is also Published by Thrust publishers so there for would be really good to publish mine. Who would be the audience for your media product? And how did you attract/ address the audience? The audience for my magazine would be ravers and clubbers who love dance and electro music and aspiring djs aged between 18 -25 Both male and female . I have attracted my audience through a range of methods, firstly the image on the front cover this immediately attracts them as they will be interested in the artist.Secondly the use of color, the bright ravey colors that have been used throughout will catch the eye of the audience and draw them in too read it and lastly the articles I have displayed on my front cover. The articles contain exclusive music gossip and future hits that the Audience will want to know about. I have also used a pug at he top of the page enticing the reader in as they might win free tickets to a dance event. The kicker”Ibiza it’s a new season” I thought needed a different font to make It stand out. I chose a font which looked summery and contain palm trees in the title, I think it worked really well as the font co notated with what it was saying. I used a shocking pink with white font So that it really stood out and caught the readers eye. The free tickets The image of a famous dj The bright kicker in a edgy font, And the bright strap lines.
  8. 8. What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? I learnt how to darken and fade images to hide people or Objects in the back ground, I used this on my image on the Front cover to hide the people in the background. I learnt how to layer on text so that my Strap lines went over my main image.
  9. 9. I also learnt how too, layer the text that I have down loaded onto An auto shape. I used this to make my kicker stand out on the main image. I also learnt how to change the contrast And add a color tint to my images, to give the effect Of strobe lighting. I was inspired by this effect From the images in dj mag. The effect enhances The original lights from the club making them stand out And look more effective.
  10. 10. Looking back at your preliminary task,what you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? My preliminary task I think was very basic, and I used very basic techniques. I also think that my magazine looks very plain and lacked a few of the conventions such as a contrast in the colors I used, I stayed safe and kept to only one color for the text. Also I didn’t add a bar-code or a pug. I also think I used very boring text and my magazine didn’t look that enticing for the reader. Since the preliminary task I have researched a lot more magazines and looked more a the typical conventions, the language used and the images. Therefore since my preliminary take I have progressed a lot in terms of techniques,imagery and language making my final music magazine look professional.
  11. 11. 1 2 3 1- In comparison to the preliminary task the mast head font was a lot better it Fitted more to the genre of the magazine, I learnt to look at more magazine Mast heads for inspiration and connecting the genre of the magazine to font. e.g. “reload” is a very futuristic font which reflects the genre of music which is also very Futuristic and techno. 2- After my preliminary task I focused more on the angle of the images and the way they are composed I also took into consideration the lighting, clothing, and the background of the images. I have learnt that taking all these aspects into consideration means that you get a better image which is clear and more suitable to the genre of the magazine.I realized the Importance of planning and structuring my images to gain the effect I want to achieve. 3- The strap lines in my preliminary task Were rather boring and not very enticing, as a Result I looked into the fonts more and what Fonts would go with my genre of music, I wanted my magazine to grab the reader Which is something my preliminary task didn’t do. As a result of my preliminary task not Grabbing the reader I decided to focus of what Would, I made the font different bright colors To fit in with the rave theme, I also Located them around the image rather than On the image so they were easy to read.I Changed the font so that it differed from the Mast head showing a clear difference. I missed out the bar-code And the pug in my preliminary Task which I made sure I Added in my final magazine