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  1. 1. How did you attract/address the audience?
  2. 2. Main image ● The image of the subject attracts the audience as direct address is used, making them feel like they are being directly looked at. Engaging the audience
  3. 3. Main Coverline and coverlines ● The main coverline uses a unique font and colour which automatically draws the readers attention to it. The size of the main coverline will want them to open the magazine and find out more since it Is much larger than the normal coverlines suggesting importance ● The coverlines use Bevel and emboss and shadow effects to give a unique look to the coverlines that attracts the audience due to originality
  4. 4. Colour ● The cover has a vibrant and bright colour scheme containing a wide viraity of colours that completely contrast each other such as black and white. ● The range of colour makes it seem less boring to the reader.
  5. 5. Categories ● The contents page is categorised into Regulars and features ● This draws readers in as it makes the text seem less daunting to read being organised and structured
  6. 6. Images ● The contents page further draws people in due to the images taking up more of the page than the text does ● This makes it very visual and clear for people to understand further increasing their interest.
  7. 7. Page numbers ● Page numbers use a red colour. ● This stands out compared to the white background and black text next to it making readers intrigued over the content that the number correlates too
  8. 8. Attracting the audience ● The quotes are used to break up all the the body (text) this again makes it seem less daunting or time consuming to read.
  9. 9. Attracting the audience ● Short paragraphs are used to keep the attention of the audience while they read the article. By using this it gives readers a sense of progression as they read giving them motivation to continue
  10. 10. Attracting the audience ● The main image bleeds on to the second page taking up lots of space on the double page spread. ● This allows the readers to see the band in the article and this may encourage them to learn more about them wanting to read more.