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Survey 20170227 02 14-57


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Survey 20170227 02 14-57

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Survey 20170227 02 14-57

  1. 1. Results for: Audience Feedback 1) What are your thoughts about the front cover page? Responses (9) Bright and colourful. Loads of bands I enjoy Detail about article not just names of bands Colours vibrant Front cover image is professional looking Very colourful Everything is easy to read All space is filled in. Just enough viraity in colour on. I like some of the artists that are shown (Muse, Twenty one pilots, ACDC) Good choices in colour bright and vibrant 2) What are your thoughts about the contents page? Responses (10) Images dominate the page (visual) red contrasts white well. Diversity in article stories Lots of articles listed Packed with content and articlles Page numbers stand out Loads of information to read Everything is clearly separated with black lines Font used right size, Images are clear Good balance of text and visual images 3) What are your thoughts about the double page spread? Responses (10) Liked how questions were all separated page numbers shown at bottom Structured with text Good font used for text. Clear Information about band interesting, looks very clean and structured. Title is out of the way and doesn't collide with text Page is orgainsed and everything is easy to see Article was well writen, good image Article was right length I l thought bold text matches the page Detail of collumns, spreads onto 2 pages © 2001 - 2017 | Last update: 22nd September 2016 23:21
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