Ronald Paul Post View Tracking- Is Playtime Over?


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Europe 2010

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Ronald Paul Post View Tracking- Is Playtime Over?

  1. 1. Post View Tracking –Is Play Time Over?<br />Ronald Paul, CEO QUISMA GmbH<br />1<br />
  2. 2. QUISMA in Brief<br /><ul><li>Established: 06/2001
  3. 3. Integrated: Subsidiaryof GroupM and memberof WPP-network
  4. 4. Focussed: succesfulintegrated performance marketing
  5. 5. Combined: SEA, SEO, Affiliate-Marketing, Performance Display, Conversion-Optimization
  6. 6. Motivated: >100 qualifiedemployees
  7. 7. Organized: Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt on the Main, Dusseldorf, Zurich, Vienna</li></li></ul><li>Agenda<br /><ul><li>Affiliate marketing – origin and development
  8. 8. Post click, post view – definitions
  9. 9. Guidelines for post view (BVDW)
  10. 10. Start of a post view campaign
  11. 11. Set-up
  12. 12. Increased potential
  13. 13. Evaluation
  14. 14. Comparisonof all channels
  15. 15. Allocation
  16. 16. Sharedconversions
  17. 17. Cookie Runtime
  18. 18. Pitfalls
  19. 19. Case Study
  20. 20. Summary
  21. 21. Q&A</li></li></ul><li>Affiliate Marketing Origin<br />TKP models until 2000<br />CPO as risk free alternative<br />Affilinet Efficient Reach<br />CJ DE<br />Zanox TPV<br />CJ VIP<br />1994<br />1996<br />2000<br />2010<br />2005<br />Dotcombubblebursts<br />
  22. 22. Affiliate Marketing Origin<br />Traffic Broker market affiliate programme<br />PV becomes important part of AM<br />Layer partners no longer play a major role<br />Layerhighlight<br />Post-view guideline<br />2010<br />2007<br />2008<br />2009<br />
  23. 23. Affiliate Marketing Development<br />Content/SEO<br />Voucher<br />Price comparison<br />Loyalty/<br />cashback<br />Layer<br />Post view<br /><ul><li>New opportunities when using product data
  24. 24. Remunera-tionturnsusersintoaffiliateregularcustomers
  25. 25. Recalling of content sites
  26. 26. Use of sites with a strong reach in affiliate marketing
  27. 27. First affiliates
  28. 28. Most popular partners until today
  29. 29. Added value for users by savings
  30. 30. Contact to users often already during the decision and order process
  31. 31. Attempt to place as many cookies as possible by forced opening of the website
  32. 32. Aim: Setting the last cookie or many cookies</li></li></ul><li>Post click - Definition<br /><ul><li>Definition Post click: The post click measurement measures if transactions occurred within a defined period after clicking on an advertising medium. If the user completes a transaction on the site of the merchant within this defined period after clicking, a provision is paid to the publisher.</li></li></ul><li>Post click - Scheme<br />AFFILIATE<br />Affiliate network<br />Cashback<br />Integration of advertising mediaon own site<br />Visit<br />Click<br />USER<br />SALE<br />Remuneration<br />Click cookie?<br />No remuneration<br />No<br />Yes<br />Click cookie(30 days)<br />
  33. 33. Post view - Definition<br /><ul><li>BVDW definition post view: The post view measurement measures if transactions occurred within a defined period after showing an advertising medium. If the user completes a transaction on the site of the merchant within this defined period after display of the advertising medium, a provision is paid to the publisher.</li></li></ul><li>Post view - Scheme<br />AFFILIATE<br />Affiliate network<br />Cashback<br />Booking<br />(own affiliate risk)<br />USER<br />Direct<br />entry<br />Visit<br />48hrs<br />SALE<br />Yes<br />Click cookie(96hrs)<br />Remuneration<br />PV remuneration<br />No<br />No<br />Click cookie?<br />View cookie?<br />No remuneration<br />Click cookie(30 days)<br />Yes<br />
  34. 34. Post view - Involved parties<br />Networks<br /><ul><li>Affiliate networksreact on marketdemand and offerown PV trackingsolutions
  35. 35. Now, post view partnersareclearlyidentified
  36. 36. Post view (view through) ismainly not in usein US networks</li></ul>Publisher<br /><ul><li>Buy remaining ranking inventory and market the advertising spaces by means of affiliate programmes at their own risk
  37. 37. The condition for this is post view tracking</li></li></ul><li>BVDW – Guidelines for post view<br />Traffic limitation<br />Selection of partners<br />Determination of framework conditions for post view<br />Placement<br />Cookie runtime<br />Remuneration<br />Advertising media<br />
  38. 38. Partner selection<br /><ul><li>Partners book inventory on third-party sites</li></ul>- Normally, information on every delivery not possible<br />- Definition of excluded websites<br /><ul><li>Closed group (only selected partners receive PV authorization)
  39. 39. Individual post view entry conditions must be accepted and signed by every partner
  40. 40. Now, large number of professional partners with a maximum of transparency</li></li></ul><li>Post view – Cookie run time<br /><ul><li>Cookie tracking analogue click through
  41. 41. Click cookie ALWAYS beats view cookie
  42. 42. View cookie with shorter run time</li></li></ul><li>Advertising media<br />Definition ofminimumrequirementsto advertising media:<br /><ul><li>Minimum sizeofevery advertising medium: 234x60
  43. 43. Multi-merchantbannerwith a maximumof 3 merchants (mostly logo + text)
  44. 44. Noreloads and automaticrotations
  45. 45. Guaranteed fade-in in visiblearea
  46. 46. Text bannerwithgraphicreferencetothe relevant merchant
  47. 47. The advertising medium must beclickable</li></li></ul><li>Advertising media<br /><ul><li>Development of innovative advertisement forms
  48. 48. e.g. animated multi-merchant banners
  49. 49. Fade-in in visible area on Top AGOF sites
  50. 50. Multi-merchant banner with clearly visible logo
  51. 51. Support through informative text with many click options</li></li></ul><li>Remuneration<br /><ul><li>Traffic broker book CPM inventoryattheirownrisk
  52. 52. Remunerationofthemediaserviceismadeindirectly
  53. 53. The provision for post view salescanthusvaryfromtheprovisionsnormallypaid in affiliatemarketing
  54. 54. Depending on thecampaigntarget, lowerorhigherprovisionsarepaid</li></li></ul><li>Placement<br /><ul><li>Fade-in in the initially non-visible area
  55. 55. Post view cookie may not be placed until the visible area is reached
  56. 56. Made possible by visibility tracking
  57. 57. Fade-in in visible area
  58. 58. Post view cookie may be placed</li></li></ul><li>Traffic limitation<br /><ul><li>Possiblyusedtrackingswitchesrequire a click duringevery view
  59. 59. Increasedserverload on themerchantside
  60. 60. Useof a high-trafficlandingpage in thiscaseobligatory
  61. 61. Traffic upperlimits per partnerensurerisk-freeuseof post view tracking
  62. 62. By meansoftrafficupperlimitsthemaximumnumberofviewscanbecontrolled</li></li></ul><li>Summary<br /><ul><li>Defineaims
  63. 63. Defineframeworkconditions
  64. 64. Closing individual contractswith post-view partners (liability!)
  65. 65. Monitoring of post view activities
  66. 66. Are all activepartnersauthorized?
  67. 67. Are the advertising mediaintegratedcorrectly?
  68. 68. Are trafficlimitsobservedor do theyhavetobemodified?
  69. 69. Monitoring ofdevelopmentofoverallsales and channeldistribution
  70. 70. QUISMA controls and monitorsthe post-view activities, maintains direct contacttothepartners, controlsthecookiesof all online activities and providescustomizedsolutions for post-view tracking</li></li></ul><li>Start of a post-view campaign<br />
  71. 71. Post-view setup<br />Optimization<br />Initial considerations<br />During the campaign<br /><ul><li>Monitoring the activities of the post-view partners
  72. 72. Exclusion of unwanted websites (if required)
  73. 73. Controlling the correct technical integration with the partners
  74. 74. Controlling abuse by unauthorized partners
  75. 75. Determining the time frame
  76. 76. Determining post-view advertising media
  77. 77. Determining post-view partners
  78. 78. Define framework conditions
  79. 79. Creating a high-traffic landing page, if required
  80. 80. Definition of traffic limitation per partner
  81. 81. Securing correct representation in statistics (e.g. via networks)
  82. 82. Checking the quality of sales per partner
  83. 83. Monitoring the development of the overall sales
  84. 84. Revoking the post-view authorization for partners that are no longer active or unprofitable
  85. 85. Update of advertising media and texts
  86. 86. Observing market changes and taking them into account</li></li></ul><li>Affiliate programme with PV<br /><ul><li>Takingintoaccountthecookieweighting
  87. 87. Adaptingtheprovisionarrangements
  88. 88. Observingincreased advertising performance</li></li></ul><li>Increase potential by PV<br />+30 sales<br />+ 2,550 EUR turnoverCPO for + 30 sales: 8 EUR<br /><ul><li>Reducing the provision arrangement for post-view partners in order to reduce CPO
  89. 89. Compensating direct sales losses by means of increased performance in other channels
  90. 90. In absolute terms, an increase of the sales is achieved with CPO remaining the same
  91. 91. Values may vary, thus: individual assessment and adjustment to targets</li></li></ul><li>Evaluation post-view success<br /><ul><li>Determination of OnTop potential by means of</li></ul> - Comparison of all channels before and after post-view promotion<br /> - Click/view path analysis<br /> - A/B test<br /><ul><li>Deduction: programme-specific settings for provision and cookie run time</li></li></ul><li>Comparisonof all channels<br />Sales per Day<br />Overall Sales<br />Significantincreaseofsaleswith Post-view<br />15%<br />Sales<br />Sales<br />Months<br />Months<br /><ul><li>Post-view campaignpushes AM and SEM and otherchannels, whereapplicable
  92. 92. Direct sales will decrease
  93. 93. Overall sales will increase</li></li></ul><li>Allocation<br />Without Post-view<br />With Post-view<br />Affiliate<br />n = 500<br />Affiliate<br />n = 620<br />Post View<br />n = 460<br />18%<br />14%<br />20%<br />55%<br />27%<br />26%<br />40%<br />SEM<br />n = 750<br />Direct Sales<br />n = 1500<br />SEM <br />n = 830<br />Direct Sales <br />n = 1250<br />TOTAL: 2.750 Sales<br />Revenue: 233.750 EUR<br />CPO: 8 EUR<br />TOTAL: 3.160 Sales<br />Revenue: 266.900 EUR<br />CPO: 8 EUR<br /><ul><li>Minor decrease in direct sales (approx. 14%)
  94. 94. Increase of overall sales and of turnover by approx. 15%
  95. 95. Development of overall CPO depends on post view provisionTHUS: Adjustment of possible post view provision to maximum overall CPO possible</li></li></ul><li>Weighting PV/shared conversions<br />Click path analysis: Evaluation of frequency of individual paths and allocation of weightings of individual contacts. In most cases, several hundreds of combinations.<br />PV > Affiliate > PV > SEM > PV<br />SEM > SEM > PV > SEM<br />20x<br />200x<br /><ul><li>Post-view partner receives a provision
  96. 96. Post-view remuneration only, if not other contact exists
  97. 97. Post-view can push other channels -> Determination of correlation between channels
  98. 98. Use of interaction effects of all channels and efficient use of post view
  99. 99. Increased brand visibility through “free” display of advertising media</li></ul>PV<br />100x<br />
  100. 100. Cookie run time post-view<br />Sales with Postview<br />Sales without Post-view<br />No. Of Sales<br />No. Of Sales<br />Days<br />Days<br /><ul><li>Cookie run times post view for 7 days post view tracking and “click before view” regulation
  101. 101. Cookie run times for 30 days post view tracking and without “click before view” regulation
  102. 102. “Click before view” regulation ensures fair allocation of sales
  103. 103. In most cases, a short cookie run time of less than 96 hours is enough</li></li></ul><li>Pitfalls<br /><ul><li>Defining adequate sites/contents
  104. 104. Partner selection (closed group/entry conditions)
  105. 105. Isolatedconsiderationof post view
  106. 106. Control of post view authorization in the network
  107. 107. Adjustment of cookie switch
  108. 108. Taking into account shared conversions
  109. 109. Traffic load (high traffic landing page)
  110. 110. Coordination with existing cooperations (no multiple booking of websites)</li></li></ul><li>Case study<br /><ul><li>Customer with online shop (industry: retail)
  111. 111. Peak season: Christmas (December)
  112. 112. Addition of post view as online channel in summer 2009(PV cookie: 4 days – 5 post view partners – standard provision)</li></li></ul><li>Case study<br />2008<br />2009<br /><ul><li>General increase of sales level in 2009 due to intensive sales measures
  113. 113. Post view integrates as additional advertising channel and supports existing measures
  114. 114. Only minor cannibalisation of direct sales observed</li></li></ul><li>Case study<br />Development of the individual channels in 2009 in percentage <br /><ul><li>In the peak season high increase in the post-view area compared to affiliate
  115. 115. Advertising pressure through post view and newsletter results in a clear increase also for SEM and SEO still showing effects in the following month
  116. 116. In comparison, affiliate stable channel with low fluctuations</li></li></ul><li>Case study<br />Consequences:<br /><ul><li>Post-view has been in constant use since summer 2009
  117. 117. Post-view partners are specifically addressed during the peak season
  118. 118. Development of a maximum advertisement pressure during the peak season
  119. 119. Provision of adequate post-view advertising media for the online campaign
  120. 120. Evaluation of correlations of online channels</li></li></ul><li>Summary<br /><ul><li>Post-view can result in a general sales increase
  121. 121. Additional cost for sales increase must be calculated throughout all channels
  122. 122. Detailed documentation of post-view activities important for evaluation
  123. 123. Success/failure can be clearly proven
  124. 124. Use of post-view for a limited period of time possible (e. g. during seasonal peaks)
  125. 125. Cooperation with reliable and professional partners only</li></ul>In general it can be said: <br />Not in all cases, post-view does lead to success. Individual adjustment to the own targets is a mandatory requirement.<br />
  126. 126. Q&A<br />Thank you very much for <br />your attention! <br /><br /><br /><br /><br />QUISMA GmbH . Rosenheimer Straße 145i . 81671 München . Phone: 089/44 23 82-0<br />