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Introduction to novel wordpress


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Published in: Education
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Introduction to novel wordpress

  1. 1. Introduction to Novel
  2. 2. . About Novel A novel is a story written with more than A novel has many 1500 words characters What is novel? A novel has a The setting and main theme and time period are some sub- longer and varied themes than a short story.
  3. 3. FictionTypes of Novel Science fiction Non - fiction
  4. 4. THEME AND SUB-THEME• A theme is the central idea, the main message/important lessons/moral issues that readers can learn from the text• It is not usually presented directly in the story. The theme becomes clear only when you have understood the story well.• Many short stories/novel usually focus on issues that are closely related to the society.
  5. 5. In order to uncover the theme of a novel, Look at the title. Sometimes, it gives a clue about the theme. Take note of any repetition. Sometimes it leads you to the theme Study the symbols. What are they trying to suggest? Look closely at all the details and particulars that are presented. They give a lot of clues to the theme.
  6. 6. SETTINGPhysical setting Time setting Social Setting Hello!!
  7. 7. CHARACTER & CHARACTERISTICCharacters can be categorized into two ; maincharacter and supporting characters.Main character – prominent and dominatesthe storySupporting characters - the characters thatsupport the movement of the whole story
  8. 8. Characteristics are the ways how thecharacters behave and actAntagonist & Protagonist
  9. 9. PLOTA plot tells the sequence of the events in one story Climax Conflict Resolution End Exposition
  10. 10. POINT OF VIEW• Point of view means how the story is told. Either from the first person point of view, second person point of view of third person of view.