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The Brand SoLoMo Handbook from Yellow Medya


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The digital marketing landscape in Turkey is currently in a serious state of disruption. Smart phones have become the most broadly used device for shoppers and searchers when looking for a product, information or a service. It is this Location-Based Engagement (LBE) that is driving customers to the doors of businesses and brand owners in Turkey.

SoLoMo is an acronym for three words we all know very well, Social, Local and Mobile. The SoLoMo concept in its most basic form, is the foundation of a comprehensive "check list" any forward thinking marketing professional or business owner would employ as a guide to ensuring that their point of sale (POS) both physical and virtual is easily discoverable on a wide variety of social networks, local and mobile search platforms as well as online and mobile mapping applications including connected and non-connected in-car navigation systems, PND's and navigation apps.

SoLoMo empowers a brand or business owner to ensure that their one or many thousands of business points of sale can be found on literally hundreds of various platforms in Turkey and around the world that their customers are using to search for products, brands and services everyday. In Turkiye, platforms like Google Maps, Facebook, Yandex Maps, Foursquare,,, Nokia Maps, Twitter, Linkedin, TripAdvisor, TomTom Places and are essential platforms in facilitating enormous amounts of location-based engagement activities everyday. Both smb's and brand owners need to take control of their physical and virtual points of sale - using SoLoMo as a guide will most certainly help them accomplish that.

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The Brand SoLoMo Handbook from Yellow Medya

  1. 1. The Brand Handbook for Turkey How to ensure your Brand and their Points of Sale are found and engaged with on Social, Local and Mobile platforms in Turkey Your Brand Web Sites Keywords Mobile Apps Mobile Sites (Yandex Maps) Organic Search Landing Pages Addressing Nokia Maps (TomTom Maps) Geo-Coding In-Car Navigation Splash PagesWritten By: Trevor Nadeau Customers1st Edition March 2012
  2. 2. Social, Local and Mobile SoLoMo is an acronym for the three words, Social, Local and Mobile. SoLoMo in its most basic form, is the foundation of a comprehensive “check list” any forward thinking marketing professional or business owner would use as a guide in ensuring that their points of sale (POS) are easily discoverable on a wide variety of social, local and mobile platforms.© Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012
  3. 3. A message to the reader,it useful and informative as well as share it with colleagues and other business professionals.In this handbook, I have tried to boil the concept of SoLoMo down into some very basic ideasand concepts. I hope this will give the brand owner in Turkey a clearer understanding of BrandSoLoMo and location-based engagement (LBE) and most importantly, just where to get startedon building a rock solid foundation for location-based engagement activities in Turkey.I must acknowledge that it was two local search industry thought leaders who gave me the ideato write “The Brand SoLoMo Handbook for Turkey” – they actually don’t even knowthey did – until now of course!First, Mr. Umesh Tibrewal, CEO and founder of vSplashTechlabs. Umesh visited our Yellow MedyaBrand owner ignoring this current global marketing trend.Second, Mr. Rob Reed, CEO and founder of MomentFeed. Rob is the author of “The SoLoMoManifesto”. Though written primarily from a US market perspective, the in-depth explanationsof everything that is “SoLoMo” clearly make The SoLoMo Manifesto one of the best white papersThe SoLoMo Manifesto on the credits page of this handbook.I am very interested to hear your thoughts on this handbook as well as your thoughts on BrandSoLoMo in Turkey or around the world. It would be great if you could post and share yourthoughts and comments on the SoLoMoTurkiye LinkedIn Group on you and your brand much success,Trevor Nadeau © Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012
  4. 4. Table of ContentsPage 1 - IntroductionPage 2 - Some Interesting Numbers on TurkeyPage 3 - The Brand SoLoMo Health CheckPage 4 - The Anatomy of a Brand Point of Sale (POS)Page 5 - Brand Names and Business Names in a SoLoMo WorldPage 6 - POS Addressing Structure (IMPORTANT SECTION!)Page 7 - POS Geocoding (IMPORTANT SECTION TOO!)Page 8 - Brand POS Unique URL’sPage 10 - Brand SoLoMo Deployment - Sharing is CaringPage 11 - Brand SoLoMo Deployment - HomeworkPage 12 - Brand SoloMo - Did You Know?Page 13 - References and Credits
  5. 5. IntroductionWelcome to SoLoMo – the concept sweeping the world of marketing which allows brandowners to quickly grasp the power of Social, Local, Mobile (SoLoMo) marketing and how toeasily create and manage a brand’s many points of sale (POS) within a city, country or theworld for that matter.In this handbook we focus on Location-Based Engagement (LBE), which in fact is theessence of a transaction between a brand, a product or a service and a consumer.SoLoMo and LBE are easy concepts to understand. The key factor in leveraging theseexciting new channels of marketing is ensuring a rock solid foundation is built for each andevery one of the brand points of sale upon which to deploy and manage a Brand SoLoMolocation-based engagement campaign. Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012
  6. 6. Some Interesting Numbers on Turkey Turkey statistics as viewed through SoLoMo eyes... Number of Internet Users: 35 million Population Total number of mobile : 63,8 million subscribers 75 million Number of smartphones : 4,8 million Number of Cities Mobile penetration : 85% 81 Number of Facebook Users : 31 million (+) Average age Number of Facebook Places : 2,694 28.5 Number of Facebook : 714 Brand Pages 8.5% Number of Google+ Users in Turkey :1 million (+) Annual Tourist Visits 32 million Number of Uniqe Twitter Users in Turkey : 7.2 million (+) Number of Businesses in Turkey 2.2 million Number of LinkedIn members in Turkey :1 million (+) Percentage of businesses with websites 25% : %2.1 of all foursquare Percentage of businesses with foursquare users users come from mobile optimized websites Turkey 2% Please refer to Page 13 for References & Credits.© Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012
  7. 7. The Brand SoLoMo Health Check engage and transact with your customers at a local level.Simply check the Yes or No box and move to the next question. Easy! Yes No every one of your points of sale (POS’s) in Turkey?7. Does every one of your POS’s have an online and mobile presence (a unique URL)?8. Can every one of your POS’s be found on an organic search on Google/Yandex/Bing/Yahoo online and mobile search platforms?9. Does every one of your POS’s have a unique Facebook page?Now you have taken the Brand SoLoMo Health Check. One more question...How do you think your Brand’s points of sale are doing in their ability to be found and engagedinformation! Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012 -3-
  8. 8. The Anatomy of a Brand Point of Sale Each and every point of sale in the concept of Location-Based Engagement has this basic anatomy. This is a place of business.-4- Table 1 (Please refer to Page 13, References & Credits)
  9. 9. Clean up your names!It is surprising how sometimes brand and businesses owners overlook some basic brand word andbusiness name cleanup practices when marketing their products and services in Turkey. Especiallywhen you consider how much they spend on creative above the line marketing campaigns.First and foremost Location-Based Engagement requires that the consumer, reviewer or just plainonline or mobile search. That means the brand name and/or business name needs to be “SoLoMoFriendly”.What is SoLoMo friendly?The best way to answer the question “What is SoLoMo Friendly?” would be with another question.Remember, we are not talking about the actual search yet, just the thinking and text that someonewould enter in the search box.Brand owners and business owners need to ensure that the brand names and business namesthat get listed in and submitted to search engine databases are free of unnecessary clutter. InTurkey things like “Sti. Lti. Tic.” etc are required information for registering a business with thecomes to being found online or on a mobile search. See the example below of a “before and after”for a real business name in Turkey. Now, if this was an online or mobile search, the user would probably add some sort of location information after entering the brand word or business name. Maybe something like “Pupa Sisli” or something like that. This is the information that search engines love. Why? Because it tells the search engine that this is most likely a local search. Pupa Bilisim Hizmetleri Tic. Ltd. Sti. = PupaWhat is a local search? A local search is comprised of two parts. First part is the brand word,business name, keyword or type of business and the second part is the location.So, make sure your brand and business names associated with your points of sale are alwaysSoLoMo Friendly! Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012 -5-
  10. 10. The Address for a Point of Sale in Turkey Turkish addressing structure is some of the most detailed addressing in the world. If you are a Turk, you probably know this already, if you are a yabanci (foreigner) you probably don’t and assume that it is similar to other addressing in other European countries. IT IS NOT! The world’s largest and most success mapping platforms who all have millions of map users in Turkey and around the world have actually been unpleasantly surprised and technically challenged when adding Brand and Business Listing POS’s to their respective mapping, online and mobile search platforms. This includes In-Car Navigation Systems, PND’s (Personal Navigation Devices) and Navigation Applications for mobile phones. What makes a Turkish POS address so unique is the number of address attributes it has for its being found or being lost. This address information is readily available. It just needs to be collected and assembled in the correct order. Address Field Description Example City Represents a City Istanbul - Europe Area Area under the City Bahcelievler District District under the Area Yenibosna Avenue Represents a Neighborhood under the District Street Main Street name Degirmenbahce Cad. It is used if the company is located in a Small Street (Sokak), Side Street Kavak Sok. which intersects with the Main Street (Caddesi) Commercial or Residential Building Name. Could be a Shopping Building Name StarCity Outlet Center Center or a Mall Building Number Represents the House Number Floor Number The Floor Floor: Ground Floor Flat Number Flat / Apartment Number No: 63 The name of the landmark near this listings which makes it On The Ground Floor Of StarCity Landmark easier for people to reach Outlet Center Yes – there is no postal code included here. Postal codes are questionable in Turkey unfortunately – I recommend you don’t use them.-6- © Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012
  11. 11. A Geo-Code for Each Point of Sale in Turkey “What is aGeo-code?”A GEOCODE (Geospatial Entity ObjectCode) is a patented geographic informationtransformation algorithm and a patentedgeospatial coordinate representationformat. The standardized all-natural numbergeospatial coordinate provides details ofthe exact location or geospatial point at,below, or above the surface of the earth at aOK how about this answer for the non-PhDeducated, a geo-code is a combination oftwo numbers – one known as latitude andthe other known as longitude that whencombined can show the exact location of a POS on virtually any digital map in the world.Due to the complexity of the Turkish POS address structure, it is essential that all Brand POSlocations be manually geo-coded. Do not run a mapping API (application programming interface)against your POS database to generate geo-codes. You will have a very high failure rate and youlocations even though they are shown on a map, a social network or a website.Many companies in Turkey provide geo-coding services but unfortunately many of them use a geo-coding API to match the POS address in their own address geo-code database. Do Not Do This. Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012 -7-
  12. 12. The Point of Presence (URL) for each point of sale in Turkey Ok is gets a bit tricky here but this part is essential. Here it is….sounds very simple when you hear it but you will probably need to get some help on this if you are not up to speed on web pages, mobile optimization and keyword tagging. Every one of your Brand POS’s should have their own unique URL and that unique URL needs to the page Source (what Google sees) must have keywords, descriptions and most of all the location. POS URL can easily be viewed on any type of device. Why do this? So the search engines like Google and Yandex can index the components of the page web and mobile pages that include essential local search information like business names, brand names plus contact information like an address, phone number and e-mail address.-8- © Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012
  13. 13. If you have gotten this far – congratulations!!! All the hard work is done.By investing your time and resources in creating a complete and accurate data set of up-to-dateBrand POS locations you have not only empowered your Brand but you have created a great assetAll departments involved in supply chain management will be very interested in the SoLoMologistics team, your suppliers who deliver directly to your corporate and dealer points of sale willplanning. Retail decision management will leverage the SoLoMo POS Database to assist them innew store location development and market analysis. Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012 -9-
  14. 14. Brand SoLoMo Deployment – Sharing is Caring OK so you have put all this hard work in creating the Brand SoLoMo POS Database. You have The time has come to make amazing use of it. It is like the great work of art and you want people to see this masterpiece! Not just people, but everyone and especially anyone who wants or could be interested in your brand or products. Your goal (job) now is to get your all your Brand POS’s discoverable on virtually every possible computer, mobile, tablet and navigation device in Turkey and the world if need be. To steal a word from YouTube, “SHARE” and as they always say “SHARING IS CARING”. In this case “ SHARING IS CARING FOR YOUR BRAND AND CUSTOMERS!” The Brand SoLoMo Circle of Engagement below pretty well describes what needs to happen and what will happen if you successfully complete your homework on the next page. Get your brand POS’s on these platforms!© Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012
  15. 15. Brand SoLoMo - Homework NOTE: You must complete Section B before moving to Section S and Section M.Section B3. Cleanse the business names and brand names.4. Associate the brand to the business name.5. Create a unique URL for EACH location that is desktop, tablet and mobile optimized.6. Compile all this into one spreadsheet and keep it up to date.Section S3. Submit to Nokia Maps.4. Submit to TomTom Maps (Places).5. Submit to Yandex Maps.6. Submit URL’s to Google.com7. Submit URL’s Submit URL’s to Yahoo.com9. Submit URL’s to Bing.comSection M Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012
  16. 16. Brand SoLoMo – Did You Know? Did you know? When you upload your Brand POS’s to foursquare you are not only putting them on foursquare developers who use the foursquare API and platform for content to power their own mobile, navigation and location based products and applications. Did you know? NAVTEQ (A Nokia Company) is the world’s biggest and most successful digital map company. They have an 85% market share of the In Car Navigation map market. Companies like Garmin, Appello, deCarta, Nokia, VW, Audi and many thousands of other companies include NAVTEQ Maps in their products. All these companies want access to your Brand POS’s to help give their customers a good user experience on their respective products. NAVTEQ wants your Brand POS’s but they need to be accurate! Did you know? TomTom is the world’s second largest digital map company and the world’s leader in PND (Personal Navigation Device) sales. TomTom not only powers In Car Navigation systems with their maps but also have a very successful Mobile Phone Application for Navigation and Local Search. TomTom wants your Brand POS’s but they need to be accurate! Did you know? their way on to not only Google Maps but will be made available on thousands of websites, mobile sites, and mobile applications and PND’s through the Google Maps API. Have you ever seen Google Maps on Android. It is amazing! Did you know? That there is a company in Turkey that can help you manage your entire Brand SoLoMo Location Based Engagement Channel. From addressing to geo-coding to URL generation to map submission to reporting. Everything under one roof. That company is Yellow Medya.© Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012
  17. 17. References and CreditsHandbook. Clearly there are some other platforms out there but the list below covers the essentialplatforms to get started on your Brand SoLoMo strategy. (note: Bing Maps to be powered by Nokia Maps) (note: Yahoo Maps to be powered by Nokia Maps) (note: Twitter Brand Pages are available to select advertisers at this time.)Statistics - vSplash Tech Labs, ComScore, TURBISAD, socialbakers, Monitera, BTK (InformationTechnologies and Communications Institute)To download the brand SoLoMo handbook for Turkey, visit or send e-mail Copyright - Trevor Nadeau - All rights reserved. March 2012
  18. 18. About the AuthorTrevor NadeauManaging Director, Yellow MedyaTrevor Nadeau has been the managing director of Yellow Medya (formerly Turkey Yellow Pages)the company from a basic Yellow Pages directory business into one of Turkey’s most dynamic localtransaction solutions.Originally from Montreal, Canada, Trevor joined Tele-Direct (Bell Canada Yellow Pages) in Torontocareer in the IT industry working as a sales and marketing executive in the north American
  19. 19. NotesFor more information or +90 216 538 5757
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  23. 23. Social, Local and MobileTo download the Brand SoLoMo handbook for Turkey,visit or send an e-mail