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I presented an overview of mobile to the pharma industry on March 22, 2011.

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iPharma Connect - strategy design for mobile

  1. 1. Strategy Design forMobile CommunicationsiPharma Connect Leadership SummitMarch 22, 2011 Twitter: @mobilebranding #iPharma Text ‘ANTHEM’ to 41411 to get presentation
  2. 2. Objectives Generate Ideas Demonstrate Execution Learn mStrategy Hype vs. RealityAgenda Introduction Background Mobile Insights Integrating Mobile
  3. 3. @mobilebranding #iPharmaBackground: Did You Know?
  4. 4. @mobilebranding #iPharmaBackground: Did You Know? That was in Sep.’09. As of April, it was 3,000! As of June, it was 3,339! For teen girls, it was 4,050!
  5. 5. @mobilebranding #iPharmaBackground: Presenter - Building Brands22
  6. 6. @mobilebranding #iPharmaThe Three Blind Men & The Elephant
  7. 7. @mobilebranding #iPharmaBackground: De nition Mobile Marketing is any outreach to consumers that engages them through their mobile device • Native apps - mCommerce - branded cases • Its own marketing channel • Extends the reach of other channels Confusion in early stages • Mass Medium like TV, Internet • More than just a website or app • Like the Internet 15 years ago
  8. 8. @mobilebranding #iPharmaMobile Background - Internet 2010
  9. 9. @mobilebranding #iPharmaBackground - Internet 1996
  10. 10. @mobilebrandingMobile Background: Permission Mobile Marketing requires a (double) OPT-IN. Only those interested in your product/service respond. Thanks for becoming an adidas Chicago VIP. Look out for your chance to win $1000 and events at the Water Tower Place Performance Store. Rply END to stop mgs
  11. 11. @mobilebranding #iPharmaBackground: Brief History of Mobile 1973 - Martin Cooper’s 1st mobile call - US 1979 - First cellular phone network - Japan +14 yrs, 1987 - Gordon Gecko - US 1993 - First SMS data services - Finland* +9 yrs, 2002 - American Idol - US 1999 - First mobile internet - Japan +8 yrs, 2007 - First iPhone - US 2005 - E911 Mandate - US “greed is good” +5 yrs, 2010 - Foursquare
  12. 12. @mobilebranding #iPharma Background: Size of the Global Market Human population4.0 Mobile phone subs Internet users Landline phones TV sets3.0 Banking accounts 2.0 1.0 Emerging 0 Industrialized * TomiAhonen Almanac 2010
  13. 13. @mobilebranding #iPharma Background: A Snapshot (U.S Market Share) Handset Manufacturers Smartphone Platforms Samsung RIM Google Apple Motorola LG Microsoft RIM Nokia Other Palm 3% 22% 25% 31% 32% 7% 9% 21% 8% 17% 25%3 Month Avg. Ending Jan. 2011 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Oct. 2010, Total U.S. Mobile Subscribers Ages 13+, Source: comScore MobiLens
  14. 14. @mobilebranding #iPharmaBackground: Mobile & Pharma
  15. 15. How Consumers see Healthcare “Im being forced to be a consumer of something I dont want.” Said in a focus group conducted by GSW Worldwides Think Tank division ✤ Consumer’s overall view of Pharma (-14) ranks behind that of Advertising/PR (-10)GSW Worldwides Think Tank division, Columbus, OH, Sep.2008
  16. 16. Healthcare/Pharma Mobile Stats • 67% believe info on mobile would be valuable* • 44% to use more mobile health/wellness apps* (Of smartphone users) • 62% have positive experience with healthcare app* • 10,000 apps related to healthcare* Disease management, medication tracking, drug recalls, medical reference/diagnosis • 64% American physicians have smartphones** Less than 6 months later, raised to 72% Rise to 81% by 2012* Euro RSCG Life 4D Study, November 2010** Manhattan Research, December 2009
  17. 17. Healthcare/Pharma Mobile Stats • 40% Patients will pay for remote monitoring devices & monthly fee to report to doctor* • 80% of Medicaid patients texting regularly* • http://bit.ly/iPharma1 for more from MediaPost • http://bit.ly/iPharma3 for more from Mobile Marketer* PWC Health Research Institute, September 2010
  18. 18. Why Mobile? • 280M+ phones for 310M people • Mobile fast overtaking social • On deck for pharma • Healthcare is a journey • Mobile best suited to stay with patient • Brand favorability & websites* • Patients +15.6 • Prospects +16.9 • (http://bit.ly/iPharma2 for comScore study)* comScore’s Fifth Annual Report on Online Pharmaceutical Marketing Benchmarks, March 2011
  19. 19. @mobilebranding #iPharmaAnthem Mobile Insights
  20. 20. @mobilebranding #iPharmaAnthem Mobile Insights 85 % of Americans have a cell phone 93% of 18-29 yr olds 83% of 17 yr olds 73% of 13 yr olds 58% of 12 yrs olds And at least one 3 yr old
  21. 21. @mobilebranding #iPharma What Time is it?Nokia Global Survey, 2006
  22. 22. @mobilebranding #iPharma What Time is it? 73%*Nokia Global Survey, 2006
  23. 23. @mobilebranding #iPharmaWhat’s in Your Purse?
  24. 24. @mobilebranding #iPharma 30 Minutes vs. 30 Seconds Planned vs. Unplanned Sitting Standing/Walking Create Consume Big display Small display Keyboard and mouse Keypad and camera Concentrate Multi-task Email SMS PC/Laptop Cellphone1. Tomi Ahonen, Almanac 2010
  25. 25. Phones, Tablets and PC’s, Oh My! Consumption Behaviors Phone Tablet Newspaper Consumption morning, night morning Duration 6 minutes > Phone > Phone Frequency > Tablet/News < Phone < Phone Actions Opt-in, quick Get to know Awareness conversion brand only
  26. 26. @mobilebranding #iPharma WHAT Consumers Are Doing Mobile Content Usage 70% FMA ‘10 Avg 60% MJJ ‘10 Avg 50% 40% 30% 20% 10% Music Social Games 0% Apps mWeb Text3 Month Avg. Ending Jul. 2010 vs. 3 Month Avg. Ending Apr. 2010, Total U.S. Mobile Subscribers Ages 13+Source: comScore MobiLens
  27. 27. @mobilebranding #iPharma What Will Make Consumers Do Theory of Reasoned Action 0.5 0.4 0.3 0.1 0 Social Norms Utility Mobile Savvy Attitude Info-SeekingDriving Consumer Acceptance of Mobile Marketing: A Theoretical Framework and Empirical Study, Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, VOL. 6, NO.3, 2005.
  28. 28. @mobilebranding #iPharmaStrategy Design
  29. 29. @mobilebranding #iPharmaMobile Strategy 1. Business Objectives Build your mobile campaign to objectives that can be measured 2. Brand Equity Consider you equities to ensure the mobile program is consistent 3. Consumer Target Determine which phones your consumer uses 4. Marketing Plans Weave mobile into other marketing spends 5. Mobile Campaign Now build your mobile campaignObjective Brand Consumer Mktg Mix
  30. 30. @mobilebranding #iPharma
  31. 31. @mobilebranding #iPharmaDriving Mass Behavior: Sara Lee State Fair
  32. 32. @mobilebranding #iPharmaDriving Mass Behavior: State Fair Objective: Drive awareness for promotion Equity: Fun, playful Target: Moms with young kids Mktg Plan: Website, 2 FSI’s, Packaging Mobile: mobile text/web campaign reminding people to play promotion
  33. 33. @mobilebranding #iPharmaCRM: P&G’s Tremor
  34. 34. @mobilebranding #iPharmaCRM: P&G’s Tremor Objective: Increase Viewership of P&G TV Equity: Family Oriented, safe Target: Moms and their families Mktg Plan: Websites, TV, YouTube Mobile: mobile text/web/video campaign
  35. 35. @mobilebranding #iPharmaCRM: P&G’s Tremor
  36. 36. @mobilebranding #iPharmaCRM: P&G’s Tremor
  37. 37. @mobilebranding #iPharmaBrand Awareness: Venus Spring Break
  38. 38. @mobilebranding #iPharmaBrand Awareness: Venus Spring Break Objective: Increase Awareness of Venus Equity: Feminine, Music, Fun Target: College age females Mktg Plan: Internet, Print, Experiential, TV, Sampling Mobile: mobile game, mobile pictures, Textual Flirting Photo Anthem™ Textual Flirting™VenusBeach Mobile game
  39. 39. @mobilebranding #iPharmaPharma Mobile Case Studies
  40. 40. Health Care Opportunities Alerts Pill/Refill reminder/tracker Health alerts (text4baby) Monitoring/Reporting Blood pressure, glucose levels Treatments (cancer) Disseminate Sensitive Information WebMD app, Diabetes apps ED, STD’s and other private conditions Education Instructional videos (ReachMD) Awareness (Susan G Komen) Clinical Research Recruitment
  41. 41. Merck Oncology iChemoDiary app Objective: Track symptoms during chemo to share with doctor Equity: Trusted, Helpful, Patient-oriented Target: Cancer Patients & Caregivers Mktg Plans: Online, Emails, Banners, Print Mobile: App for iProducts that easily records, tracks and reports syptoms
  42. 42. Merck Oncology iChemoDiary app Objective: Track symptoms during chemo to share with doctor Equity: Trusted, Helpful, Patient-oriented Target: Cancer Patients & Caregivers Mktg Plans: Online, Emails, Banners, Print Mobile: App for iProducts that easily records, tracks and reports syptoms
  43. 43. UPMC Mobile WebsiteObjective: Provide healthplan info to membersEquity: Trusted healthcare partnerTarget: All healthcare members, familiesMktg Plans: organic mSearchMobile: mobile websiteFuture: SMS alerts for prescription refills, virtual ID card, members’ access to personal health records
  44. 44. ER Ef ciencyObjective: Improve service to ER patientsEquity: Hospital for people who don’t like hospitalsTarget: ER patients (general pop.)Mktg Plans: Signage in ER roomsMobile: Text ERWAIT to 41411Future plans for mobile website
  45. 45. Appointment Reminder Case Study Company: Objective: Reduce missed appointments Actions: Integrate mobile text reminders into Kaiser Automated Appointment Reminder System • reminder sent one day before appt Results: 95% success rate; $275K at one clinic
  46. 46. @mobilebranding #iPharmaMobile Strategy - Part 2
  47. 47. @mobilebranding #iPharma TV PRINT RadioOOH Internet MOBILE PR In-Store On-pack Events
  48. 48. @mobilebranding #iPharma LEGEND Inverse Law of Mobile Color refers to hype RED = overhyped GREEN = underhypedBlow Size = consumer potentialYour Aug- mentedMind RealityQuality of Interaction Apps mWeb 2D Codes LBS MMS IVR SMSYawn 0% Market Reach 100%
  49. 49. Text ANTHEM to 41411 @mobilebrandingConclusionsMobile will facilitate the transformation of health care • Everyone has one • It’s always on • All phones can do basic Texting • Smart phones can be used for morePharma/Medical companies can build brands in private • The one-on-one facilitates better communication • Easier to manage from company’s POV • Necessary to manage health care costsDifferentiates your products/services • Consumer pocket: be with your consumers 24/7 • Access: activate when your brand is Top-of-Mind
  50. 50. THANK YOU!Hugh Park Jedwill CEO/FounderText “anthem” to 41411 for business card @mobilebranding312.912.2837 (m)