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WordStream & Hanapin Marketing Present: 11 Tips for Travel Marketers to Win at Paid Search


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Twenty years ago if you wanted to book a trip you would drive over to your local travel agency. How times have changed! Today people start their journey on the internet, and if you want to book with them you have to be in front of them when they start searching!

In this new webinar, we'll share tips on how to send your travel business to the top of the search results page with pay-per-click (PPC) advertising - capturing more leads and converting more customers. You'll walk away with our top 11 tips to manage PPC campaigns in minutes each week and get an absolutely insane ROI.

You'll also learn:

- How to choose the right keywords
- Search strategies for Google AdWords AND Bing Ads
- Targeting tricks to increase sales and make the most of your ad budget
- Tips to create compelling landing pages that actually convert

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WordStream & Hanapin Marketing Present: 11 Tips for Travel Marketers to Win at Paid Search

  1. 1. 11 Tips for Travel Marketers to Win at Paid Search and Get INSANE ROI! Brought to you by: #TravelPPC
  2. 2. Pay-per-click (PPC) experts. We’ve Evaluated over 50,000 AdWords accounts and $15 BILLION in ad spend (WOAH!). We make online advertising easy. You can manage AdWords & Bing campaigns in 20 minutes a week. Premier Google AdWords SMB Partner. Newly recognized for highest quality service and results. #TravelPPC
  3. 3. Today’s Presenters Headshot #TravelPPC Margot da Cunha Title: WordStream’s Vertical Content Specialist ● Margot’s does PPC, digital marketing, and content creation. ● She’s excited to attend and speak at HeroConf in Portland this Spring! ● When she’s not working Margot enjoys running outside, and eating ice cream. @ChappyMargot
  4. 4. Headshot #TravelPPC Hanapin Marketing is an industry-leading digital marketing agency specializing in PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. We operate the industry’s most-popular PPC Blog Each post delivers cutting-edge thought leadership from an actual Hanapin AM. We produce the industry’s largest all-PPC conference Hero Conf 2015 is in Portland, OR April 27th - 29th, 2015
  5. 5. Wesley Lenear Title: Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing ● Works with clients to understand their business, and help execute their strategy through PPC. ● Is an avid sports fan and loves playing basketball in his free time. @_Lenear Headshot Today’s Presenters #TravelPPC
  6. 6. Do travelers search? #TravelPPC
  7. 7. 74% of both leisure and travel planning occurs on the internet #TravelPPC
  8. 8. 57% of leisure and 64% of business travelers always start their travel shopping & planning with SEARCH #TravelPPC
  9. 9. Tip #1: Find an Intriguing Niche and Dominate it on the SERPs #TravelPPC
  10. 10. Why should I book with you? • Competition is steep! Sell what makes you unique • Ask, what makes us different? • Find an unexpected niche • Incorporate your best selling points into your keywords, ads, and landing pages #TravelPPC
  11. 11. Stand out from the crowd! #TravelPPC
  12. 12. #TravelPPC Competitors!
  13. 13. Tip #2: Create Separate Campaigns for Each Destination #TravelPPC
  14. 14. Structure Your Campaigns by Location OR Destination • Gain greater control over your budget • Cator your keywords, ads, and landing pages to your audiences desire to visit your destination(s) • Easily pause and activate your campaigns that are relevant per season #TravelPPC
  15. 15. Target with Location Structured Campaigns • Optimize by users’ geographic parameters •Ad scheduling •Bidding • Target and exclude appropriate locations •ex. You offer a tour of a city but don’t wish to target its residents #TravelPPC
  16. 16. Tip #3: Bid When and Where People are More Likely to Book #TravelPPC
  17. 17. Bid higher on locations, days, and hours when people are more likely to plan travel • Dig into the Dimensions tab in Google AdWords • Make sure you’re looking at enough data • Create a custom ad schedule to bid higher or exclude certain hours or days of the week • Dig into the geographic report to see where people are searching #TravelPPC
  18. 18. #TravelPPC
  19. 19. #TravelPPC
  20. 20. Segment Data by Geo, Day of Week, and hour of day #TravelPPC
  21. 21. Segment Data by Geo, Day of Week, and hour of day #TravelPPC
  22. 22. Tip #4: Utilize Ad Customizers #TravelPPC
  23. 23. Save Time & Stay Relevant with Ad Customizers • Ad a limited time or recurring event, countdown or discount that updates itself • Create a sense of urgency within your ad • Check out the Google help page for ad customizers to learn more *Refer to this blog post to get started: #TravelPPC
  24. 24. Tip #5: Get Visual on the Display Network #TravelPPC
  25. 25. Your Industry is Beautiful. Take advantage! 67.5% of ads on the display network are plain text ads! #TravelPPC
  26. 26. “Just the image of the location can sell itself.” #TravelPPC - Sergey Rusak, WS Paid Search Strategy
  27. 27. Not All Ad Formats Have the Same Reach! BONUS TIP: Use all 14 #TravelPPC
  28. 28. Tip #6: Make Sure Your Images are Contextually Clear #TravelPPC
  29. 29. Avoid Irrelevant Clicks by Adding Context to Your Image #TravelPPC Only what in New Zealand?...
  30. 30. #TravelPPC Great, contextually clear CTA’s!
  31. 31. Tip #7: Target, Test and Optimize Your Display Campaigns #TravelPPC
  32. 32. Display will eat you budget if you’re not careful! • Several targeting options! Based on placements, keywords, topics, interests, demographics - gender, age, parental status etc. • Exclude irrelevant placements • Test to see what targeting strategies work • Optimize regularly #TravelPPC
  33. 33. Determine your display campaign objectives #TravelPPC
  34. 34. Tip #8: Create Customized Remarketing Campaigns #TravelPPC
  35. 35. Remarketing is extremely powerful! • With travel, sales-cycles tend to be a bit longer. Remarketing is therefore a perfect fit! • Remarket to those who viewed certain pages or completed certain actions #TravelPPC
  36. 36. Example: A searcher visits a white-water rafting excursions page. Follow them with ads of happy vacations rafting down the river. #TravelPPC
  37. 37. Tip #9: Create Trusted and Validated Landing Pages #TravelPPC
  38. 38. Traveling is a financial investment! Trust needs to be built • Provide proof that your services are secure and legitimate • Use customer testimonials and trustworthy language • Incorporate any legal certifications, awards for cleanliness or safety, etc. #TravelPPC
  39. 39. Recommendations from trusted, well-know companies Customer testimonials Legal validation
  40. 40. Make the necessary information readily available! • Provide specifics on what is included in travel packages. • Utilize an FAQ to address common questions of potential travelers • Establish clarity on pricing details #TravelPPC
  41. 41. User experience ❖ Functionality ➢ Ensure the site/landing page functions well across devices ❖ Imagery ➢ Include relevant, high quality images on landing pages ❖ Qualitative Research ➢ If possible, gather data on user behavior and preferences using the landing page/site #TravelPPC
  42. 42. Tip #10: If you’re seeing great ROI, continue to add fuel to the fire #TravelPPC
  43. 43. Raise Your Budget on Profitable Campaigns • With travel, the opportunities to grow your reach are somewhat limitless • If you’re seeing success, raise your budget because with a higher budget you’ll get higher return #TravelPPC
  44. 44. #TravelPPC
  45. 45. Tip #11: Expand to Bing #TravelPPC
  46. 46. Travel and Bing go together like margaritas and sunshine • Travel has been proven to see great return on Bing • With less competition, you have the ability to own and dominate the SERPs #TravelPPC
  47. 47. Bing Audience #TravelPPC
  48. 48. Grade Your AdWords Account Grade Your AdWords Landing Pages #TravelPPC
  49. 49. Thank you! @chappymargot @wordstream @_Lenear @hanapin #TravelPPC