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Music video 2 izzaa


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Music video 2 izzaa

  1. 1. Rudimental ft Ella Eyre is the artists that my group has chosen. Which song? It's a up beat drum and bass dance song and having listened to it and analysed the lyrics I have come up with the following ideas for our music video. *Narratives. *Locations. *Different shot types. s&safe=active
  2. 2. Imagine a boy and girl like each other. They keep seeing each other but are too scared to say anything. They get a call from one of their friends asking them to come to a rave. The girl goes to her friend’s house to get ready. The boy goes to his friend’s house to get ready. They go out to the rave and see each other across the dance floor The music makes them so excited that they forget their shyness and dance towards each other. At the end of the night they walk home holding hands.
  3. 3. Costumes. There would be different costumes for different scenes. *Casual wear for everyday when they see each other. *Pyjamas for when their at home before they get the call from their friends . *Rave clothes.
  4. 4. Casual wear Pajamas Rave clothes
  5. 5. 1.Primrose where the boy and girl see each other but are to shy. 2.Camden Market because it's got all the young people there where they hang about and go out clubbing to the night life there is quite uplifting like the beat of the song. 3.Bedroom the girl or boy in a bed because struggling to get to sleep as it goes with the title. 4.In another bedroom again but this time people are getting ready to go out clubbing or raving. 5.In a rave or club or a type of room with flashing lights and many people dancing.
  6. 6. There would be close ups of the girl. There would be mid-shots as she will be standing up and dancing in the rave or the park. Long shots of her laying in bed struggling to get to sleep. Panning and tracking as she's walking through the park or rave. Extreme long shot of everyone getting ready in the room. A wide range of different shot types and camera movements to make more interesting not dull with hardly any repetition. Visual style The whole theme is going to be colourful and bright and in the rave having loads of flashing lights. Add effects and filters to the other locations for example their bedroom, their friend’s bedroom and there would be a spotlight on them when they see each other in the rave.